Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Three Little Lawnmowers by Emily Bruce

An adaptation of the classic Three Little Pigs story, the little lawnmowers find themselves fleeing the Big Bad Combine. 

Cute farm characters with bright colors.

The Little Lawnmowers Make A Friend
by Emily Bruce  

The Little Lawnmowers discover the Big Bad Combine has been rusting in a field and decide to help him and teach him a better way of being. He learns compassion and forgiveness and many other virtues...and by the end, needs an update to his name.

About the Author
Emily Bruce is the mother of two who finds inspiration for her stories from her children. Her son's love of all farm equipment, and "The Three Little Pig's", influenced the story of the little lawnmowers, however, always in teaching mode, she wanted to make sure an important lesson was learned in the sequel. She has a bachelor's in education and a master's in school psychology, and has conducted research to predict school drop-out for children with learning disabilities. She works as a holistic self-awareness coach for children, families and individuals. She has a passion for working with young people, teaching them through stories and experiences, which helps to cultivate positive behaviors leading to healthier relationships, happy and optimistic attitudes, and purposeful living. 

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