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Deceived: The Athanasian Realm (Volume 1) By M.C. Colon

Available on amazon:  DECEIVED

(The Athanasian Realm) (Volume 1)
By M.C. Colon

One thousand years ago, the Towers on the Isle of Wisdom were beacons of hope. Originally started to train Sorcerers, Clerics, and Warriors to protect the Athanasian Realm, the Towers gave the people a sense of security against the enemies in the Tenebrosity Realm. But when the original Tower members left, that peace was shattered, and now, the Towers have fallen into a state of decline. Now run by the Merila, the Mahatma, the Towers are not what they used to be. Magic users are practically impotent. The knowledge of the past has been hidden away, keeping everyone complacent and weak. Protecting the Athanasian Realm seems almost impossible now. When the current Luminary, Eliza, is poisoned and loses her powers, Merila appoints Eliza’s Second, Adicia, to the position. Adicia, though, isn’t quite as gullible and naïve as Merila thinks she is. When things start spiraling out of control around the time of the Springtime Celebration, Adicia and he friends, Tavis and Gara, discover things aren’t quite what they seem. Orc attacks, ignored cries for help, and youth with magic abilities that haven’t been seen in years force Adicia and her friends on a quest to track down the only man who can help them. There’s only one problem – Garnrin is not only retired, he’s also the only one who can bring Merila down. Adicia and her friends must fight rogue magic users, goblins, and hell hounds, all while trying to uncover the truth about the Towers, the Realm, and everything in-between. Can they bring the Towers back to their former glory, or will their quest lead to the destruction of the entire Athanasian Realm?

M.C. Colon was born in Cheyenne, WY to loving and wonderful parents, Monte and Gail Horst. She grew up never intending to leave Wyoming, but after graduation she found herself joining the Army, destined for Hanau, Germany on her first duty assignment. Now, mere decades later, she is married to a supportive and loving Christian man, and mother to five kids ranging from early twenties to six years old. She hopes to continue entertaining her audiences with stories for many decades to come.

Available on amazon:  DECEIVED

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Rides That Way by Susan Ketchen


Rides That Way
by Susan Ketchen

Five minutes. That's all it takes for Sylvia to fulfill a life's ambition and simultaneously blast fracture lines through her most important relationships. Sylvia, fourteen, rides her horse in a cross-country competition, proving herself as an athlete, despite being an undeveloped shrimp with Turner Syndrome.

Unfortunately, her coach is furious that Sylvia rode too fast, and her cousin considers her irresponsible. Her mother would prefer that Sylvia focus on her health, start hormone treatment and develop like normal girls.

Sylvia is not ready for an estrogen transformation, but her triumphant athlete image does not transfer to school, where she is still a peculiar small person. Increasingly isolated, Sylvia dares to change, emerging with deeper self-confidence and broadened horizons.

Susan Ketchen’s four-volume Born That Way series features a fourteen-year old girl with two conditions: she has Turner Syndrome, and she is a horse nut. Although Ketchen does not have TS, she admits to the horse problem. She lives in Courtney, BC with her husband and a couple of horses.

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Pack String Hang-up: A Mule Trail Tale by Liz Hughey & Son


Pack String Hang-up....A Mule Trail Tale
by Liz Hughey & Son
Pack String Hang-up....A Mule Trail Tale, takes readers on a trail adventure with Barney and his friends.  Children will meet the different personality strengths and weaknesses of each mule, with underlying lessons in forgiveness and teamwork.  The beautiful illustrations a sure to imprint on any reader's mind.   Pack String Hang-up is a rhythmic read to add to any child's library, ages 0-10.

Liz Hughey is a mud puddle loving mom from Brookville, Indiana. She has a degree in Geography from Indiana University and spent the better part of her twenties working as a horse guide and mule packer in the National Forests and Wilderness Areas of Northwest Colorado. She now resides in Southeastern Indiana on her family's Red Angus beef ranch with her son and their rather large brood of pets. She and her son are the grazing managers to the ranch's grass-fed beef operation and spend most summer days with the herd. Liz has a passion for educating children in mules and horses, animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, healthy eating habits, and an organic, simple lifestyle.

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