Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Capitalist Mandate: A Modern and Realistic View on Capitalism by Jonathan Von Nieda

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A Modern and Realistic View On Capitalism 
by Jonathan von Nieda 

The Capitalist Mandate is the long overdue rival to Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. This book takes a hard look at the problems facing most nations of the world today, and how they can be remedied in true capitalist fashion. A new look this now widely frowned upon form of culture and economics, The Capitalist Mandate seeks to answer all the questions which Marx asked in his renowned pamphlet. With insightful thoughts about why wars are fought, class warfare and poverty this book will open your mind to new and exciting possibilities. And with definitions of wealth and money, and a suggestion for a genuine utopia for today’s modern world. 

About the Author
Jonathan von Nieda is a student of Political Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He was born July 8th, 1991 in Washington state, USA. He lived most of his life in Nye, Montana, being raised by good sensible people with sound ideologies and outlooks on life. He lives with his wife Dori and his expected child, in Rexburg where he continues his studies in Political Science. He is also a gamer, avid traveler, gun nut, survivalist, and loves audio books.

Jonathan von Nieda served in the Germany Berlin Mission as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2011, and speaks fluent German. He is an big fan of Agatha Christie, James Wesley Rawles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Timothy Zahn, J.K. Rowling, and fellow Montanan Christopher Paolini. Jonathan also has a learning disability called Dyspraxia, and wishes to raise its awareness and inspire others who have learning disabilities to continue on with their various endeavors.

Monday, August 22, 2016

GOING TO THE LAST: Stories of Horses and Racing by K.D. Knight

“Twenty-three original and engaging short stories 
about horses and racing.”

Recommended reading!
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by  K.D. Knight

My review…
Recently, I received a message from across the pond from K.D. Knight. A prolific writer, Knight presents “Going To The Last” a stunning collection of short stories about horses.

Knight takes you on a journey behind the scenes, into the worlds of jockeys, horse owners, those who place bets, horse-magic, horse racing, and much more! Every story has a slight twist, always with a horse at the focal point.

Characters are engaging and endearing; gamblers spout “sometimes we get the luck we deserve”; horse owners set out to make “every post a winning post”; horsemen repeat “it’s easier to stop a horse than to get it go faster”; while the man in the stands knows that “front runners fade”.  With a myriad of characters, each one promotes their own form of horse-drama.

I truly enjoyed reading Knight’s collection of horse stories and will keep as a favorite. Recommended reading for horse-lovers and those looking for a great read.

 Available in Kindle here!

Available in Kindle here!

Electing Recession: The Impact of Presidential Elections on Financial Markets and the Economy by Jason Schenker

“What does the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election mean
for Financial Markets and the Economy?”

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A non-partisan viewpoint.

The Impact of Presidential Elections on Financial Markets and the Economy 

In Electing Recession, top-ranked financial forecaster and best-selling author, Jason Schenker, offers a compelling analysis of the impact U.S. presidential elections have on the economy and financial markets, including equities, currencies, and commodities.

Jason Schenker has been ranked one of the most accurate economic and financial market forecasters in the world by Bloomberg News for his forecasts of U.S. economic indicators, foreign exchange rates, energy prices, metal prices, and agricultural prices. Jason is also a member of the Texas Business Leadership Council, a nonpartisan nonprofit of CEOs that provides public policy research and recommendations to Texas elected leadership.

The book is published by Prestige Professional Publishing based in Austin, Texas. The book is non-partisan, and the author presents several unique and important concepts including election cyclicality, the election-recession window, and the term limit on growth.

The author offers an analysis of the impact of presidencies historically on a number of critical economic indicators including GDP growth, industrial production, unemployment, housing starts, and auto sales. For financial markets, he examines the impact of presidential terms and tenures on the dollar, oil prices, gold prices, silver prices, and the Dow. He also looks at critical long-term risks, including the national debt, entitlements, demographics, and automation.

Jason Schenker is the President and Chief Economist of the financial market research and consulting firm, Prestige Economics, LLC. Bloomberg News has ranked Mr. Schenker one of the most accurate forecasters in the world in 31 different categories for his forecasts of industrial metals prices, precious metals prices, oil prices, natural gas prices, agricultural commodity prices, foreign exchange rates, and U.S. economic indicators.

Mr. Schenker writes market commentary, produces forecasts, manages Prestige Economics consulting projects, and is the author of multiple books. He has been a Guest Columnist for Bloomberg News and a Guest Host of the Bloomberg Television show "Street Smart." 

Mr. Schenker holds a master's degree in Applied Economics from The University of North Carolina-Greensboro, a Master’s Degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from California State University-Dominguez Hills, a master's degree in Germanic Languages and Literature from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a bachelor's degree with distinction in History and German from The University of Virginia. Mr. Schenker also holds the professional designations of CMT ® (Chartered Market Technician), CFP ® (Certified Financial Planner), CVA ® (Certified Valuation Analyst), and ERP®(Energy Risk Professional).

Mr. Schenker previously held roles with McKinsey and Company as a Risk Specialist and at Wachovia Corporation as the Chief Energy and Commodity Economist.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Players: A Game of Grit and Glory by E.H. Humphreys

Being a female polo player, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
New!! Available in Kindle!

by Elizabeth Humphreys (Author)

Dive into the world of polo, seen through the eyes of Victoria Blake a – professional polo player trying to prove she can compete with the best men in the sport. Players follows Victoria’s rag-tag team through triumph and heartbreak on the way to England’s prestigious Gold Cup. From the rolling green hills of England to the sun-kissed Pampas of Argentina to the glamorous fields of California, Players explores what it means to be a polo player – a local everywhere and a resident nowhere; always a traveler yet always at home.

The book follows Victoria’s team: Donald Davies, the young Englishman she meets in Argentina who becomes her closest ally; Charles McKinnon, the American billionaire who only breaks out of his corporate shell with his teammates; and Scott Taylor, the best player in America, who could never hold down a team due to his fiery temper. Meanwhile, Victoria’s best friend, Debbie Ravenscroft, is also trying to be at the top of her game as a lawyer and Olympic show jumper. All of the characters share a thirst for greatness, along with a great love for their horses.

My review
Author Elizabeth Humphreys knows horses. "Players" is full of horse adventure, mesmerizing characters, and exciting scenarios! Humphreys writes of "Victoria" who at "25 years old...was the best female polo player in the world."  Victoria is the main character and brings the world of polo into your hands. A thoughtful story, delving into the heart and soul of polo; all the glory, let-down, and drama. Recommended reading.

Big Fracking Mess by Lee Atterbury

“Keeps you guessing until the very end.”

Jim Taylor and Buck Book 4

Contract Killers. Hitmen. And one fracking operation. All have something to hide at all costs. Jim Taylor, Buck and Hook have their hands full. Are they the sheriff's death squad? Relentless contract killers hired to kill a child...hitmen sent to silence them.

Born on the East Coast, Lee grew up in Wisconsin, where his parents published a weekly newspaper. He operated a linotype and a letter press from age ten onwards. In 1970, Lee graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, with an honors thesis on Aristotle. He then became a motorcycle bum until he entered law school at the University of Wisconsin. From 1974, he has practiced plaintiff’s personal injury, handling a wide variety of product liability, construction site, and motor vehicle cases. For his legal resume, see www.yourwisconsininjurylawyers.com.

Lee is an avid reader. His tastes include history, mysteries and crime novels, science fiction, and historical fiction. Some of his favorite authors are: John Sanford, Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Robert Galbraith, and Kate Atkinson. Horses and writing consume his free time, but he remains interested in his former pursuits: flying and Tae Kwon Do.

My Review
The fourth book in Lee Atterbury's series, "Big Fracking Mess" takes you into the back country for suspense, mystery, and murder. The horses are a main part of the story-line, the author brings the horses' emotions and thoughts into scenarios... "Buck now was able to smell the blood coming from this man. Blood was bad, he had to find a safe place for this man." Buck being the horse, of course. Other main characters are dynamic; some with ulterior motives, others just trying to stay alive. The gap between the bad guys and good guys makes "Big Fracking Mess" a true Western. The plot will keep you guessing until the very end.

Read Atterbury’s Riding & Writing interview here!

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Kings and Things by Wordworrywill

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Best Dark Humor/Post Apocalypse Novel

Life’s no picnic in a post-apocalyptic tomorrow, even for the elected monarch. Rebels and the common people might trouble him, but at least his own people are utterly trustworthy, right?

An excerpt…

Chapter 1
In a remote corner of Eastern Province, a young man begins an adventure he will soon regret.

She spilled the truth while hurrying out for yet another childbirth, which rubbed salt in his wound somehow. Though to be fair, Han should’ve had his suspicions.

“Could be a late one, dear. Don’t wait up.”

“Yes, mother.”

He returned to his book. She paused on the threshold.

“Han, darling. I probably should’ve mentioned this a while ago…”

“Mentioned what?”

“You’re eighteen now. Time you knew. I’m not really your mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“I should have brought it up before. I’ve been very busy.”

“You’re not my mother?”

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This novel is limited to 100 free copies
 Only 93 Free copies left!
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

B and B by Christine Meunier

An Australian based Christian romance that is found in a horse environment.”
New! by author Christine Meunier

Things are changing…
Ben likes his life at Happy Trails. As a trail guide on a property in Australia he doesn’t have to work hard to make friends. All he needs to do is make sure his clients are safe on their horses and have an enjoyable ride.

Ben can manage that. He loves that he can work with horses all day, every day. The humans are an added annoyance but he only has to deal with them in short bouts. 

The new cook hired for the farm looks like she could be a complication. Ben is averse to change and he is certain her arrival means change.

Brooke knows the trial position as cook at Happy Trails is a blessing. She needs a job to support herself and her daughter – the fact that she can cook for an income is an added bonus. 

If she can just avoid the interest of trail guide and jokester Jake, she’ll be fine. After all, she isn’t interested in a new male in her life. She just wants to focus on her daughter and make a future for them.

About the Author
It was at 13 years of age that Christine was introduced to first having a horse, but from a much younger age, that she started to learn about them through fiction and non-fiction books. She continues to learn about them from books, but recognizes that horses cannot be learnt from books alone.

Having studied horses from the age of 16, Christine is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Equine Science in Australia. Previously she attained her Certificate II in Horse Studies, Diploma of Horse Studies (Breeding) and Certificate of Merit from the Irish National Stud. Before teaching others about horse care and breeding she worked at numerous thoroughbred studs in Australia as well as overseas in Ireland.

This was followed by gaining experience in a couple of Melbourne based horse riding schools, instructing others with regards to riding the horse. A trip over to South Africa followed, allowing Christine the chance to gain many hours in the saddle and improve her own riding.

It is the education of people regarding horses being a viable career option that has been the catalyst for writing a blog about equine related vocations, education and travel. You can view this at equus-blog.com.

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