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Driving Grandpa by John Redstand

Humorous, Poignant, and Wonderful
Available in Paperback and eBook here!

What do you get when you combine a hard-nosed WWII vet, a crazy stray dog, a pickup, and a string of foreclosed houses? The answer is a story that will playfully slam your nose against the proverbial passenger-side window at every unexpected turn. In this fictionalized memoir, author John Redstand takes readers on a rollicking tour of the last few months of his grandfather’s life. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss. 

A contract worker hired to clean out abandoned properties during the housing market crash of 2008, the narrator happily adopts double duty as chauffeur for Grandpa, who (despite his ornery protestations) is not allowed to drive anymore. These two simple tasks collide in a perfect storm of one humorous calamity after another. 

Woven between the daily adventures of cleaning up supposedly vacant foreclosures, attempting to renew Grandpa’s license, and pursuing a decades gone by female counterpart, are Grandpa’s amusing and often absurd stories of World War II. An airplane mechanic stationed in Australia and the Pacific during the war, Grandpa fills their commutes with tales of stranded submarines, earthquake bombs, run-ins with Australian wildlife, and a disagreeable commanding officer. 

Behind the story’s humor breathes a warm and touching ode to family, patriotism, and the Greatest Generation. Not so much of an elegy as an attempt to see the world through Grandpa’s peculiar and remarkable eyes, 
Driving Grandpa offers an amusing and endearing slice of life that is sure to bring a smile.

Humorous, Poignant, and Wonderful
Available in Paperback and eBook here!

Natural Freedom Ohio: Summer Equine Assistant Internship

Summer 2016  

Are you interested in a career in the Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies field? Gaining valuable hands-on experiences in a variety of services from Equine-Facilitated Learning to Hippotherapy? Learning from a variety of professionals from Equine Specialists to Speech and Language Pathologists? As well as the ins and outs of a small and growing equine business? All while gaining class credit (in collaboration with your university advisor)?

A summer Equine Assistant Internship with us may be for you. 

For details of the unpaid internship position go to our website:

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tim Hayes Natural Horsemanship Clinic Florida USA

Florida USA
January 16 and 17, 2016
Local Horses Available

2-Day Natural Horsemanship Clinic in Jacksonville Florida
2 Participant Slots still available!
Come and learn with a local, safe, calm, broke, horse.


2-Day CLINIC, English & Western, Beginners to Advanced, All Disciplines
Sat. and Sun. January 16 and 17, 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
MAXIMUM – 10 Participants

$40-2 Day, $25-1 Day per person

Clay County Fairground
2493 State Road 16 W
Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043

CONTACT: Marianne Davenport 904-881-5513 or email





Learning the principals of Natural Horsemanship
  • Natural Saddling Skills
  • How to communicate with horses in their language
  • Transferring natural communication with the horse from the ground to his back
  • Safety: the only technique that needs to be perfect 100%  Horseplay/Groundwork that establishes love trust and respect 
  • The natural principals and methods of GO/WHOA/TURN/BACK 
  • Gentleness vs. Firmness -Which one, how much and when? 
  • Natural Riding Skills: Focus, Feel, Timing and Balance 
  • How to execute an emergency stop
  • A program for the future

Tim Hayes is a nationally recognized Natural Horsemanship Clinician. He conducts clinics throughout the United States and Canada and is currently a visiting instructor at the University of Connecticut & The University of Vermont Departments of Animal Science. Hayes is the author of:

RIDING HOME: The Power Of Horses To Heal

To learn more about Tim Hayes and what he teaches visit:

The Ogham Connections by D. Baugh Roy

”The characters are strong, visual and interesting…”
The author's horse history shines through!  
Available in eBook here!

A murder in New Orleans leads Mississippi prosecutor, Leigh Reid, into an international chase. She becomes entangled in an global search for a coded disc which was unknowingly slipped to her by a trusted colleague before he faked his own death and started running for his life. The disc was evidence from the murder and Leigh is saddled with the burden of either turning it over to the FBI or trying to decode it herself, even while believing she's being followed by someone. Having already discovered widespread corruption in her prosecution office, she opts to take a research job in St. Augustine, Scotland. Here she meets a student whose father wants to offer Leigh a consulting job to investigate a 200-year old family murder. Even though she is cognizant that someone has continued to follow her movements since relocating to Scotland, she decides to take the job and stay a few steps ahead of whoever is chasing her for the disc. Leigh unexpectedly finds herself attracted to the father of the student, who also holds the title of Duke of Dalroch. Fighting her feelings for him, she finds herself in a weak and vulnerable point. Suddenly, she is drugged and kidnapped by the mercenary leader who has been tracking down the disc for his employer.

The twists and turns resulting from the tackling of the two murders, one in the past and one in the present, puts Leigh's own life in jeopardy. Not only does she need all her strength to fight for her life, but she needs to keep her emotions at bay so she can keep anyone else from being in danger.

A practicing attorney in Mississippi with 25 years experience, D. Baugh Roy has seen a wide-range of life's ups and downs through clients and cases. Her prior 5 years experience as a state and U.S. Territorial prosecutor provides provocative insight into the darker side of crime and criminals. 

An avid horse lover, equestrian - with Arabian showmanship in her history, Roy has lived in England, American Samoa, New Orleans and home state, Mississippi. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys historic preservation projects, her family, animals and growing herbs.

”The characters are strong, visual and interesting…”
The author's horse history shines through!  
Available in eBook here!

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Prohorse.DK Quality for Horse and Rider


Dressage is a highly skilled form of riding, and those who take part in it deserve to have the best equipment to aid in their training and their presentation in the dressage arena.

If you intend to compete internationally you probably already know that the equipment that is permitted can vary a little from country to country, so it is wise to check out these rules before you purchase yours. A good place to start your shopping is at

The vast array of stylish clothes that are available for dressage riders nowadays is amazing.  Wearing clothes that are both comfortable and stylish boosts every rider's confidence, and let's face it a confident rider creates confidence in their horse. A well turned out horse and rider are a joy to watch and they are much more likely to catch the judge's eye.

Boots, bits,bridles and saddles,competition wear and even hair accessories all contribute towards the elegance which sets dressage apart from any other sport (or perhaps it is better described as an art).

The right equipment also helps from the safety aspect as well. A well fitting saddle and bridle allow the horse to concentrate on his gait rather than the discomfort caused by his tack or other equipment. So be sure to buy your horse's dressage equipment from a company that actually understand your horse's requirements as well as your own.

Maybe you have been trying to find equipment for your dressage horse in a local tack shop and discovered that they don’t have the specialist equipment or the amount of choice that you would like. Perhaps you are just too busy with your “horsey stuff” to be bothered to shop around or try to mix and match and you are wishing that you could just find it all in one shop or even better on one website.

Everyone wants the very best equipment for their special horse, but sometimes it is not that easy to budget for dressage equipment as well as all the other costs involved in training your horse. The good news is that there is a solution to that problem and it’s here in the very next paragraph.

ProHorse Webshop provides quality products at affordable prices as well as expert advice on all types of dressage equipment. It's good to know that support is only a click away. At the webhop they are happy to share their knowledge so that you and your horse have the equipment that will help you both to shine in the wonderful world of dressage.

Quality Horse and Rider is a shop where the quality of the horse and rider has the highest priority.We grow even equestrian, so we know what is important for you as a rider, and what is important for your horse thrives and performs optimally. We also know how annoying it is if the equipment you need in everyday life, is not working. We know at the same time the joy and the pleasure of having some good quality equipment in a sleek design for the daily work with the horse and rallies.

It also means that not go after the riding equipment business, with most products. We focus instead on the products we sell, have a high quality. Therefore, we have also carefully selected the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with from high quality parameters. We sell quite simply not products that we will not use our own horses or ourselves

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Fast Metabolism Diet by Catherine Davis

Proven Step-by-Step Guide to Sustained Weight Loss
 Available in eBook here!
Read for Free! December 26-27, 2015

Proven Step-by-Step Guide to Sustained Weight Loss 
by Catherine Davis  

Do you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle and lose unwanted weight at the same time? 

The Fast Metabolism Diet has been proven to let people lose weight. It is based on the study by the highly acclaimed food coach and author, Haylie Pomroy. 

Our vision behind this book is to help beginners with step-by-step guides to achieve a healthy lifestyle, based on a great number of well-researched material and credible health enthusiasts and dietitians

Inside the book, you also discover: 
  • Different foods to boost your metabolism 
  • Helpful exercise tips and all healthy eating habits that can help you lose weight 
  • Easy to follow sample Menu at different phases of Metabolism Diet to achieve a healthy lifestyle 
  • And much more!
Proven Step-by-Step Guide to Sustained Weight Loss
 Available in eBook here!
Read for Free! December 26-27, 2015

4ever Endeavors Digital Design

Magic Mokes (c) Best Seller!

Beautifully Unique
Hand drawn digital paintings inspired by
unique personal experiences and life events.

“My greatest dream is to recreate the most powerful emotions that have shaped my soul and share them in such a way that inspires growth in your personal life.”

Hono World (c) #1 Best Seller

Archival quality print, certified to last 80+ years without fading!
  • Vibrant colors and unique metallic shine!
  • Equipped with shadow mount and wire hanger for easy hanging right out of the box!
  • Individually signed and certified with sticker of authenticity!
  • These high quality prints come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Below are the standard sizes and prices. Keep an eye out for special offers in my newsletter!
Choose the perfect size for your space…
  • 8x12 Archival Quality Aluminum Print
  • 16x24 Archival Quality Aluminum Print
  • 24x36 Archival Quality Aluminum Print
  • Larger Custom Size Archival Quality Aluminum Print
Wonder (c) 
Hilo Dreams (c) Best Seller!

Beautifully Unique
Hand drawn digital paintings inspired by
unique personal experiences and life events.

Create, Connect, Inspire!

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Hay for Sale Ads: Buy or Sell!

 Finding hay for sale should be easier than finding a needle in a haystack!™

Welcome to, a user and mobile friendly web site where you can browse hay for sale classified ads to find hay near your locationregister for hay alertssearch using an interactive mapsearch by state, and much more. Hay producers and sellers can post free ads and no registration is required to post. Get started now by exploring the web site…

Look for Hay for Sale in Your Area!
Location based search is simple! Just enter your location to find hay for sale in your area!

Sign up for Hay Alerts!
Hay Alerts notifies you by e-mail when hay for sale ads are posted within 50 miles of your location. If you searched for hay, but the nearest ads were more than 50 miles away you may have been prompted to subscribe to Hay Alerts.

So, what are Hay Alerts?
Hay Alerts are automatic email notifications. When new ads are posted within 50 miles of your location the system will trigger an email notification to your email that includes a link to the ad, a short description, when the ad was posted and how far away from your location. Each Hay Alert email also contains a link to unsubscribe should you no longer need Hay Alerts.

Post a Hay for Sale Ad!
Advertise your hay for sale on Hay for Sale Ads web site. We have attempted to offer the most user friendly and mobile friendly user experience for visitors looking for hay. This is important to us so that visitors to the site will find what they are looking for (your hay) quickly and not get lost in an overly complex search experience.

We have two options for advertising / posting ads for hay on the site. You can see examples of both Featured ads and FREE ads on the hay for sale ads page. “Featured Ads” get a highlighted box style background and preferential sorting so your ad is shown first for local searches on the site and your State category page.

Finding hay for sale should be easier than finding a needle in a haystack!™

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 American Mustang Calendar

2016 American Mustang Calendar
Exclusively from

Designed by BHWHS photographer Rianna Schmidt

Order your copy here!

Free shipping in the USA!
Shop at the Sanctuary Store!

The sanctuary's first American Mustang Calendar featuring American Mustangs all living at the sanctuary. 
The 2016 calendar includes a 4 month bonus for 2015!

Healthy Eating Guide For People Living with Chronic Conditions by Kemboi Jeremy

For People Living with Chronic Conditions
by Kemboi Jeremy
Available for $1.99 in PDF format here

Welcome to health generation's guide. Sometimes (as stated in this publication), we may experience various challenges when preparing and eating our foods which are in accordance to our family traditions and cultural customs. And as a result, it can become unpleasant and frustrating if we suddenly try to change everything about the way we eat.

This book, however, will help you with some suggestions of making changes in your diet without losing your enjoyment and variety of food. Moreover, there are also included tips for:
  • Planning well-balanced meals
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Managing a healthy weight and
  • Reducing some of the complications mostly associated with eating and weight management.
Available for $1.99 in PDF format here

Levant Fever: True stories from Syria's underground by Wajdy Mustafa

True stories from Syria's underground
“An incredible and touching read…”
Available in paperback and eBook here

True stories from Syria's underground

Levant Fever is a memoir of the Syria underground seen through the eyes of a boy growing into a man, in the middle of feverish historic events, not widely understood and told before in the West, but at the roots of the current  conflict headlines. 

Levant Fever is an essential and fascinating read for anyone wishing to understand the current Middle Eastern politico culture. The narrative grips the reader with its honesty, brutality and beauty.  The author describes the historical context of present day Syria and Lebanon through the oral history and legends of the Levant, his own reflections and life stories told to him whilst he was held without trial for many years, as a political prisoner.

The narrative grips the reader with its honesty, brutality and beauty.  The author describes his own journey, reflections and life stories told to him whilst he was held without trial for 14 years, as a political prisoner in several prisons including Palmyra, dubbed by Amnesty International as the most oppressive prison in the world.

The work is an enthralling and informative, neutrally recorded mosaic reflecting the colors, sects, religions, politics, prejudices and geography of the region.  The journey spans the areas deserts, coastline, mountains and forests. It speaks of family, friendship, love, hope, fear, torture, hiding and escaping.  A truly human tale of a life well lived, a life of conscience, courage and endurance and ultimately one of triumph of the human spirit.

Wajdy Mustafa was born in Tartous, Syria in 1960.  A long time campaigning writer for social, democratic and human rights in Syria, he was imprisoned without trial for 14 years.  Despite torture and solitary confinement, Wajdy continued to find ways to express and campaign for his belief in truth and justice.  He has written and published political texts worked as a journalist; written two published books and several screenplays and TV series. In 2009 he was forced to seek Political Asylum in Austria, before relocating to the US in 2011. He was for a few years involved with the Syrian National Council coalition. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
True stories from Syria's underground
“An incredible and touching read…”
Available in paperback and eBook here

Garden of Time by Sharon Ricklin Jones

A time travel romance
The inspiration for Garden of Time began with a beautiful painting…” 
Available in eBook and paperback here

A time travel romance

Emma Lee Parkinson’s life appears to be perfect. She’s young and beautiful and lives in an elegant high-rise condominium with her rich, handsome husband. Her closet is full of designer clothes, shoes, and purses. Dining at elegant restaurants, attending cocktail parties or upscale gala events are typical nights out on the town for her. Luxurious vacations are taken at least twice a year. This life of leisure allows Emma to pursue personal interests as well. She loves shopping for antiques, strolling through art galleries, museums, and furthering her own artistic skills with painting classes. Who could ask for more? But appearances can be deceiving. Emma hates her life. With a passion.

Intimidated by a deep, dark secret, she lives in a constant state of dread. Battered, abused, and even threatened with death, she’s often on the edge of panic. Paralyzed by fear, she’s certain there’s no way out. Until the day she attempts to hang her latest find – a painting so enchanting that she buys it on a whim. Little does she know… this painting will change her life forever.

Sharon is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Wisconsin Romance Writers (WisRa), the author of two blogs, and somewhat addicted to social networking.

She wrote her first contemporary romance novel* while still homeschooling her youngest son who graduated in 2003. After several long distance moves and eventually becoming an empty-nester, it was finally time to get busy editing that book. That was about five years ago.

All was going well - until she had the most vivid dream she'd ever had in her life. This dream inspired the birth of her vampire series, and Sharon started writing in a new genre: Paranormal Romance. Or as she likes to call it - Romance with a Twist. The Ravenswynd Series was published in 2013
That same year Sharon’s first time-travel romance, River of Time, was published. River of Time is a recommended read on USA TODAY'S Happy Ever After blog!

That *contemporary romance novel, Song of Memory, that began so long ago, was finally published in February 2015!

Sharon is living in a small town in central Wisconsin, and currently working on another time-travel romance novel.

Connect with Sharon...

A time travel romance
The inspiration for Garden of Time began with a beautiful painting…” 
Available in eBook and paperback here

Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

  Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:   June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010 Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - Ma...