Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bad Habits Do Not Die Hard by G.M. Oliver

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9 Simple Steps to effectively acquire Positive Life Changing Habits 
by G.M. Oliver

Do you want to acquire new positive habits and learn how to stop your bad habits for once and for all?

Many of our lives are governed by our habits that we tend to develop over the years. While several of us believe that we have no bad habits, we are wrong. If you introspect on certain situations in your life, you will realize and understand that you do have a few bad habits as well, just that you do not consider them to make much difference to your life. Unfortunately, these bad habits which you tend to ignore can lead to long term consequences.

In this book, I share 9 effective tips with you which will help in identifying the bad habits as well as find a way to eliminate these bad habits. Once you are able to identify the bad habits, you will soon be able to also identify means of curbing them if you are unable to eliminate them completely. Bad habits do not get broken with a snap of your finger. Some bad habits require days of continuous practice before you will even realize that you no longer practice it. Like the title of the book says, ‘Bad Habits do not Die Hard’, only once you make a vow of trying your best to get rid of a particular bad habit is when you will be able to completely eliminate that habit from your life. Making habits and breaking them is surely not difficult, all it requires is for you to understand how these habits are being formed and the outcome of the same. 

Reading this book will help you to:
  • Learn the impact of your daily habits in your life
  • Understand the connection between your beliefs, behaviors and the way you feel about your life
  • Learn how habits are formed and how they impact your lives
  • Interrupt negative patterns and bad habits
  • Develop good habits and maintain new positive behaviors
  • Bring positive change in your life and feel a sense of well-being and satisfaction
  • Identify the most essential habits to implement in your routine in order to achieve your personal goals
  • Learn how to cultivate a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle
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