Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horror on Lamene: The Spirit of the Sea by Patrick Axton

“…a truly horrifying conclusion.”

The first ghost story of the Nautical Yarn Series 

CAUTION! Read at your own risk!

Lucie Hill is over the moon at the brutal murder that happens on the small island near to where she lives because it’ll help to kick start her journalism career. She heads over there, trying to discover the clues that the police might have missed, but what she actually discovers is something much more sinister.

Something supernatural…

Axton is writing Book 2 of the Nautical Yarn Series
Stay tuned…
“I am already working on it! The story is about a family from Ireland, struggling to stay alive on their way to the United States during the Great Hunger between 1845 and 1852. They were hoping for a better life after the journey, but little did they know about the ship they boarded…”

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