Sunday, April 10, 2016

Madeleine's Ranch by Tessa Stockton

“Sweet, beautiful, faithful…”

Madeleine Gentry can't afford to lose the ranch.

Even though childhood dreams betray her, and a history of hurt is wrapped into the place, it's everything she knows at 47 years of age.

When a handsome Jesus-believing Native American, Dan Longfeather, shows her that the Waymakerhas a far better plan, including freedom and healing for her heart, she dares to hope. If only she can learn to trust again and is willing to make the right choice for her future. Yet when she takes a step in that direction, the last of Madeleine's world crumbles.

Fighting off a rogue bear that has terrorized the area is tough, but it's the least of her worries. Madeleine soon discovers she is not safe. There is a danger far worse than a restless bear. Someone is out to get her. People aren't what they seem. And she doesn't know who to believe anymore.

Set in the mountainous Pecos Wilderness of northern New Mexico; discover Madeleine's wild and desperate love for the Land of Enchantment, and the man who captures her heart there.

Tessa Stockton is a veteran of the performing arts and worldwide missions, having come from a long line of musical arts professionals. She loved seeing the world and absorbing the beauty of other cultures, an enriching life full of dance, music, faith, and interesting cuisine. Over the years, she also contributed as a writer/editor for ministry publications, ghostwriter for political content, and headed a column on the topic of forgiveness. Today, she writes romance and intrigue novels in a variety of subgenres. To learn more, visit

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