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I Was Here: The Rona Shively Stories by Rebecca Benston

Author Rebecca Benston
#10-I Was Here:
The Rona Shively Stories

All good things must end… and thankfully, those things which aren’t so good must end, too. Rona Shively is tired. She’s reaching out to help a friend, but in truth, the well has run dry. There’s nothing left. And she’s thinking it might be a good time to jump ship. Bad thing is, she’s not on a ship… and she’s sinking fast. Will somebody please throw her a lifeline?

About the Author
My name is Rebecca Benston. I'm a Christian. I'm a woman.  I'm a mother.  I'm a writer. I'm a thinker. When I write fiction, I am usually writing a mystery series called The Rona Shively Stories.  My P.I. character, Rona Shively is feisty, fearless and fabulous and is usually caught up in something she doesn't want to be caught up in. In addition to this series, I also have a blog called Higher Ground for Life. Through this blog, I'm hoping to reach women or anyone who is seeking to develop a relationship with God and give them inspiration to get out there and follow His path for their lives!  

I also have a blog called Leading the Follower. This one is my favorite. I write about religion, faith, spirituality and all that goes along with it. What we believe, what we don't believe, what we are told to believe and how society feels about believing in general. I do a lot of testifying here and some of what I say may make you angry. Most of it will make you think.  Some of it will make you cry. Any of it could make you laugh. It's really up to you.

If you are looking for practical advice, honest conversation, and no nonsense observations about living in today's world, check out my blogs...

And if you're so inclined, you can purchase my books and some other great, inspirational works from Higher Ground Books & Media 

Instagram - rebeccabenston
Twitter - @ronashively

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The Watcher Key by Troy Hooker

The Watcher Key
By Troy Hooker

The Darkness is Rising... and Sam Forrester is caught in the middle. Abandoned by his foster parents at age fifteen, Sam is sent to a remote town to live with a grandfather he barely knows. He meets some unlikely people with an unusual secret... they are the descendants of immortal beings. Sam's new friends lead him to their home, the land of Lior, where the Descendants of the Light have been battling the forces of Darkness for thousands of years. Sam and his friends soon discover there is a plot brewing in the darkest reaches of Lior that will not only change Sam's own destiny, but also threaten the future of both worlds. Follow Sam as he uncovers the mystery of The Watcher Key.

good books & cool drinks

August 18, 2018 | 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Join Troy and other Western Ohio authors at the 2018 Springfield Book Fair
​for good books and cool drinks!

Presented by Hen House Publishing, Co-hosted by

Mother Stewart's Brewing Co.

109 W. North St.
Springfield, OH 45504 USA
(937) 717-0618
Open to the public. No charge for admission.

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Dennis Savage, Photographer

Greeting cards/photos by
Dennis Savage

The thrill of patterns in photography and design always inspire creativity. Besides that, I love the feel and aesthetics of paper. I know, it’s kind of weird, but I really like paper; wrapping paper, greeting cards, old photos, antique postcards, faded letters, etc. 

The above greeting card is a photo taken by Ohio Arts Council award-winning, Hocking County photographer, Dennis Savage. 

There's a lot going on in this photo. The cat on the post is Cheshire; the guy on the John needs to watch out for snakes, spiders, fake news, and photographers! The perils of living in rural USA. Hmmm… I wonder who the recipient of this greeting card will be... 

Maybe we can collaborate with Dennis for an upcoming book cover. Oh, that's a great idea! Stay tuned.

Find more of Dennis’ beautiful photos at

Find his greeting cards locally at Nelsonville Emporium, Ohio USA. 

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Justin Alan Johnson Photography

Thank you, Amber!
Photo by
Justin Alan Johnson Photography

Recently, I was gifted this beautiful photo taken by Justin Alan Johnson, photographer! 
Thanks, Amber! I love the photo! It looks stunning in my office! <3

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Mosaic of My Mind: A Collection of Poetry by Melissa Moy

5-Star Poetry
From Poet
Melissa Moy
mosaic of my mind:
a collection of poetry past, present, and possible

Readers will be taken on an in-depth journey of the trials and tribulations one faces growing up and merely experiencing life. Whether you've ever experienced a minor challenge or have had to overcome major obstacles, you will quickly find yourself relating to the words from Moy's pen.

Embrace your most inner self and explore the caverns of who you were, who you are, and who you might become as you digest Moy's words and use them as a vehicle of exploration. Unlike her first book, these poems were written over a period of over fifteen years, from a woman in her teens to one in her thirties. 

About the Author

Writing has always been a passion for Melissa Moy, something that she will never be able to give up or turn her back on…it is…who she is. From the very start of her educational experiences, Moy gravitated toward written expression. When asked when or how she first learned to write she simply replied, “There was never a ‘how’, only a ‘had to.’ I just had to write, and so I did.” Moy’s writing dips into a plethora of forms and topics, but poetry has always been most near and dear to her heart.

Twitter @Moxie2Teach 
Insta  @MoxieMissy

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The Horse Listener by Mark M. Hanna


The Horse Listener
by Mark M. Hanna

This book brings to life one man's quest to fulfill his eternal love for the Arabian horse. Keeping that dream alive through heartbreak, triumph, defeat and perseverance; his dream is fulfilled creating a forever bond that will live throughout the eternities. A must-read book based on true life events giving all an understanding of the passion and kindred connections between horse, man and the creator. It provides an easy to understand and proper way to approach the horse to develop a long lasting partnership. This work is the next best thing for all horse enthusiasts, especially the ones who want to improve their abilities to truly and deeply connect with any horse on an entirely spiritual level.

Read Mark M. Hanna's 2016 Riding & Writing Interview Here!

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Deborah Lynn Matula, Poet

Follow Ms. Matula on the ride of her life – through heartbreaks
 and heart conditions – from despair to hope.

Three volumes of poetry, each a joy to devour.

If you've ever known heartbreak, these books are for you.

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For a limited time, read Green Grass for free!

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Found: Vivian Maier

Found: Vivian Maier

Last Sunday night, I started to sneeze. Monday morning, I was a mess. Tuesday, I was at the doc, then to the hospital for a flu swab. Ugh. When I woke this morning, it was Friday; not sure how I lost several days, but there it is, and that’s what the flu does to a body. Now, I am thankful to be on the mend, but still wary of going outside (even though I miss my horses and cats and know they are trying to figure out where I am – thank goodness for a family member who loves my animals, too).

Today, not able to leave the house, but able to do something – I decided to watch Netflix. I love the documentaries: Dior, Vogue, Manolo, Mumbai Railway, etc. Then I came across Finding Vivian Maier by John Maloof. Wow. I was mesmerized by the life of Vivian, her humbleness, prolific photography, and life.

Vivian was born in New York, USA. She was a nanny and photographer. She was a spinster and loner; however, she liked people, landscapes, and the world in general. Her passion was photography and I wonder what she would have to say about her work being found. I’m sure she would smile at John Maloof and thank him for his diligence.

Thanks, John Maloof, for resurrecting a fascinating life. I loved seeing Vivian’s photos and hearing the tale of how her work came back to life. I hope to see the exhibit someday. Possibly, you would consider sharing the exhibit with Ohio University’s Kennedy Museum of Art.

Most of all, Finding Vivian Maier is affirmation to follow your passion, no matter what it is. As my neighbor always says, you can’t hide your light under a bushel. Maybe someday someone will find your boxes (or flash drive) of passion and exhibit it in a gallery for the world to see, and they will fall in love with your work, too. 

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Paddock Blade

Now in the UK, New Zealand, and soon in the USA!

The Paddock Blade clears an acre in under ten minutes and 
will have your entire area cleared up quickly and 
efficiently with minimum effort!

Paddock Blade slash's your muck out time by 70%

Paddock Blade
  • Works on great on flat and uneven ground
  • Maintenance free
  • Nationwide trackable delivery (Australia, UK, New Zealand)
  • Fast easy and simple solution to your paddock cleaning
  • Solid 4mm steel built to last
  • Can be towed with any ATV, ride on mower or car 
  • Universal tow loop means no additional equipment is needed
  • Saves you 70% of your paddock picking time
  • Saves you 90% on your paddock picking effort
  • Works with all animal dung ,rocks, sticks anything on the surface it will pick up
  • Easy unload in under a minute
  • Australian made built solid to last

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our products are tried and tested by hundreds of happy customers all over Australia. We are so confident that you will love our Paddock Blade product too that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy with your purchase in anyway just email us and we will make sure to put it right for you straight away! 

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Storm Brewing by Chris Dyer

Book Three 
The Rocket Series

Mike Willett thinks that his personal life has at last settled but it is not what he expects! Once again Mike’s temper will endanger him! Is there a calming sea to bring the ship safely to port? Will Storm prove he is his father’s son? Will Mike find peace? There is a Storm Brewing!

Available in Paperback & eBook

Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

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