Thursday, April 28, 2016

Unbridled Love by Autumn Star

#1 in Horses and Romance
Imagine the man you love turns out to be a billionaire prince…

Three Princes Need a Wife - Book 2- The Race Track Winner
by Autumn Star  

Modern Day Royal Prince Christof travels to Kentucky to woo the heart of a Texan woman with the best racehorse!

Jody just wants to raise horses. She also just happens to have a very rich uncle that loves her. As a surprise gift he leaves her a thoroughbred horse with one of the most expensive lineages in race horse history. She loves her animals like family. Soon she and her horses are the talk of the town. She's got the horses to beat and even rumored to have a Kentucky Derby contender. But Jody is just a down to earth cowgirl inside and all this commotion has made her lose her senses. She loves animals, blue sky and a true heart. Handsome regal Christof is none of those honorable things.

Christof is so enchanting that Jody can barely stop herself from wanting to grab and kiss him! Jody of course hates him straight away! The truth is she should. Love takes its twists and turns on the track of love, but somethings are destined to happen. Modern day fairy-tales do happen. True love happens all the time. Sometimes, just sometimes that true love makes you a princess...

Free Book#1 Inside! Love Miracles:  Jody is a down to earth horse girl who rarely has time to date. She wasn't prepared for the charismatic handsome young royal to gamble with her heart!

Book #3 Princess Wanted: An Alpha Billionaire Prince Trilogy Series – The Royal Ball. #1 in Philanthropy and Romance! Yes Dreams Do Come True, and stories like this make you believe again! Princess Wanted is the final story in our modern day Prince Trilogy.

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