Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Braids & Highlights

As spring teeters, winter reminisces, and summer just a thought, the need to reconfigure swayed; hair revitalization was the only answer. So, along with the advice of my expert hairdresser, I decided to have highlights in my hair. Blonde highlights.

From birth to kindergarten, I was a tow-head. My hair was completely white. A few months in kindergarten, my hair began to change to luminous brown, the color of my mother’s hair. There’s nothing wrong with brown hair; a new color sounded fun. All my friends were getting new hairstyles/colors… deep red, ombre, demi-shades, etc. But, I was the only one who went with blonde highlights. And, since I was a tow-head, the highlights that were suppose to be subtle blonde turned out really blonde! It doesn’t look terribly awful, just that I think I miss my natural color and, like summer, will be happy when it has arrived!

So, in the meantime, my locks grow and I’ve been trying different types of braids and hair configurations. Braiding longer hair is so much easier than fussing with shorter, unmanageable hair. I’ve invested in some really cool clips, scarves, barrettes, ties, etc. It’s really fun to try new accessories!

Here are a few of my favorite accessories. Note, my cowgirl hats are not included, they will be the subject of a future blog post...

Brown Bowler with Feather (Talbots)
Multi-Colored Circle Scarf (Thirty-One)
Lavender Evening Bag (White House Black Market)
Exquisite Gold and Black Weave Wrap (the best barter ever from my favorite person)
Rhinestone Sunglasses (a gift from my sis from Elusive Cowgirl)
Headbands, Clips, etc. (Sam Moon)
Red Bandana (from the recesses of my barn)
Equestrian, Red Velvet Pom-pom, and Purple Burn-Out Scarves (Zulily)
Brown and Yellow Scarf (Pendleton)

Peace & Blessings,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Heidi Furseth, Equine Author

Welcome USA author and equestrian Heidi Furseth

Heidi is the author of EASY LOVE, a wonderful, heartwarming tale between horse and rider! EASY LOVE delves into a young girl's passion for horses; the overpowering need to touch, connect, and ride! 

Recommended reading, EASY LOVE is for every rider and horse owner - and for those just wishing. 

How long have you been riding?
Gulp. 45 years. Actually it's been longer than that- I got my first horse when I was 9 but from age 3 onward I'd throw my leg over anything with four legs, including the family dog.

What is your riding discipline?
Low level dressage. Very low level!

Where do you like to ride?
I love the trails around western Washington but I can't resist big, open fields where I can get a good gallop fix. And there's nothing better than riding on the beach.

Do you have a favorite horse breed?
Ha ha. I am a horse slut, I love the one I'm on. Right now I'm totally smitten with my Saddlebred, Remy. He's wicked smart, uber personable and is so flexible he can touch his nose to his tail and still move in a straight line!

What books have you written?  
EASY LOVE is the coming of age story of a horse crazy girl growing up in rural western Washington. Oddly enough it came to life in NYC. I remember watching these girls on the subway, they were probably 11 or 12, wearing school uniforms and bent over their phones. I remember thinking "how are they ever going to learn about life like that"? Not that you don't learn things in the city, they see things every day that scare the crap out of me, but how are they going to learn about birth and life and death? I got to thinking about all the lessons I learned while growing up on horseback- what it means to have another creature depend on you, how important trust is, how to be calm and patient when you feel anything but, how to be a leader even when you're not sure where you're going, and how, when you really love someone, you sometimes have to do things that are very, very hard. And for the first time I realized how privileged I am to share my lives with horses. I wanted to tell that story, and so I wrote EASY LOVE.

What are you currently writing? 
It's a young adult novel. There is a horse in it (of course!), but it isn't as horse-centric as EASY LOVE. Stay tuned.

Are your characters based upon your own personal experience, or from another source?
EASY LOVE could be called a "novel from life"- not a memoir but based on my growing up, so Ann is very much like me, and all the animals are plucked whole from my life. I borrowed a lot of the human characters from other people's families, which, growing up, I found so much more interesting than my own. The two most fictional characters are the farrier, Willow, and the horse trainer, Tim. I totally made them up; I think because they reflect who I want to be.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your career?
Time. Specifically a lack thereof.  I love my horses and can't imagine life without them but they take up a lot of time and physical and emotional energy and between them and a full time job I run out of hours in a day. I have to get up early and get my writing done before my day begins because by 7 or 8 in the evening I'm knackered.

What does horsemanship mean to you?
Horsemanship means having a deeply personal relationship with your mount. Having horses and riding them is meaningless if you don't celebrate them as individuals. That's the best lesson horses teach US- that life isn't all about OUR needs and OUR wants. We have to remember it's a two way street- we practice horsemanship but our horses have to practice humanship!

List 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know...
1. My brain has two degrees- my left brain has a BS in Medical Technology and my right brain has a BA in Creative Writing.
2. I'm a vegetarian though I recently ate alligator- I figured that was fair since the alligator would've eaten me given half the chance.
3. I have double jointed toes though I haven't been able to figure out what advantage that give me in real life.
4. I love water (a good thing since I live the rainy Pacific NW).
5. I am an award winning baker- I make pony shaped cookies and paint them to resemble people's actual horses.
6. I love purple- even my horses' blankets are lavender. Kind of a girly color but luckily Remy doesn't mind it when people say "Oh what a cute mare!” He just hears the "cute" part and begs for a cookie.
7. I am an avid mountain biker and have become very adept at crashing.
8. I love ziplining. It doesn't involve crashing.
9. I am a Downtown Abbey fan though I don't think there are enough horses in the show.
10. I am obsessed with Project Runway though I myself only wear jeans or breeches and I'm usually covered in horse hair. That's my signature style!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Angela T. Roberts

Welcome author Angela Thompson Roberts!

Angela writes about her love for dogs and how to keep your dogs in optimum health! Her guidance will keep you and your dog in top form…

Angela writes…

RaisingDogs with Common Sense is an “instruction manual” full of humor and heart, written for new and experienced dog owners. My goal is to save you money while raising a healthy, happy dog.  

I am not a veterinarian.  However, I do consider myself to be an expert in raising dogs the right way.  I have over 20 years experience in raising dogs from birthday to adoption day, to the day we say goodbye to our canine kids. I’ve learned many lessons the hard way.  I share my “secrets” in hopes of saving YOU much time and money in the long run.  My “common sense” approach includes providing the best nutrition possible, following simple guidelines, spending a few minutes per day to reinforce basic training, and knowing how to handle emergencies.  Many situations can be handled through prevention and by keeping certain items in your home. 

Avoiding illness and injury extends the quality of your dog’s life!  On that note, I don’t hesitate to bounce into my vet’s office if I feel that my dog needs the doctor’s attention.  I advise my readers to establish a good relationship with a vet who exhibits compassion and is willing to respond to your telephone call in the event of an emergency.

My book was published in 2012.  Since then, I have added information for a new printing of Raising Dogs with Common Sense, available now!  I’ve been told repeatedly, “...this book has saved me hundreds of dollars.”  My website serves as an extension of my book, with frequent updates to help dog owners of every breed!  You will find my Table of Contents, video illustrations of certain chapters, testimonials, and more on my website.

I am humbled and thankful to be a part of any effort to help dog owners everywhere!  My next submission will concentrate on NUTRITION, which I consider to be the top priority in raising a healthy dog.  I welcome your questions and comments; my contact information is found on my website.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Natalie Reinert, Equine Author

Welcome equestrian and equine writer 

From the short stirrup classes at dusty hunter/jumper shows in Florida to galloping the inner dirt at Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City, it's always been about Thoroughbreds. Beginning with a blog about retraining a retired racehorse named Final Call, Reinert published her first novella, The Head and Not The Heart, in 2011. This was just the first of her "horse books for grown-ups." The Alex and Alexander series follow two racehorse trainers determined to do the right thing by their horses and themselves in a trying business. In 2014, the second volume, Other People's Horses, was named a semi-finalist for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, for full-length horse racing literature.

Reinert also has published three equestrian-themed historical romance novels. Having worked with horses from eventing, to breeding, to racing, to mounted police work, Reinert draws on more than twenty years of personal equestrian experience to create stories with accuracy, believable details, and fully realized settings in all her work.

When was your first encounter with a horse?

I literally have no idea! I remember pony rides at county fairs… I remember bouncing on the back of a horse at a family reunion… I remember trips to Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. These all took place when I was a little, little girl in Maryland, so I must have been a toddler.

What can we look forward to in your newest book release?

When I’m absolutely satisfied with it… which might be a while. I have been working on a book called Ambition for several years now. I write it, I put it aside, I pull it out and rewrite large chunks of it, I put it aside, and repeat this cycle over and over. Now, it’s my main focus. I have a draft of the next Alex and Alexander novel, Turning For Home, as well, but I really want to finish Ambition. It’s set in eventing, instead of racing, and I think it takes a different look at the compromises and hard choices of the horse business -- this time from a more personal perspective than Other People’s Horses, which is more about the choices we make for our horses. This is more about ourselves, and what we are willing to do to reach the top.

What other books have you written?

I’ve written four contemporary works and three historical romances. The contemporary books, Horse-Famous: Stories, The Head and Not The Heart, Other People’s Horses, and Claiming Christmas, all involve horse racing and the everyday lives of people in the business. They’re all straight fiction; I don’t write crime novels or murder mysteries, unlike a lot of the other novels out there set in horse racing. I’ve worked on breeding farms, training centers, and at the racetrack, and I never saw a single murder, but our days were plenty interesting anyway! I’ve long thought that the people who devote their lives to horse racing would appreciate writing that reflected their thoughts and experiences.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?

I have notebooks full of outlines, chunks of dialogue and descriptions, even lists of my fictional horses and their racing histories and pedigrees. My first drafts are usually hand-written. The pen and my brain seem to flow at the same time. I do rewrites on the computer, using Scrivener to organize chapters and “cut scenes.”

Where do you like to write?

Mainly at my own desk, but sometimes if I need an extra boost to shame me into working (and not procrastinating) I’ll go to a cafe. I would never check Facebook at a cafe, for example. I’d be so embarrassed to be seen just messing around with all those keys typing around me. But at home, I can get distracted by social media very easily.

Do you have advice for novice writers?

The least popular advice of all, which is to write an outline and stick to it. I always regret leaving my outline. If I get a wild idea, I pause and block out where that wild idea will take me. Otherwise, it’s nearly always a dead end that confuses everything else I’ve written, and I don’t realize that until I’m revising, and then it’s just a mess! Take an hour, drink a latte, and write an outline. It will save you so much trouble down the road.

Of course your brain might work completely differently than mine, so maybe this doesn’t do you any good. Just write however you want. Just be sure you’re doing it.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your writing career?

Time has been a big problem for me. When to write, how much am I writing, am I writing enough? There are no real answers to these questions. I don’t think writing 5,000 words that you’re going to delete tomorrow is necessarily a worthwhile enterprise. I don’t “get my pages done.” I do what my creativity will let me do. When I’m in a writing place, I write. When I’m not, I either try to get there, usually by pulling out a notebook and a pen, or I do something else. I don’t stare at the screen or just type for the sake of typing, though.

When you are not writing, what is your favorite thing to do?

I’m obsessed with all things Disney, so I am an agent with a Disney-focused travel agency and spend a lot of time on trip planning for clients. It’s such a welcome relief to get out of my head and all these emotional characters and just think about how to make sure a family has a great trip or a newlywed couple has the perfect honeymoon. I like to have something to turn to that is not horses in any way, shape or, form.

And every evening I shut my laptop, turn on NPR, and cook dinner from scratch. I use a lot of butter. It’s not ideal. But it’s such a pleasure to stand up for an hour, listen to someone else beside myself, not think about writing or any other work things... and I love butter, so… that reminds me, I’m making mashed potatoes tonight and I need more butter.

What does horsemanship mean to you?

Horsemanship is learning everything you can about the horse, and then doing everything you can to give the horse the best and most productive life possible. There is no limit to horsemanship. It’s about listening, learning, and becoming the most humble and also the most assertive person you can possibly be. You have to know when you are the alpha and when you are the partner. It’s all about the good of the horse.

List 10 things that your fans might not know about you.…

This is challenging! Okay…
  • Despite writing obsessively about Thoroughbreds, my first horse was a Quarter Horse… and he was a darling.
  • One of my favorite jobs ever was grooming for Ralph Hill, the great event rider. I gave it up because I didn’t want to travel, but it was wonderful. I met a lot of people I looked up to in the sport, like the O’Connors, and worked with fantastic horses every day.
  • I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and haven’t been around a horse since last May. I’m on a horse vacation, and I have to tell you, it’s very relaxing to not have to worry about getting home in time to feed every night…
  • Before my horse vacation, I was working with the New York City Parks Department’s Mounted unit, and riding Percherons and Clydesdales around city landmarks like Central Park.
  • My freelance writing career started with a series of features and interviews for a cheerleading magazine. Entirely by chance -- I didn’t know a thing about cheerleading at the time!
  • I’m an Indie Rock fan and buy vinyl records instead of CDs. My favorite band is The National, although I doubt this is a secret to anyone who has looked at my Facebook page!
  • Disney commercials make me cry.
  • I still harbor a tiny secret wish to event at the Advanced level, although I’m aware this won’t happen, and I’m okay with that!
  • I self-published my books because I wanted to write for adult horse-people on their level, instead of writing for a general audience that would need training terms and horsecare spelled out for them. I have a dream of starting a publishing company that specializes in equestrian fiction for equestrians or horse-books for grown-ups, as I call them.
  • I have a file on my computer of book ideas I haven’t had time for yet. There are at least a dozen. So there are many, many more books to come!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Through the Corral Gate

Cherokee is a Bashkir Curly/Quarter Horse cross. His disposition is sweet, gentle, but with a little spunk. He can be stubborn, but is always available for a hug, ride and conversation. With his Bashkir Curly heritage, he is a good fit for our Midwestern US cold winters and hot summers. In the wintertime his coat is fuzzy and warm; in the summertime his coat is sleek and cool.

Recently I was in the hospital and unable to go to the barn for several weeks. It was towards the end of my recuperation period that I learned the true meaning of determination and love.

The sun had just come up and it was very early morning.  A neighbor noticed that the 12 foot corral gate was down. Completely down. The red tubular metal could be seen lying in the patches of white snow. I was concerned how the heavy gate could have come down. Did someone leave the gate open? How did it come off the hinges? Where was Cherokee? My mind raced with a hundred different scenarios.

Immediately a trek to the barn to see what was up. What they found was astonishing and still a mystery. Cherokee was in the barn quietly munching hay, serenely content, and perhaps smiling a little. Around the barnyard were hoof prints leading to my house. At my house, the hoof prints continued to my bedroom window, stopped and returned back to the barn. Several manure piles were among the hoof prints, indicating that Cherokee had been out for several hours. He had somehow lifted the heavy eye bolt latch that secured the gate, thrust through the gate, knocking it off its hinges and onto the ground. The gate was bent, twisted, and battered. He was looking for me.

The gate was repositioned, tied with a rope, and the latch was secured. Cherokee was not hurt, just a small scratch on his nose, nothing serious. I suppose he used his nose to lift the eye bolt from the latch, and then trampled the gate.

This week was my first visit to the barn to see my animals. Cherokee whinnied when he saw me. We embraced and greeted as old friends. When I looked into his eyes, I am certain he wanted to tell me about his great escape and how he came to see me. One more affirmation that horses are...everything...

Friday, March 7, 2014

5th Annual "Hats Off to the Horses: The Road to the Derby"

Old Friends, Inc.Press Release

Media Contact: Cynthia Grisolia, (347) or Michael Blowen(502) 863-1775

Photo of Silver Ray and Rosie Napravnik © (photo can be used free of charge only in relation to this press release)

Proceeds from the online fashion auction 

to benefit Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Facility.

GEORGETOWN, KY - JANUARY 13, 2014 - Leading jockey Rosie Napravnik dons a one-of-a-kind Kentucky Derby chapeau to support the 5th Annual "Hats Off to the Horses: The Road to the Derby," an online hat auction that raises money for Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement Facility in Central Kentucky.

One of the most successful female jockeys in horse racing, Napravnik is also an avid Old Friends supporter and a member of its board of directors. Napravnik kicked off the 5th Annual auction in November by modeling a stunning hat inspired by Old Friends retiree Sean Avery, the GR1 winning sprinter.

The fashion hat auction continues with Napravnik showing  "The Silver Ray," another handcrafted design influenced by one of the retired Thoroughbreds at Old Friends.

The photos for this "Hats off to the Horses" campaign are by Equisport Photos and Napravnik's ensembles are courtesy of the Lexington boutique Bella Rose.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Old Friends has joined with acclaimed milliner Sally Faith Steinmann of the Massachusetts-based Maggie Mae Designs® to auction six handcrafted Kentucky Derby hats, each inspired by one of the non-profit organization's 120 retired racehorses.   One hat is auctioned each month leading up to the 2014 running of the Kentucky Derby.   To date, this unique fundraiser has earned almost $20,000 for Old Friends.

"I am a big fan of Old Friends and its mission," says Napravnik. "I always keep in mind that a horse may be win a Breeders' Cup race this year but next year they may need a place to reside in retirement."

Bidding on "The Silver Ray" ends March 11th at 8p.m. EST. Interested bidders can go to the Old Friends website at and follow the link.

For a video of Napravnik's photo shoots visit

About Silver Ray:
Silver Ray, raced by Jerry and Ann Moss, competed from 1991 through 1995. He earned graded stakes laurels in the Hoist the Flag Stakes (G3) at Hollywood Park and also
won at Santa Anita and Keeneland in sprints and at two turns, on both turf and dirt. When the aging stallion was discovered in need, the Mosses worked with Old Friends to ensure his safe retirement.

About the Hat:
An elegant Derby hat design was created with a unique blend of colors, tones and textures that showcases Silver Ray's nearly black coloring along with the imagery of his name, his gracious, friendly personality and the Mosses' racing silk colors of teal and pink.

The design was fashioned out of a rich silver dupioni silk overlaid with layers of shimmering black tulle that create a shimmering "skirt" effect.   A stunning silver rose print brocade underbrim creates a luminescent effect when the wearer's face is upturned.

A single large Marguerite fleur adorns the front of the hat. Framed by alternating layers of aqua blue shantung and organza and slender organza "feathers" in matching organza
complete the trim design for a sophisticated yet playful effect.  A layered sash, created out of aqua shantung lined with aqua blue organza encircles the crown of the hat.

For additional information about Maggie Mae Designs® go the website at or contact them at .

For more information about Old Friends see their website at  or call the farm at (502) 863-1775.  
Old Friends is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that cares for more than 120 retired racehorses. It's Dream Chase Farm, located in Georgetown, KY, is open to tourists daily by appointment. Old Friends also has a satellite facility in Greenfield Center, N.Y., Old Friends at Cabin Creek: The Bobby Frankel Division. For more information on tours or to make a donation, contact the main farm at (502) 863-1775 or see their website at

Watch the video...

The proprietor and milliner of Maggie Mae Designs, Sally Faith Steinmann...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Horseback Fitness Adventure!

The Alaska Frontier on Horseback!
From Pioneer Outfitters welcome Amber-Lee!

Every year, many people ask us to create a longer Adventure, to offer all the beauty of the magnificent Chisana Valley as well as a fitness getaway vacation. We are very excited and proud to offer you the Adventure of a lifetime with our new Horseback Fitness Adventure.

Thousands of people every year decide that if they are ever going to break the toxic cycles of diets and lifestyles and the start-stop of gym memberships, they are going to have to go away to do it.

This is the reason so many people, all over the world are turning to fitness resorts and getaways. To leave behind the toxic environment they can’t seem to fight, to get the “break” they need and to actually have the support and genuine friendship that comes from sharing something so inspirational and motivating it is never forgotten.

Our new 21-Day Horseback Fitness Adventure is exactly what so many are looking for. An Adventure unlike any other in the magnificent Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve, remote, exclusive and focused completely on you.

The Wrangell St. Elias is the largest unit in the National Park System as well as the most unexplored, exclusive and road-less mountain areas in the world at over 13 million acres. Since 1924, (that’s right! It is our 90th Anniversary!) Pioneer Outfitters has lived and operated far and away from the hustle and bustle of other Alaskan destinations, surrounded by the exclusive and remote wild Alaskan Wilderness, guiding clients and guests into and through some of the most beautiful and rugged land in the world.

21 Days with your experienced and licensed guide in the glorious Wrangell Mountains, riding, stretching, walking, exploring and simply discovering pieces of yourself you have long forgotten or have never yet had the chance to realize.

Horseback riding experience is not necessary. We and our Alaska range horses will take good care of you and instruct you in everything you will need to know to fully enjoy your Adventure.

Disclaimer and Reminder: Always, always, always! Check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine!

Breaking habits and creating new ones are hard to do. Especially when you are immersed in the very surroundings that helped to shape the bad ones! The time spent in this historical and spiritual place not only will leave you refreshed, stronger both physically and mentally but also with a renewed sense of well being and motivation for living your healthier and happier lifestyle.

So many people are either denying themselves a much needed and well deserved vacation and adventure out of fear of not being in a good enough physical condition or they are simply tired of going on their vacation or adventure and coming home feeling even more exhausted and more out of shape than they left!

21 Days in the most beautiful wilderness on the planet with your happiness, inspiration, health and fitness as the focus will have you returning home rested, happy, stronger and looking fabulous!

You are not alone! Your guides will be laughing, stretching, exercising, riding and camping right along beside you every day. We will be riding up amazing creeks, with the looming mountains unlike anything most people have ever witnessed, hiking up glaciers, photographing the incredible wildlife, enjoying fabulous bonfires and great meals together.

Horses have a special connection to humans. Their deeply insightful knowledge of what we are feeling and understanding us better than we seem to understand ourselves at times is uncanny.

Their gentle acceptance of exactly who we are in that precise moment is something so many people never get to experience. When you leave us at the end of your Adventure of a lifetime, you will have an incredible amount of respect and a soft spot in your heart for these amazing horses. Using horses in the difficult Alaska terrain allows us to provide our guests with comfortable camps, plenty of good food and of course, gives us a beautiful viewpoint for the spectacular places you will be riding in.

There is no full-body workout that compares to horseback riding. It comes from the added advantage of it all happens sitting on your butt (!!) and having the time of your life. However it is hard work. You may not even realize it, as we ride, but it is and that is why on each break, your guides will join and help you to stretch and loosen back up each time you stop for a break or rest.

You will benefit in so many ways from your Horseback Fitness Adventure, upon returning home. You will find yourself feeling refreshed, focused and energized. You will look and feel incredible and strong and have a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life.

We hope that you too will be part of this incredible Adventure this monumental year! It will change your life in ways that will help you to shine for all to see!

Bio. Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick, is a United States Navy Veteran, Professional Alaska Guide and Manager at Pioneer Outfitters. Author of My Identity Crisis and for the Alaska Commercial Services Board, The Professional Guide Ethics Class.
“As you look, really look, and find no words; feeling both, your heart healing and filling to an inner bursting point and feeling that your soul has been laid open to the breeze and wind like a raw wound. This takes you beyond the physical, past the mental; this is the spiritual element. This is Chisana.” ~Alaska Chick

Book your adventure today!
You can also find and chat with Amber-Lee and Pioneer Outfitters on FaceBook , on Twitter as @AlaskaChickBlog or on LinkedIn as Amber-Lee Dibble.
Above in Bio (If I did it right!):
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Year of the Horse

Tapestry Institute is proud to partner 
with The WINGS Foundation and 
Understanding the Horse to make the Itahoba Horse program available to adult survivors of childhood sexual assault. 

Your donation of any amount helps someone develop the empowerment skills that can transform his or her life.

Right now, everyone who donates $20 or more to the fund-raising campaign receives this original design Year of the Horse t-shirt as a special thank-you gift. 

This 100% preshrunk 6 oz Ultra Cotton® t-shirt by Gildan has double-needle stitching throughout, and has the men’s style sleeves and tail that work so well when you’re around horses, whether riding, moving hay, or carrying a saddle. The shirt comes in stone blue with an original Year of the Horse design by Dawn Adams in burgundy, and black calligraphy and lettering. The calligraphy for “horse” is based on brush work by 11th-century Chinese scholar Mi Fu (1051-1107). The t-shirt comes in sizes Small to 5XL.

For more information visit the Tapestry Institute 

Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

  Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:   June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010 Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - Ma...