Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Champion's Heart by Mike Yarbro

“Cowboy up…”

“Horse owners, rodeo participants and spectators, barrel racers;
everyone will love this heartwarming adventure.”

Champion's Heart is the compelling epic story of a "starving" young Texan who sets out to follow his championship dreams...and winds up winning a lot more.  In this gripping tale of self-discovery, a young rookie unexpectedly finds himself in a no-man's land, poor and alone--until two eccentric old cowboys take him under their wing.  The action, adventure, and emotion that ensue, due in part to an unexpected romance with an heiress to a fortune, come to a thrilling crescendo in Las Vegas, where he competes for a world championship title and learns that the greatest prizes of all are those you don't plan for.  Readers everywhere will resonate with the powerful message that life is truly all about "how you play the game."
One reviewer writes… "It is refreshing to read a story without the common jargon that so many writers succumb to which makes their stories resemble thousands of others. This author breaths fresh air into a story that belongs in many categories for people of all ages. The story and writing style is different and mixes well with a vast number of scenarios. The twists and turns give the reader a lot to look forward to. I wish we had more books like this with deep emotions, action, failure, success and endings that bring joy to the reader. It was nice for a change to read a good book without vulgarity which has become too commonplace on TV and in print."

About the Author
Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi Mike Yarbro worked in the construction machinery import export business most of his adult life and traveled throughout the world importing and exporting, heavy road building equipment and working with road building contractors on World Bank and local projects in developing countries and the USA. After forming his company his travels took him to the far corners of the earth buying, selling and shipping heavy machinery.  Visiting foreign countries and viewing various economic conditions and cultures made him appreciate and love the United States even more. He has been married to Marilyn Sue Childs Yarbro since 1968. Before and after college he was an avid horseman involved in rodeo, showing, breeding, raising, racing and training quarter and thoroughbred horses. He played violin for two years in the Jackson Junior Symphony Orchestra before playing guitar, piano and violin in a rock and roll band during college at Mississippi State University.

Packed with adventure, action, intrigue, and romance sure to entice a broad range of readers, Champion’s Heart is the compelling, page-turning story of the guts and glory of one young man’s epic journey on the road to fulfilling his lifelong championship dreams.  With a victory at the National High School Calf-Roping Championship under his belt, ambitious young Bobby Tucker is newly empowered to follow his lifelong dream of winning a world championship calf roping title.  For a nineteen year old rookie like Bobby, competing with the pros is no easy task—sleeping in the grass beside the highway, eating beef jerky out of his back pocket, pushing his rusty Chevy pickup to its limit, towing his horse Sampson in a trailer.  With his blacksmithing tools in tow, Bobby scrapes by on the meager pay he receives in exchange for shoeing horses.  Even so, Sampson eats better than he does.

Persevering through rain and shine, the determined Bobby shows his stuff in roping events all across the Southwest.  So far, however, his quick hands and fast horse aren’t enough to qualify him for the big leagues.  While some see the definite possibility in Bobby’s inherent skill, strong character, and easygoing nature; still others view the young man as a threat to their own ambitions. 

Two old cowboys, legends of the circuit, are among those with an eye on Bobby Tucker.  Big Ed Johnson and his sidekick Grady Jones, a retiring rodeo clown, agree to take the eager Bobby under their wings and show him some tricks of the trade.  Their faith in Bobby, their sound advice, and their willingness to demonstrate their techniques for the young rookie both bolster Bobby’s confidence and help him to improve in the area of his passions. 

But Big Ed and Grady aren’t the only ones with a particular penchant for Bobby.  Enter beautiful, golden-haired heiress Addi Reynolds—a hot-headed, barrel racing cowgirl who enjoys irritating her overly protective parents.  When Bobby meets Addi, sparks fly.  The young couple are immediately drawn to one another, though both are bound by problems and secrets of their own.  Difficulties escalate when Addi’s parents get involved, unbeknownst to their daughter, in an attempt to monitor her and to ensure that Bobby isn’t attracted to her merely for the staggering sum she stands to inherit.

Bobby’s working relationship with Big Ed and Grady invigorates him, and his newfound love of Addi brings fresh energy to his life and goals.  But, with a sudden monkey wrench thrown into his plans, Bobby must suddenly seek the answers to questions of utmost importance: Will he be able to keep his focus and become the world champion he’s always dreamed of being?  Can he trust his new friends through thick and thin?  Or will he end up losing both his girl and his championship dream?

Follow Bobby’s journey as it builds to a thrilling crescendo beneath the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, where he competes for a world championship title, encounters the challenge of a lifetime…and emerges with so much more than he ever could have bargained for.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the rodeo, Champion’s Heart will keep your heart pounding and your fingers flipping pages as you race to the climax of this edge-of-your-seat novel that is thriller, adventure, romance, and suspense all in one. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely a dynamite book whether you are a horse lover or not. It keep me glued to the pages.

Anonymous said...

I loved it, loved it, loved it. I thought I was one the professional rodeo circuit as I was reading this story.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the horse business thirty years and learned something about fixing a cut that I never even heard about until I read Champion's Heart.

Anonymous said...

Rodeo is much like business except much shorter for most men. This novel captures the true life of a rodeo cowboy which is not always glory and applause and big money. If you are not tough and determined do not try this sport. It is not for sissys or gutless competitors.

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