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To the Heart: A poetry collection .99 cent Kindle!

Monday Road Poetry Volume 1

Limited time offer!

.99 cent Kindle here!

July 29, 2016 through August 5, 2016!

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Ivana Ciglar's (Tusania) review from Goodreads Jun 27, 2016
"It was amazing. Mesmerising swirl of intricate poems and feelings brought to life...


You are the poem

I dream of writing,
The landscape
I long to paint,
The flashing star
I reach for,
The hand that
Holds my fate.

I tried to start my review with a beautiful line or a deep thought that would reflect my feelings after reading this poetry collection but alas I do not think my words can do it justice so I decided to start with a beautiful short poem that captivated my heart.

Gina McKnight's poems resonate deeply in one's soul and stay there long after the words have been read and processed. The feelings that echo in the words read are ones that inspire, give hope and speak of love. If I could, I would put all of the poems in my review so all of you could experience the same thing I have. But that wouldn't be fair to the author nor would I have enough space so after long thinking I have decided on sharing two poems that touched me deeply. One I have started this review with and the other I will place at the end of it so that the beginning and the end form a circle dedicated to the beautiful mind and soul the author possesses.

I do have to admit that one particular poem made me laugh then it made me grin and then I found myself thinking long of the one I love most deeply with a constant smile on my face. That poem is called "Monday" and you can find it on page 30. I urge you to read it if any way possible for now it is written on a piece of paper and it's hung on my wall so I can always smile whenever I see it when I pass by.

The harmony of the poems sweep you away and bare your soul so be ready to experience a wide range of emotions. These carefully selected poems are a perfect remedy for getting rid of bad emotions that keep you down. Read, smile, laugh, think, ponder, grin, imagine and most of all feel.

*I received a copy of "To the Heart: A poetry collection" by the author Gina McKnight through Goodreads Giveaways and this review is my honest and heartfelt opinion.”


Forever is how long...

A fleur-de-lis moment,
A snippet in time,
Hung on a day,
Caught in my mind.

Ticks the big hand,
Thoughts bump and collide,
In taupes and euchres,
In webbed shadows you hide.

Grasping the moment,
Caressing the snippet,
Days haunt and hang,

You inhabit my mind

Limited time offer!

.99 cent Kindle here!

July 29, 2016 through August 5, 2016!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Love's Nuisance by Dom Crescente

Available in Paperback and eBook here!

Olivia Kirby had always tried to balance out the two worlds of her new found lover and her very troubled best friend. For months Olivia seemed to hold her own, until a horrible event unfolds one summer night forcing her loyalty and trust to be greatly tested between the two.

About the Author
I was born in Staten Island, New York. Growing up, I was usually the "quiet kid" of the bunch. I'm usually a low-key person. I observe my surroundings more than I speak. I was never too sure of who I was, but I knew I had a great memory. One day I took some of those memories, and started writing them down. I wrote down every slither of my memories from my high school and college years. That became my first book titled My Words. I discovered my love for writing after I wrote the first page. I get an incredible rush from every sentence completed. It is great therapy for the mind. Being a writer gives us all the ability to take our unique thoughts, and proudly share them all to the world. I'm now currently writing fiction. The idea of expanding my imagination is extremely fun, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Connect with Dom…

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Leadership Miracle by Peter M. Deeley, Jr

“This book is not a roadmap; it is more like a bottle washing up on our individual shores. Inside is what’s hidden in all of us: A gift being desperately pled for, and offered at the same time.”
Sydney K. James

Now Available here!

The Time of Fruitless Anger Must Pass
by Peter M. Deeley Jr.

If you want to lead, quell the tempest inside. People look to the North Star – not the wind – for guidance. Power lay in the still, small, calm and clear voice of God within you. Quietly, you will find your voice.

It will be big enough. Loud, clanging gongs are for entertainment. Deep and quiet waters wash away the anxiety of the timid and scared.

Be those waters.

We need you.

What people are saying...
“I’ve personally been impacted by the message Mr. Deeley so eloquently presents in the following pages. As someone who most often works with clients behind the scenes, you have almost certainly never heard my name. I found anonymity far more comfortable than being in the spotlight, and I decided long ago that I preferred it that way. The fact that you are now reading these words serves as a testament to the powerful message this book contains.”  
Angela M. Woods

Now Available here!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Draw Closer to God and Walk in Victory: A 52-Week Devotional by Dr. Arcolia Beverly

“Encouraging year-long devotional.”
Available in Paperback and eBook here!

This book is a collection of scriptures that have provided encouragement and strength to me throughout the years. This 52-week devotional was written to encourage readers to spend time mediating and praying over scripture to strengthen their faith. I found that I needed to focus on one scripture each week in order to deepen my understanding of the word of God. Through these scriptures, I have found answers and peace in the midst of challenging situations. Each devotional has a scripture reading assignment as well as a prayer to focus on for the week and apply it to your life. I pray that this devotional will help you grow and experience victory in all areas of your life.

About the Author
Having earned her doctorate at Capella University, Dr. Arcolia Beverly is a professor of information technology, author, and Christian who holds Jesus Christ at the center of her life. At an early age, she expressed an interest in reading and creative writing, and as she pursued a degree in higher education, she remained determined to write in order to draw people to Christ and positively influence society. When not writing, she enjoys reading and studying God’s word, as well as shopping. Her passions include writing, teaching, and training for the glory of God.


Dr. Arcolia Beverly, a professor of information technology, an author, and a Christian who holds Jesus Christ as the center of her life, this week proudly released her book, Draw Closer to God and Walk In Victory, on major online book distribution sites.

Draw Closer is a collection of scriptures Dr. Beverly found to be encouraging, uplifting, and enlightening throughout her lifetime. It is a 52-week devotional written to encourage readers to sit back and spend more time with God through prayer, meditation, and scripture reading.

“I found that focusing on scripture each week deepened my understanding of the word of God immensely,” said Dr. Beverly. “Through these scriptures, I have found answers and peace in the midst of challenging situations, and I want to share my findings with people worldwide. Spread the word on the availability of my new book, and head on over to the Amazon platform to learn more about it today.”

“Encouraging year-long devotional.”
Available in Paperback and eBook here!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Log Fires for the Heart: Pet Lovers - Doses of Inspiration to Warm Your Heart

Dog Lover’s Newsletter
Write a review/testimonial for author John Ward’s new

Log Fires for the Heart for Dog Lovers newsletter
Doses of Inspiration to Warm Your Heart

You will receive a FREE 1-Year Subscription to John’s Newsletter!

John’s book 37 Inspirational Stories of Famous Pet Lovers Who Rose from Rags to Riches has now been combined as a bonus in John’s new Dog Lovers Newsletter! A story will be supplied as a bonus staring with issue 2.

Submit your heart-warming or funny story and photo of your beloved pet to be published in an upcoming issues of the Log Fire for the Heart Newsletter! Share your story with the world about how your pet enhances and inspires your life.

For further information or to submit your story, 
email John -

“Log Fires for the Heart: For Dog Lovers” is an inspirational proclamation to the benefits of owning a dog. In the first issue, dog quotes and ‘A Dog’s Prayer’ are affirmation to the importance of owning a dog. Author John Ward reviews the health benefits of owning a dog, life lessons learned from a dog, and finally, inspiration from a famous dog lover. A quality newsletter that you will read again and again.” 
Gina McKnight, Author

Sunday, July 24, 2016

America is an Idea and The American Dream is for Everyone by Michael Cyrus Pousti


Why we built

From a co-founder of comes this "Why?" story behind the massive social platform, empowr, that’s been in the making for fifteen years. Learn exactly what drove the participants (founders, advisers, success coaches and 1,000 employees plus 100,000 alpha test users) in their gigantic moonshot project. After meticulously discussing the "Why?" the author then delves into how empowr has been designed to exploit the exponential characteristics of the web - via its tightly-integrated democratic, economic and educational platform - to deliver opportunity to people everywhere. The book reads like a manifesto and a manual. One can’t help but come away with newfound or elevated inspiration to dream big, take on their own moonshot project and make a massive difference on the planet.

About the Author
Michael C Pousti, Co-Founder of empowr

Mike Pousti is the co-founder of empowr, a partnership between academia and tech entrepreneurs that's attempting to deliver a democratized social media experience where the company is governed by its citizens.

Mike began his entrepreneurial journey when he founded his first start-up during his senior year as a computer engineering student at UC San Diego (UCSD).  Employing 200 people and generating millions of dollars in profits before the age of 22, his company, Higher Educational Resources Corporation, developed the first commercially successful search engine on the Internet, known as the Arpanet.

His next start-up, Productivity Solutions Corporation, was acquired when he was 24 and two years later, Mike started, the world’s leading website for the 18-23-year-old demographic.

After the dot-com crash in 2000, was acquired, and less than a week later, Mike started Phase 1 of empowr. empowr’s highly patented suite of technologies generated over $150M U.S. and today, empowr's proprietary technologies are used by all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Tumblr.

While Mike remains an integral part in the daily operations of empowr, he recently relinquished his CEO position and handed over control of the company to empowr’s citizens, who formally elected their leader (and new President of empowr) via a web-based election.  


Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to Feed Your Horse by C.J. Lledo

“Calculate and manage your horses diet.”
Available in Kindle and paperback here!

An Owner's Guide to Calculating Your Horse's Diet 
by C.J. Lledo 

Feeding your horse is possibly the most confusing, frustrating and talked about subject associated with ownership. While making sense of all the different feeds, vitamins, additives, and figuring out how much, how often or how to keep your horse from losing condition is a challenge of its own making.

How to Feed Your Horse clarifies the murky waters surrounding feeding horses, taking into consideration all the various interchangeable circumstances that need to be addressed in order to correctly calculate and manage your horses diet, using what is available to you.

With topics such as:
· Food and How it Affects Your Horse’s Temperament,
· Feeding’s Building Blocks,
· The Seven Golden Rules of Feeding,
· Feeding, Myths, Legends and Hearsay,
· Digestibility of Feeds,
· Quantity vs. Quality,
· Useful Vitamins, Additives and Herbs,
· Common Feeding Problems, and
· Calculating Your Horse’s Diet

These topics make up only part of the book that provides a holistic approach to feeding horses.

About the Author
Having respectively worn the caps of groom, instructor, trainer, stud and stable manager: CJ started her career with horses at age nine, cleaning tack in lieu for pony rides. By age twelve, she worked as a part time groom for a riding school on weekends and holidays, and was fired from a dealing yard at age seventeen for advising clients not to buy a problem horse. She then worked herself into the position of assistant manager of a Quarter Horse stud by age nineteen: And at age twenty-four, was short-listed by some of the top studs: finally accepting the position of stud manager on the biggest Friesian horse stud in the southern hemisphere: where she managed just shy of two hundred Friesians. It was during this time that her ability to profile horses became paramount.

With family life, the need to cut back on hours saw her focus more on instruction and training rather than management. Where she has since laid the foundation for numerous youngsters, both human and equine, to succeed in whatever facet of the sport they selected: and although not competitively minded, she has held numerous local, regional and national titles.

When not riding or tending to the family, CJ writes the horsey stories she would have liked to read.

“Calculate and manage your horses diet.”
Available in Kindle and paperback here!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shiver and Fears Series by AJ Hard

Horror Fiction for Kids
Shiver and Fears: A series of 25 Spine-Tingling Tales!

Shiver and Fears Book 20
by AJ Hard 

Angelica and her friend live in a town where everyone believes there’s a witch hidden within the neighborhood. But it’ll take more than crackling, black cats, and spell books to convince David the witch is his sister.

About the Series
Shiver and Fears is a series of 25 spine-tingling tales! Available from multiple book-sites, this book series is a new genre which AJ Hard calls Horror Fiction for Kids.

The Shiver and Fears series is about young teens getting stuck in unnatural situations that they either solve or make worse in the end. The series name comes from the scary theory by AJ Hard that one frightened reader (the shiver) will read tons of scary stories (the fears) also known as one-shiver-ton of fears (Shiver and Fears)! Shiver and Fears books are made for young readers between the age of 9-15; however, a few adults seem to like them as well.

About the Author
AJ Hard has been writing Shiver and Fears since July 20, 2012. This new author writes horror fiction chapter books for kids. Hard gives readers a chance to stand in the spotlight as he adds them into one of his stories. Shiver and Fears was inspired by RL Stine's Goosebumps. The name Shiver and Fears represents one frightened reader that reads multiple scary tales; AKA the author's phrase "1 shiver tons of fears". Hard gets his story ideas from dreams, abnormal adventures, and bizarre natural causes.

Connect with AJ Hard…
Videos: YouTube
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Wiki: Wiki

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CREATIVEBLOCH Studio & Gallery

CREATIVEBLOCH is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, USA. A unique STUDIO and GALLERY, we create art, show work from emerging artists, and support community efforts to preserve creativity in the area.

The studio serves as a residence for artists to create their work.  A variety of styles and techniques are used to create unique artwork.  

The gallery is open by appointment, and features work from local artists.  We have solo and group shows throughout the year.  These shows are featured on Dumbo’s First Thursday Gallery walks

Art Shop @ Creativebloch

Sign up for Intro Art Class @ Creativebloch
Saturday, July 23, 2016
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Open Gallery @ Creativebloch
Thursday, August 4, 2016
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

View the future events here!

Become a @ Creativebloch Artist!
We are seeking artists for upcoming shows, commissions, interviews, and to be featured on our blog. Signing up to be on our exclusive list, keeps you in the loop on events, art shows, opportunities and is great for networking with other artists. Complete the form here!

Industrial Flame
About the Artist and Curator
Joe Bloch is the artist in residence and curator.  He has a BFA from RIT and over 25 years experience in both the commercial and fine art world.  He became well known for his medical art and has illustrated countless books and journals for many top surgeons and physicians around the world. Over the span of his career, he has branched out as a painter, creative director and curator.  His goal with Creativebloch, is to support community efforts to keep artists and art in the creative post industrial neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Joe’s highly textured acrylic paintings are part of the permanent collection at Creativebloch. 

Manhattan Bridge


We take you on an artistic journey in this 50-page PDF jam packed with paintings, photography, sketches and descriptions. A great resource for students, artists, designers, photographers and fans! Learn more about our studio and the artwork created.  A great way to enjoy the art at a fantastic price.

To learn more visit:

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Manhunter Revelations by H. F. Daniels

“Definitely a GREAT Book for Suspense, Thriller and Fantasy Enthusiasts!!”
Available in eBook here!
The Manhunter Chronicles Book 1 - Kindle Edition

The year is 2089. The world is still recovering from the inhuman plague that killed over 90% of the human population 48 years ago.

The northwest town of Woodspirit is under attack. A number of women in the town have been viciously torn apart and killed while being raped. The local police have been unable to catch this killer and have lost men in the process. The killer attacks have been so brutal that only a man with a truly monstrous nature could commit such acts.

Conrad Huthins is a "Manhunter". A late 21st century bounty hunter who brings the worst of the worst in for justice. Hired by the sheriff and an exotically beautiful woman from the town of Woodspirit, his assignment is to catch and bring this monstrous killer in for justice. In the process of tracking down this killer, Conrad discovers that not all is as it seems in this town. What if this monster of a killer Conrad is hunting really is a "monster”? What if the "monsters" in mankind’s legends are truly real.

About the Author
I am a retired Maintenance Supervisor after 38 LONG but rewarding years. Now I am enjoying my retirement doing what I always wanted to do, but could not find the time while working long hours, writing science fiction and science fantasy novels.

I hope you enjoy reading the Book #1. Ebook #2 in the Manhunter Chronicles series "Manhunter Realizations" is coming by end of summer 2016.

Favorite Supernatural Books:
*The Dresden Files Series By Jim Butcher
*Garrett P.I.Series By Glen Cook

Fav Swords and Sorcery Books:
*The Black Company Series By Glen Cook
*Hawk & Fisher Series By Simon R. Green

Fav Science Fiction Books:
*Dumerest Of Terra Series By E.C. Tubb

Fav Action and Adventure Books:
*Doc Savage Series By Kenneth Robeson
*Mack Bolan Series By Don Pendleton

Fav TV Shows:
*Stargate SG1
*Stargate Atlantis
*Stargate Universe (Series need to be finished)
*The Walking Dead
*Game Of Thrones
*The Last Ship
*Falling Skies

***All reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks and good reading!

Connect with H. F. Daniels…

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Author Shout

Are you an author looking for promotion?

Author Shout

“Connecting authors and readers around the world.”

Recommended professional book promotion!
Besides marketing, Author Shout creates 
professional book trailers…

"The Blackberry Patch" 
Available in eBook, hardcover, and paperback here!

"To the Heart: A poetry collection"
Available in Kindle and paperback here!

Thanks, Author Shout!

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The Moody Mare Tack Shack

  All your equine and show needs for the lowest prices!
New and consignment!

Order online here!

The Moody Mare Tack Shack
1599 Academy Road
Adrian, Michigan USA 49221
1 (734) 352-7259

Shop Online…

Providing affordable equine supplies for every show and riding discipline.
Small local family owned and operated tack store.

Store Hours
9:00 am
6:00 pm
9:00 am
6:00 pm
9:00 am
6:00 pm
9:00 am
6:00 pm
9:00 am
6:00 pm
11:00 am
6:00 pm

Order online here!
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Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

  Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:   June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010 Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - Ma...