Thursday, April 21, 2016

Waves of the Spirit by Richard D. Brown

“True enlightenment…”
by Richard D. Brown                

Drift through the mind of Richard D. Brown as he takes you on a journey through the different realms of the spirit and many to do with the heavens. At the beginning of time, a boy awakens into a sanctuary of tranquillity and light. He hears a lovely voice aloud the thin air that belongs to a matured woman as he wanders through the garden while being guided by her. He then begins to wonder, how will he be able to meet her if she remains unknown? At that moment of curiosity, she speaks to him and says that he must journey to the ends of existence through every heaven and hell within the universe. Only then will he be able to step outside of time and space, where he will find out her true identity. All in the form of short stories, these entries are journal-like, poetic and are very descriptive experiences of his journey. They attune you to the light and will make you want to evolve full throttle into the divine nature of mankind.

About the Author
Music artist and lyricist Richard Brown took to writing in his late teens. Journeying from the familiar realm of rhythms and melodies to the written page, Richard had discovered a true passion for the art of story writing and poetry. Already an avid blogger and published Author of the acclaimed short story novella Waves of The Spirit, Brown continues to explore new artistic forms of expression to sharpen and share his gifts. Though early in his writing career, a promising future is forecasted for this flourishing artist.

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