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Black Star by M.J. Jones

NEW! Psychological Thriller rooted deep in

Science Fiction lore. Black Star is the first novel in the Black Star Trilogy!


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Black Star

by M.J. Jones

A single mother discovers that her daughter has disappeared without a trace. Was she to blame for her daughter's disappearance? Did she hold on too tight? What happens when you become the puppet, being pulled by everyone’s strings? Do you run away from the danger, or do you stand and fight? As she searches for the truth, her past and sanity collide. Can she take back control of her life, and find her daughter, before it's too late, or will she too, become a mindless drone? Follow Mia Black in this alternate reality, where things are not quite a mirror image of our world.

A Black Star is a supernova; an exploding star. Some people believe that when it dies, it disappears. Yet in reality it shines through the darkness…just like Mia Black.

Mia, like many women, has suffered from heartbreak, losing a spouse, dealing with being alone, and being a single parent, while balancing a career. But she has also suffered from tragedies, such as her daughter being kidnapped. When the rest of the world moved on, including the police, Mia never gave up hope. She always shines through the darkness. This book deals with mental health, love, loss, insecurities as well as growth, all combined on the backdrop of a super-science fiction series. In this alternate reality, she discovers that there are real-life consequences that she has never seen before.

This series is a love story: love between husband and wife, mother and child, brother and sister, and love for humanity. It follows the struggles of parents while educating children to be leaders, with the lore of comic books, and fantasy, all rolled up into a fantastic tale of hope.

Society talks about diversity but falls short on what that means and what that looks like. I am bringing a love for all things international. My characters are diverse based on my personal experiences and heritage. I am an American who has had the pleasure to understand, that people are all the same; we just have different experiences. I love the psyche and how it relates to the fundamental design of mankind, and thus, wanted to tell a story about great loss, love, and the undying spirit of humanity and overall HOPE and LOVE, on the backdrop of all things science fiction, PEOPLE becoming heroes and defying odds.

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Meet the Author

M.J. Jones is an American author. Black Star is her debut novel and the first book in The Black Star Trilogy.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she is the second oldest, and only girl in a family of boys. M.J. has written many works, such as poems and short stories, yet never dared to publish her work, until a push from her child.

“My dream has always been to write, then publish a novel. I wanted to create content about real people becoming everyday heroes and using their power to uplift each other. I love science fiction. I believe that this category encompasses many sub-genres for storytelling. I love developing stories based on alternate realities.”


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Quick Bread - Story and Art by Sandra Russell

Quick Bread
Story and Art by Sandra Russell

The first words spoken by a rescued "Donner Party" member, was "Do you have any bread?" I faced the same question to myself this morning, and the answer was, 'I guess not; I'm out of bread'.

Well, I wasn't in the mood to trot to the store and spend five bucks on a loaf of bread, so remembering there was yeast, flour, salt in the house, decided to make English muffins for later. I used to make them all the time and so adept at it, failed to write down any recipe. That caused me to recall a couple riddles thrown up and an old job in the past. The riddle was offered as a sort of pseudo intellectual game played by a circle of folks who got together for 'Happy Hour' at a local bar and fancied themselves as members of Dorothy Parker's round table. Something like that? Anyhow, the quiz at one meeting was about sour dough bread and how the starter was passed from person to person as a rare and impossible to get as Jason's fleece. Who started the starter? was to rival creation vs evolution with this conundrum. But it's not all that mysterious if you just have to come up with some bread.

I did a project for the science fair in high school on yeast. I remembered that pioneers and peasants ‘caught’ yeast spores from the air. They peeled potatoes and left to sit in water, the starches from the leaching potato skins or bodies raised to the top of the water, a sort of foam, and this foam and natural sugars held yeast spores that were made into little cakes and later used to make bread.

Well, I don't trap air yeast, I buy it in the store, but I do make some quick and easy English muffins and start of that can be left to 'sour' if you like for sourdough bread later on. Basically, you shake a few grains of yeast, 1/4 t. is usually enough, can do more if you like. I put about that much in a half cup of warm water, a T. of sugar and a t. of salt, and let it make a sponge. After that sits for about an hour, can then add more milk (crumpets) or water (muffins) and more flour till you get a good half bowl of it, (makes about half a dozen muffins). Let that rise another hour, shape into muffins dropped onto some corn meal so as not to stick, and then fry on a griddle, turn over, pierce tops to let steam out and cook on the other side. These can be eaten as is or cooled and split then toasted in the toaster. I'm sure you can find exact measurements and methods for sourdough starter, and for English muffins online, but this is how I do it. It's very handy to know this if you are camping, and only have a campfire or hibachi to cook over. Bring the griddle.


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Flawed Diamond: Beautiful things can have hidden flaws - The "Flawed" Crime Thrillers Book 1 by James Gault


Flawed Diamond: Beautiful things can have hidden flaws

The "Flawed" Crime Thrillers Book 1
by James Gault

When the search for a missing brother enters the South Pacific, little does our hero realize that he is looking for a man seduced by tropic splendor and in the grip of a murderous environmentalist. Love, lust and revenge combine in a heady mix that will captivate the reader.

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About the Author

James, or Jim by preference, is a simple ex-mariner who spent much of his life at sea mucking around in ships and boats. That was the relatively adventurous part, encompassing a good slice of the world and its ever-changing challenges and joys, from violent wars and cyclones to glorious sunrises and oceans of tranquility.

These days the stability of reading and writing seem preferable. He enjoys the company of his wife Sally and Labrador dog Pippa in a small coastal town in Australia, writing about contemporary mayhem. His works are mainly fiction but often based around real-world events: the reader is left to make their own mind up as to what could be real and what not.

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Milliron Monday: Debra Otten, In Remembrance

Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.
June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010
Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Pete Smith, D.V.M., and  Milliron: Abbott “Pete” Smith, D.V.M. The Biography (Monday Creek Publishing 2017), including his wife Jody (1938-2021)

Throughout my journey in this life, I’ve come to understand joy, and every day strive to share that joy with others. Our joy should radiate from inside, from our soul, from our spirit, not our circumstances. We are right where we’re supposed to be, He is in control. Trust Him, reach out to Him, and if you don’t know Him, seek Him with all your heart!
―Debra Otten

There are days when we have the good fortune to meet extraordinary people – the kind of people who greet you with a smile, sincerely look in your eyes during conversation, intentionally listen, sharing concerns and challenges, and pray with you before they leave; they radiate love.

It was not too long after I began interviewing for Dr. Smith’s book that Jody brought her niece, Debra Otten, to the barn. Debra was in transit, moving from Colorado to Florida. Her beautiful Great Dane, Zeus, was with her. I have a photo of Jody, Debra, and Zeus at the barn. For some reason, I can’t find it to share with this post. When it turns up, I will post it here.

Debra is the daughter of Dr. Smith’s oldest sister, Carol. I am sad to say Debra recently passed away after a long, courageous battle with cancer. She had a network of family and friends who will miss her wisdom and inspiration.

Debra was an extraordinary person. She was absolutely beautiful – inside and out. She was graceful and angelic. Here’s a portion of her bio from LinkedIn…

“As a Naples resident, originally from Colorado, Debra’s past experience as an International Flight Attendant shows up in her passion for personal connections and travel. Aside from having friends and family all over the world, she is very active with her church and loves making new friends. Talented and personable, Debra was Mrs. Indiana and won first place in ad sales for Mrs. America, receiving her award from Baron Hilton of Hilton Hotels.”

In 2016-17, she was a volunteer for HOPE worldwide, writing “Went on a team with 16 singles from all around the world, to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to serve for two weeks over Christmas and New Year’s! We worked in a boys orphanage, the Autism ward of the public Children's Hospital, and at the Hope worldwide Montessori School for the under-privileged children.”

If there is one thing that Debra would want you to know, I believe it would be to look to Jesus for answers. As a devout Christian, she motivated many to find solace in reading the Word daily. From Debra’s Facebook page Deb’s Daily Time with God, she writes, “I am very faithful God has more work for me to do and that I will be around for a long time, but I’m telling you what, I am SO excited for heaven! If you want to get closer to God, I recommend that you start reading his Word every day, even if it’s just a few sentences, and pray even if you think he won’t listen. He hears you, he loves you, and he wants us all to be with him in the end!”

Jody, Debra, and Zeus at my barn office.

Sending love and sincere condolences to Debra’s family.

Through captivating, powerful, and emotional anecdotes, we celebrate the life of Dr. Abbott P. Smith. His biography takes the reader from smiles to laughter to empathy and tears. Dr. Smith gave us compelling lessons learned from animals; the role animals play in the human condition, the joy of loving an animal, and the awe of their spirituality. A tender and profound look into the life of a skilled veterinarian.



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Galactic Frequencies of Light: Experiences in Light Language by Patricia Ann Walls (Author), Rachel Sofia (Author, Illustrator), Laura Rose Tellez (Author), Tiffany Antoinette Spivey Mshs (Author)


Galactic Frequencies of Light:

Experiences in Light Language  

by Patricia Ann Walls (Author), Rachel Sofia  (Author, Illustrator), Laura Rose Tellez  (Author), Tiffany Antoinette Spivey Mshs (Author)

Light Language is a coded frequency experienced as sound, symbols, color and movement. The light codes speak directly to the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body. They purposely bypass the mental body. The source of it is what most identified as aspects of God, Source or Creation. It is all the same really. We are all aspects of God, Source or Creation. Everything that is alive is an aspect of that Creation and everything is alive.

There is so much information in the media regarding the Language of Light. As sovereign beings we each have our own level of belief and understandings. My team thought it important to give you four perspectives, four levels of understanding, and four experiences in the use of it. Four perspectives from Masters of Light.


Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook HERE!





Patricia Ann Walls, Author
Patricia is a natural intuitive. Through her natural gift of communication, she works with all life to assist in healing, balance and expansion. Her training began some 40 years ago in shamanism and evolved through learning and practicing many healing modalities. In her time, she has served as an international speaker, teacher, women’s retreat leader, healing facilitator, author, and mentor. Currently she continues her earth traditions by working with the elemental and animal world in painting ceremonial drums and creating art through stone and clay, wood and metal. All of the art is imbued with the language of light frequencies for healing and expansion. Her websites include PatriciaWalls.Net, GalacticFrequenciesofLight.Com, and facebook dedicated to the Light Language at

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Bitch You Better by Noonie Greene


"An engaging autobiography."

Bitch You Better  

by Noonie Greene


This is book is about my personal journey of growth. I have poured my heart out about some of the tragedies that I have survived and how I ended up here.


Noonie Greene wants to live in a world where travel is plentiful, people are living their best lives and she is helping connect the dots. Just call her the ‘Goddess of Fun’, and you’ll get a clear picture of this authentic, raw, courageous and full of love Brooklynite.


As a 27-year career customer service champion and a conflict result specialist for Verizon, she has always worked to find solutions. She is proud of her service as a union steward and It is that mindset along with her zest for life that birthed her new business, The Noonie Experience. To know her is to love her. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Plain, and simple she wants people to have fun and live their lives to the fullest. That’s why The Noonie Experience is a natural next step. She has unofficially been living this work for decades. Now she’s making it official as a lifestyle coach and fun and relaxation expert.


Noonie counsels people by sharing her personal journey of tragedy, triumph and travel. She’s been to more than 27 countries, 15 of those trips solo. Even after a devastating accident on a trip to Panama that left her with broken ribs and vertebra, travel centers her and is her best escape. As an effective communicator, she’s mastered the art of listening which is key to helping clients discover or rediscover fun. Noonie says it’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact.


She has been featured in places ranging from Essence Magazine to Facebook to local award shows. She won a dance battle in Madison Square Garden Arena, hosted an online radio show, emceed ceremonies, and curated events as a lifestyle coordinator in New York City for a travel company. On top of all of that, Noonie is the primary caregiver for her mother and with the help of family and friends she is able to manage that too.


She lives life on purpose and looks forward to helping others do the same.


Her next venture includes hosting events online, locally and internationally. The Noonie Experience offers group and individual programs where Noonie will challenge you to do things outside of your norm while encouraging you to enjoy the small things. Noonie lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and always knows how to have a good time.


Available in Paperback and eBook HERE!









Bitch You Better

Bitch You Better Take Inventory Journal

Self Knowledge Journal

The Noonie Experience

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The Power of Creation Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black By Tanzaniyah Kash


The Power of Creation Ahayah New Day:

In the Beginning It Was Black   

By Tanzaniyah Kash


The Power of Creation is an eye opening awaken truth about the hidden black history of the Negros and who they are in the earth today. It speaks about what's needed to get their power back as a people living in righteousness. This book also explains the many false teachings of many religions that have been taught from generation to generation and it mentions a creative way of thinking to change direction from our daily sin back to the Most High Our Power Laws. The book is also big on adding more wisdom to our painful journey and gives loving advise on how to fix our current issues. The author also keeps her beloved mother poetic writings in hopeful words by sharing her poems of inspiration to be shared with the world with blessed energy for our brothers and sisters and their children to begin to create bonding unity in our family relationships by using their gift of Power of Creation by reading the holy truth of GOD Commands. - CeeJay Jones


Available in Paperback and eBook HERE!


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About the Author

Tanzaniyah Kash a fashion designer was inspired to write in honor of her beloved mother, Pearl Fisher who always urged her to read and find her personal strength. She hopes that her work will uplift others and help rebuild the broken spirits of African Americans and those who seek to know the truth in solidarity. She shares her life journey and personal struggles as a Black creative using her art to frame the often harsh realities of the world. Kash’s work is both a passionate statement of faith and an insightful look into what it means to reclaim heritage, reject old falsehoods, and find belongingness. By including poems from her late mother, Kash highlights the enduring nature of love and the power of what we leave behind. With masterful language and deeply nuanced themes. As the world reels from recent turmoil, Kash’s stunning debut is especially timely. Her commitment to spreading wisdom and truth is evident in the passion and beauty of this inimitable first work. Tanzaniyah Kash is an author, believer, and spiritual guide who has found her calling spreading a message of peace.


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Father's Day - Art & Story by Sandra Russell

Father's Day - Original Art & Story (c) Sandra Russell

Father's Day

Art & Story by Sandra Russell

Many dads are lauded on this day with celebrations, gifts, cards and hugs. Many dads are not recognized. For some there is no hug, card, phone call, or note of any affection. Sometimes this is a cultural oversite because we expect so much from the father. His primary role as provider used to be "bread winner." He was the one who worked outside the home and brought in the money to pay for everything - food, clothing shelter, education, vacation trips and every other repair, around the house and car. He was to be fearless, handsome, but a gentleman to your teachers, a role model of perfect masculinity.


The mother was to deal with everything emotional and nurturing - feed, clothe, bathe the kids, keep the house clean, teach everyone manners, manage the pets, and schoolwork and budget the money the father provided. Of course there was always more work than has been described here on both sides. But while mom tends to get the emotionally loaded momentos on Mother’s Day - flowers, perfume, sentimental cards, maybe a brooch or some other beauty item, a salon visit, dad gets a nod? A pair of socks? A set of screw drivers?


I am suggesting before it's too late, to put any family bitternesses aside, and remember that your dad is a full human being and has emotional needs too. He wants to love you as much as you want his recognition of your individuality.


If you are the dad reading this, do something with your kids that doesn't involve you as simply a cash cow. Find an interest that you have to share with them, find an interest they have and try to learn about it. I think it's true in any relationship that if you share a new experience with another person, that sharing creates a bond, a memory, a sentiment. So build your bank of these things and make your family fuller by it.


I have a friend who was adopted at birth; she knew nothing of either of her birth parents, but after she was forty, she discovered DNA. She had a drive to find a sibling, and she did. Later she worked with a DNA detective and her own sources to find many dozens of cousins, some other half brothers and sisters, and her birth father who didn't even know she was born. He knew nothing about her. They communicated and agreed to meet in person. She drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania and now they visit and laugh and share what they do have to celebrate. She had to put all those years of childhood fantasy about who her real parents might be, and her own disappointments with where she was with her own life and career, and just accept and love it as it was, warts and all. And you know what? They are all grateful, they are all happy about it.


So, what about caves and parks, take a walk or hike? How about a game of horseshoes or a trip to the archery range? What about attending a play, concert, car show, museum event, sporting event? Your call. It's your family. Happy Father's Day.


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The Bird in the Bayou: An Urban Romance Mystery & Suspense (a Voodoo Priestess & Witch of the South) by Smokey Moment

The Bird in the Bayou: An Urban Romance Mystery & Suspense (a Voodoo Priestess & Witch of the South)

by Smokey Moment  

A doll…An elixir…A crystal ball…A potion!

Birdie Boucher knows the trade well…

She is one of the most powerful voodoo priestesses there is, yet she has been humbled…

It destroyed her life! And she wants her life back!

Birdie Boucher is a woman who lives her life in the shadows of her infamous mother. A powerful voodoo priestess of the south, who uses magic to wreak havoc on the lives of anyone who gets in her way. And any woman she believes is the lover of her philandering husband.

Her young daughter lives in her shadow, trying to adjust to the life of being the daughter of one of the most feared women around. But life with a mother who wields so much power proves difficult. Birdie feels the threat. Her mother is more than a danger to others. She proves that she is a danger to her daughter as well, as she snatches her voice one day and places it in a mason jar. Birdie tries to move but is devastated. And when things get worse, Birdie is forced to wield a little magic of her own!

Fast forward ten years later. Birdie is still living with the stigma of her mother’s past. She wants love. She wants to marry and have children. But the local men won’t touch her despite her undeniable beauty. They are afraid! Because men who date Birdie Boucher turn up dead! And Birdie can’t shake what seems to be her karma. She stops dating. It’s the only way to keep men safe.

It isn’t long before fate intervenes and deals Birdie a sweet blow. Harlem Ryder seems like the answer to any woman’s prayers. He sees Birdie and is immediately smitten only to be warned to stay away. He doesn’t. And she can’t resist. But she has secrets. He has secrets. And something lurks in the shadows. What will become of Birdie Boucher?

Read along in this tantalizing and page-turning, romance with enough secrets and elixirs to keep you speed reading to the next jaw dropping thing this family is capable of. A thrill-seeking journey of love against all odds, that starts from page one and never lets up.


Available in Paperback, eBook and Audiobook HERE!


Amazon Author Page


About the Author

Smokey Moment is an avid reader and accomplished professional who decided to put her story telling abilities between pages for the world to enjoy. She writes urban fiction, romance, paranormal romance and urban romance novels. Smokey Moment burst onto the scene in 2018 and hasn't stopped writing since. She has written over twenty five novels and continues to create more stories. Fans of her writing style describe her stories as; "Powerful story lines that resonate with readers." Another reader wrote; "This authors books are hard to put down!"

When not writing the next tantalizing tale, this author can be found at home enjoying family time and relaxing with a cup of coffee at her computer. She attributes many of her stories to her extensive travels, where she was exposed to different cultures and interesting people whom inspired her. Follow this hard working and creative author to get notification of books as they are released. Visit her website and receive the monthly newsletter and enjoy perks such as sneak peeks, cliffhanger info drops, cover reveals, promotional offers and more! Only available to readers who are subscribed. Be the first to see! And be among one of the first to enjoy chapter releases before the book is published. For more information visit: or text SMOKEY to 66866 to join.


Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

  Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:   June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010 Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - Ma...