Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I-GOAL: The Young Adult's Guide to Success by Jeff Steiner

by Jeff Steiner 

Life is a journey, wondrous and exciting. A roller coaster ride with highs and lows.  Are you going to be a sailor or a captain? Are you going to just go along for the ride? Or are you going to set your course? 

I-GOAL The Young Adult's Guide to Success (Defining) is a process to help young adults set expectations for who they will become as an individual.
They will be challenged to accept their capacity for self-determination, to focus on what they control, to understand the power of personal responsibility and to come up with a plan to handle life’s inevitable disappointments. 

Because life is a never ending series of interactions with others, students will be asked to put core interpersonal skills to practice in their daily lives. 

I-GOAL The Young Adult's Guide to Success (Defining) is complimentary to I-GOAL the Young Adult's Guide to Success (Mapping) which also is available on Kindle and createspace.

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About the Author
Jeff Steiner received his MEd from Penn State, Bachelors in Sociology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and is certified by the William Glasser Institute in Reality Therapy.

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