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Thank God I Failed: A Collection of True-Life stories that will Change your Life! by DES


Thank God I Failed: A Collection of True-Life stories that will Change your Life!
by DES  

Thank God I Failed by Des is a moving, often poignant collection of stories about actual events in her life. She courageously shares with her readers her stories of pain, depression, drugs, alcohol, and toxic relationships. She also shares stories about mental illness and even attempted suicide. Her story is one of sinking to the bottom and then, somehow finding the strength to climb up out of the abyss.


Today, Des is a happier, healthier, fulfilled woman, living a life about which she previously could only dream. She drew the strength to change the course of her life through her growing faith. That same belief provides Des with the courage to share her story with her readers in the knowledge that they too, can transform their lives.


The stories contained in this book will touch readers, heart and soul. Open your heart to the valuable lessons to be found within these pages. Her story is one of redemption, forgiveness, and change driven by a belief in a loving God. It’s a compelling story that can create significant and positive change in your life. Take a step into her life and find hope with yours.


Available in Paperback & eBook HERE!


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About the Author

Des, A woman with an extensive repertoire of talents, is a published author, artist, producer and life coach.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Human Service Counseling with a cognate in Life Coaching. She added feathers to her cap by earning a second master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling.

Des is currently working on a doctoral program in Counseling with a cognate in Traumatology. In addition, she is a competent Master Coach with certificates in Marriage Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Financial Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Life Coaching.

She is also the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization created to ignite hope back into the lives of others, influencing self-worth and completeness. Presently, she resides in Florida where she is living her best life.


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Advanced Manifesting: The Magic of Manifesting Your Dreams from Reel Life by Primrose Roberts

Advanced Manifesting: The Magic of Manifesting Your Dreams from Reel Life

Discover the secret formula that all heroes use to achieve their dreams – and how you can do it too.

Advanced Manifesting: The Magic of Manifesting Your Dreams from Reel Life is a profound and awe-inspiring book that delves into the incredible secret formula behind movies, revealing how readers can tap into the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction to manifest their dream lives. With a practical and thought-provoking look at the formula that all of our favorite heroes follow on the big screen, this book shines an illuminating light on the true essence of manifestation – and how you can harness its power to transform your life.

Providing a wealth of easy techniques and simple tips designed to help you explore this proven formula, Advanced Manifesting empowers readers of all backgrounds to embrace the Law of Attraction and begin using its principles for personal transformation and to create lifelong success.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The secret behind a successful hero – and what it can teach us about the Law of Attraction
  • How you can become the hero of your own life and fulfill your true potential
  • Why adversity and obstacles are an essential part of your own “hero’s journey”
  • Breaking down the science behind visualization, intuition, and the art of mindfulness
  • And so much more…

Covering the essence of visualization and imagination, the must-know principles of intuition, and the forgotten art of mindfulness, this illuminating guide will take you by the hand and show you the path to manifesting your ideal life from “reel” life. Advanced Manifesting is a must-read for anyone feeling dissatisfied, directionless, or anybody who wants to learn more about mastering this amazing skill.

Scroll up and grab your copy now to start becoming the hero of your own story!

Available in eBook Here!

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About the Author
Primrose Roberts is an author, digital marketer, and NFT project creator, who has a deep fascination with the world of myths, metaphysics, manifestation, and blockchain technology. She first discovered the Law of Attraction at an early age and being a film buff, she began noticing the similarities between the hero’s methods of goal-achievement and contemporary self-help techniques. This inspired her to write a book, “Advanced Manifesting: The Magic of Manifesting Your Dreams from Reel Life.”

Not surprisingly, her lifelong journey has led her to the Metaverse and blockchain technology. Once again, she was inspired to write a book, “The Metaverse: Reimagining Race in the Changing World Order.” As a passionate storyteller, wordsmith, manifestress, and blockchain enthusiast, Primrose loves to inspire and empower her readers to practice self-development and enrich their lives. She also enjoys exploring and theorizing how our world will evolve with technology.

As the author of a book on the Metaverse, she hopes to share her knowledge of this digital revolution, providing readers with a straightforward glimpse at the wonderful opportunities this emerging technology offers for personal growth and financial freedom. When not engaged in her various projects, Primrose loves reading, traveling, and spending time with her wonderful family.

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Talks Like Thunder Red With Native Blood, Book One by Randal Nerhus & Marjorie Carter

by Randal Nerhus & Marjorie Carter

A Native American seer and shaman pens a powerful YA novel based on a vision of an 1870s Apache battle.

An inspiring story of resilience, grit, and perseverance of a young female Apache warrior.

When a young White Mountain Apache girl is taken from her village in the Arizona territory by her estranged grandfather, a “nantan” or chief of the Three Hills Chiricahua, she becomes a rare female warrior, falls in love, and learns the ways of their ancient beliefs and traditions. After her tribespeople and their land are overtaken by “white-eyes,” a horrifying event spurs her future to one of avenging honor and reuniting her people. Red With Native Blood is a novella trilogy written by the late Marjorie Carter, a Native American seer and shaman of Cherokee descent, and co-authored by writer Randal Nerhus.

 Red With Native Blood will tear at your heart and take your soul on an emotional mission.”

Dennis Banks, 1937-2017, co-founder of the American Indian Movement.


“It’s a wonderful story, and you’ve done a wonderful job telling it.”

Bill Thompson, editor of Stephen King’s Carrie, and John Grisham’s A Time to Kill.


Red With Native Blood is profoundly moving, meticulously researched, poetic, passionate, stirring, and a true American epic.”

Maureen Earl, author of Boat of Stone and Gulliver Quick. 

The first novella in the Red With Native Blood series, Talks Like Thunder, is available now on Kindle

The audiobook is available on Audible.

In the second novella, Falling Star, Thunder meets a Cheyenne girl Falling Star and they forge a friendship in their harrowing journey to escape the white-eyes. Falling Star is available on Kindle o and set to be released on Audible in June.

Red With Native Blood’s incredible culmination in the third and last novella of the trilogy, Singing Wind, the story of a young Lakota girl named Singing Wind who meets Thunder and Falling Star, all hoping to start a new life. Singing Wind will be released on Kindle in July and Audible in August.

Randal Nerhus received a BS in Agricultural Studies from Iowa State University in 1982, and an MA in Oriental Philosophy and Religion from Banaras Hindu University, India, in 1988. Shortly after obtaining his agriculture degree, he volunteered with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. While traveling in the mountains on the island of Palawan, he visited a remote tribal village and encountered a very different way of life—one of community, contentment, happiness, and love. Fifteen years later, his interest in tribal traditions deepened while taking part in a ManKind Project initiation that used native approaches to bring men into a life of integrity. In 2002, Marjorie Carter took him under her shamanic guidance which complemented and expanded upon his early Christian foundations. From 2013 to 2016, he lived in Colombia’s Amazon jungle, learning under Cocama shaman don Rogelio Cariguasari, and relevant parts of that experience were incorporated into the novel.


Marjorie Carter was born in Salem, Missouri, on July 17, 1937. Of Cherokee descent, she learned the traditional ways of her relatives from early childhood. During the eighth grade, she was forced to leave school to work and provide for her younger brothers. At the age of nineteen, she moved to Texas and began her careers in the restaurant and real estate businesses. During her life, she was diagnosed with seven different cancers and fought against melanoma for twenty-five years. A Native American seer and shaman, she had a passion for art, poetry, and stories. She wrote at her ranch near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, hoping that Red With Native Blood would help reservation students embrace their heritage. Marjorie died of pneumonia on July 12, 2004.


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Monday Creek Publishing Digest April 2022: Featured Author NC Matheny

April 2022


Emotional Strength Explained: A NEW way of responding to emotional life: A workbook by Alicia Pozsony

Emotional Strength Explained: A NEW way of responding to emotional life: A workbook

by Alicia Pozsony

Who's got time to read a 300 page self-help book to become a stronger person? Not me. That's why I wrote this Emotional Strength Workbook. Get into the weeds and begin seeing results. Today!

Instead of OVERTHINKING, operating from a naïve, unsure or people pleasing state where you look for immediate gratification, become stronger emotionally. If you're ready to navigate difficult circumstances with a sense of calm and problem-solving, then let's get started with just a few minutes a day!

Whether you're embarking on something new or working through things with yourself or others, understanding what makes you "you" is the crucial first step in coming out on top. Your emotions don't have to control your life. You can learn a better way.

Even if you've tried to build up your emotional strength and failed, even if you're a perpetual people-pleaser, even if you've resigned yourself to having a needy personality, you can grow stronger in the face of whatever life throws at you.

With this workbook, you'll work toward a stronger, more confident, less needy you.

Get rid of doubt and to be more self-confident.

Ask yourself--

- What matters most?

- What fulfills you?

- What gives your life meaning?

- What do you really want?

- Determine how you will get there.

Use my step-by-step approach to problem-solving. Keep the positive dialogue going, become friends with yourself, and be stronger, even through the hard stuff you will face. Work through the stages of the journal--being honest, building a support system, overcoming setbacks, following through & practice. Each prompt is designed to help reset your outlook, overcome hurdles, and encourage mindfulness, with a simple powerful approach to inspire you along the way. In these pages, find the much-needed focus, purposeful action to give back to yourself, clear up mental roadblocks, and set yourself up for greatness.

Give it a try! I promise you will grow through this!

And the best part is that this workbook isn't a one-time deal -- use it over and over through various areas and stages of your life. Life isn't easy--when times get tough, we need to dig deep and utilize our emotional strength.

Are you ready to build a stronger, more emotionally resilient you?

Available in eBook HERE!


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Kathyrn & Company Podcast Power 98.5 Satellite Radio
5 takeaways I want listeners to get from this interview:

1. Emotional Strength Explained new release that needs to be shared with the world. It will help people who have been through what I have been through - the Human Condition. In life, we often have ups and downs and challenging circumstances that can affect us in many ways.

Personal story - Dysfunctional upbringing with a father who abandoned me, and a mother who had mental illness. Due to my mother's mental illness, without support and structure, I grew up as a minority in unsafe environments, and I struggled to be stable and normal. I am writing a memoir called Hope through the Darkness to tell my story and inspire hope. When beta readers asked how I turned out so well, Emotional Strength Explained was born.

Emotional Strength Explained is a quick, powerful, and effective workbook that is aimed at teaching us to acknowledge emotions and weaknesses, accept them, and work towards becoming emotionally stronger.

2. Emotional Strength Explained is more than just a self-help or self-improvement guide, it is a workbook with a targeted approach. It asks questions that we might often ignore, simple questions but important ones that we need to prioritize. It encourages you to self-analyze and write down your vulnerable emotions and deepest thoughts so you can face your fears. Healing always begins with self-awareness, self-talk, and self-love. It is a deliberate and step-by-step approach towards building emotional strength. The practice worksheets in this book will hhelp you track your progress so you can emerge as a strong and confident person, despite the situation you are facing.

3. Further, it is a wonderful book that shares the secrets of success and inner peace. It teaches you to find solutions, to face criticism or judgment, and self-reflect on your thoughts to course-correct your life. And it's cheaper and less time consuming than counseling.

Personal story - I even had a therapist tell me if she gave it to their clients, they'd not need counseling.

4. Using the steps in the book will help you to emerge "a new you". Emotional Strength Explained is designed to help the overthinker and stop emotional responses as well as recognize toxic behaviors.

5. Help people take accountability and break the deep long running generational cycles that cause them trauma and struggles keeping them from success.

What's next?
I will be partnering with a clinical partner releasing specialized books, for kids of different age groups, and people dealing with real world issues - Relationship Issues, Couples Issues, Addiction and one for those supporting others with addiction, to name a few.

Working on finding an agent for my memoir, Hope Through the Darkness. Advance Copies available:


About the Author

Alicia who now only braves the dark northeastern winters, lives in New Jersey with her husband Mike and their children and two fur babies. She juggles a safe office career and is CEO of successful businesses in Editing and Career Coaching while pursuing her lifelong passion of writing.

Alicia has lived through the dark of family dysfunction for twenty years before deciding to write books to inspire others. She hopes her books will help people battling the effects of confusion & complexity that stems from the chaos and dysfunction of mental illness and abandonment. Her books Memoir will help the undo false beliefs kids grow up with that cause shame, helplessness, hopelessness, and leave them feeling like there’s something wrong with them. She knows it will help them be more open and live beyond the surface. Her writing is for anyone or anything citing fear, tension, and isolation due to the turbulent events of our time.

When she isn’t writing, Alicia Pozsony enjoys taking pictures and walks, being a good parent and staying strong in her faith. Alicia also takes great pride in her civic duty by improving her community as a Girl Scout.


Renouncing Holy Logic: Exposing the Secret Codes of Control, Power, Leadership and Success by Rami Anabusi

Renouncing Holy Logic: Exposing the Secret Codes of Control, Power, Leadership and Success 
by Rami Anabusi  

An exclusive bewitching journey to discover the mysterious secrets holding you back: Thrills, tragedy, comedy, excitement, business, philosophy…

Stop being naïve! Truth of people & crazy logic that rules you and rule the world. Be your own master, discover yourself, control your destiny, meet your dreams!

The simple answers to the complicated questions:

Why are there wars?

Why do some people stay poor no matter what they do?

Can you change your luck?

How can you control your destiny?

How can you change your life practically, simply and with no miracles or magic?

… and so much!

This is the book you need to get control over your life and to entirely change your situation!

After reading this book, you’ll hopefully become your own master and the source of inspiration to others around you, No "impossible" anymore!


This book will teach you:

· The Rules and Which Ones to Break

· The Truth about Success

· The Art—and Struggle—of Growth

· The Conventional Logic holding you back

· Secrets to becoming Happy and Successful

· Benefits of Breaking Out of Comfort Zone

· Tools to take Control of Your Life

· …and much more!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Thinking, and Change Your Life!


Available in eBook HERE!



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About the Author

Rami Anabusi is a CPA and Economist born in 1976. He is a founding partner at the Accounting & Consulting firm KAA.


Uncensored exciting details of his real life adventures and business experiences are used attractively as examples throughout this book, from rebellion and bullying from both classmates and teachers, to embarrassments and lessons learned.


Rami attended the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem between 1995-1999. He almost lost his life on his first visit to the university, and graduated successfully from the Faculty of Accounting and Economics.


As an Arab student in a predominantly Jewish population, he faced ill treatment and racism, experiences from which he draws valuable life lessons and which he boldly, honestly and freely shares across the four acts of this book. After many rejections from accounting firms across Jerusalem for the mandatory internship required for the CPA license, he finally found the work he most desired while preparing for his final exams — a job he found the courage to leave!

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The Scared Little Star by Shaina Wilson


The Scared Little Star 

by Shaina Wilson 


A story of a little star who has to overcome some obstacles and

 self-doubt to be able to twinkle and shine.


Children’s Literature


Available in eBook HERE!









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War of the Shapeshifters: Annihilation by Michelle Bouche

War of the Shapeshifters: Annihilation
by Michelle Bouche

Alison, as a child, always shared a passionate connection to the supernatural, so years later, as an adult, she became a paranormal writer. One day when Alison goes out to meet with her editor to discuss her latest book, something mysterious happens: a dark and obscure figure steps out from the shadows. Alison, shocked, cannot perceive this figure standing before her. Why does this stranger resemble Teegan, the werewolf shifter she wrote about in one of her books?

When she discovers that her latest novel is opening up a portal for all shapeshifters to wage war on one another, the race to stop time from the destruction begins; however, the only way to do so is for Alison to rewrite it.

Will Alison be able to change her storyline in time to save all of humanity?


Available in eBook HERE!

The Healer Series: Books 1 - 5 by Gina Coker

The Healer Series: Books 1 - 5

by Gina Coker 

Monroe is your typical small town girl and an only child. She's a petite five foot eight with long wavy brunette hair, soft green eyes and a giving heart.

When she's 18 years old, her parents disappear, after leaving for one of her father’s business trips. She never left the small town to go to college or see the world.

She's always been a gifted intuitive person. She's always known when someone was in pain. Being a volunteer at the hospital, she assumed it came with the job. Until recently, she never knew why when she'd touch a patient, she'd feel their pain almost as if it were her own.

The first clue as to what she is comes after a normally, fatal accident. The second comes with a terrifying experience and the discovery that the creatures of myths are not just stories. The full discovery comes from a new friend.

With each book, there’s new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Read them all to see if they all make it through them or not. You might be surprised by who does and who doesn’t.


The Healer Series:

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5

Amazon Author Page

About the Author

I live in Michigan with my 2 great kids, 2 crazy fur-babies, 2 hectic grand-puppies, and a fiancé to help keep them all in check. ;-) I've been writing since 2010 and have put a few rough drafts of my completed books on Wattpad to see how they went over. Most have been successful, so I will be editing, finalizing, and publishing them on Kindle. I write a little of everything, and I do mean everything. I have stuff from "horse and buggy days" to "SiFi" and everything in between, so make sure to read the description to see what the book is about. Thanks for stopping by to check out my works and, by all means, enjoy my crazy ramblings.

Milliron Monday: The Recordings 4

  Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.:   June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010 Virginia Joyann "Jody" Haley Smith: April 2, 1938 - Ma...