Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bridging to the Trillions Market by Mazlan Abang

By Mazlan Abang 

Bridging to the Trillions Market is about enabling new traders becoming more friendly to the lucrative currency market which then allow them to trade professionally happy without hatred and retaliation against it. The huge market offers a wide range of opportunity with of no disadvantages to others. Whether you are to gain or loss is not determined by the market nature itself but more from yourself. This is also to tell you that there are very close correlation between us and action taken in currency trading activities. Information shares will help new traders to understand better why until today higher percentage of currency traders failed. This book provides an easy step by step charting analysis with elected indicators and comparison between charts of different time frame. Through this, it brings you to see where most new traders went wrong. Throughout the book, explanations and illustrations are based on real experiences along the course of the author's venture in the currency market. Interestingly, the findings help to confirm most of the experts' comments and concerns are basically true. This in turn, would help new traders to enhance their understanding on the different aspects and variables which hopefully lead to improve trading.

Mazlan Abang has been in the currency market for more than 12 years. His extensive study is more on the common mistake made by the traders. He believes that failing traders can still be brought up by getting them to understand more about themselves.

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