Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Deadly Pact by Robert G. Silver

 “Let’s rob the bank”, she said
by Robert G. Silver 

Three women. A bank robbery. Financial freedom. The perfect plan? Think again!

Amanda looked at Linda now, and it seemed like the ravages of the past couple of years had certainly taken a toll on her. First the loss of money, then the knowledge of her husband’s cancer; everything had progressed downhill so rapidly, almost overnight. Then she looked at Jennifer, who seemed much stronger than she really was. She had invested most of her money in the restaurant she owned and now her business partner, her husband, had left her. They would still remain business partners, but Jennifer could not help but imagine that her husband Patrick Delaney had used her. For one, he was extremely abusive. 

Uncertainty was good, thought Amanda Doherty. It was a good thing that her friends were not saying much to her yet because she had all the time to slowly cement in her mind the plan that was now looking all the more possible in her eyes than it erstwhile did. Then she looked all around her, just to make sure nobody was watching, before taking a long sip from the latte that was on the table in front of her. There was a glint in her eyes as she spoke again. “Look, I’ve not come here for your sympathy. You might think I’m terribly upset by this loss, but I’m not. If there’s anything I feel at all, it’s anger for having been thrown out practically overnight by a company that I worked so hard for.” Linda and Jennifer were listening in rapt attention, not exchanging glances with one another anymore. Amanda had always been their leader, right since high school; when she spoke, she demanded your unbridled attention. 

“Let’s rob the bank”, she said, and her friends nearly spilled the contents of the coffee mugs they were holding in their hands.

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