Saturday, April 16, 2016

Walking in 2 Worlds by Brigette Manie

Logan's Story (Convict to Christianity Book 1) 
by Brigette Manie  (Author)

When her brother brings a felon into their home, Marcia makes her objection to the man’s presence plain. Where’s her Christian spirit? When it comes to Logan Dunn, she has none. The man’s piety is a total pretense, and she doesn’t believe he’s truly converted—not with the shortcoming he has.

Logan has no problem with her dislike. He can’t stand her either. The woman is just miserable. She needs a man. He tells her so in the height of one of their many arguments. A bottle of dishwashing liquid and a wayward towel prove him right about her and give disturbing insight into his own needs…for Marcia Freeman.

Attraction replaces the animosity between them. But Marcia’s not sure it can amount to anything when his commitment to Christ is questionable. Then again, maybe he’d say the same about her…if he got a glimpse of her thoughts. 

About the Author
A crash of the family’s television, as in ‘it died,’ created an interest in recreational reading forBrigette in her childhood years.  With the choice between books and boredom, books won hands down. Brigette went from mysteries to espionage and finally waded into romance in her teens.  She’s been stuck on the genre ever since.  She began penning her own stories in her stay-at-home-mom years. The blessing of her twenty-three (23) years of romance with her husband and her faith find their way into the lives of her characters and their relationships. She writes contemporary Christian romantic fiction about African American as well as mixed race couples.  Christian romantic suspense also intrigues Brigette, and she writes in that sub-genre as well.

Brigette entered the self-publishing arena in 2012 and now writes full time.  To date she has written over twenty-five novels and two inspirational/devotional works.  Her romantic works are divided into six series: 

Brigette has been blessed to have two #1 bestsellers on Amazon’s Kindle.   She likes hearing from readers.  You can talk with her via her website ( and sign up for her newsletter there as well.

From the Author
I love books and in particular romantic fiction. I've been a fan ever since I discovered the genre in my early teens. With the advent of print-on-demand and e-books, I grasped an opportunity to live a dream and published my first work in 2012. What began as a hobby back then has become a full-time joy for me. I write romance because I love happy endings, and it's such a fulfilling feeling to make relationships end well every time.

When I'm not writing, I'm spending time with family, walking, or reading a book. I love gospel and am partial to the song Break Every Chain because I feel like, in my life and in my writing journey, God has broken quite a few chains for me. Connect with me at I love talking to readers.

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