Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If I Won A Pony: Golden Pony Adventures by Eve Paege

“Plenty of horsey action…”
by Eve Paege

Leo Leighton has been pony crazy but pony-less since forever!

When she wins a pony in a competition run by her favourite pony magazine, it feels like all her dreams have come true.  Now she can have her pick of dozens of beautifully trained, well-bred ponies.  But when Leo sees No Name, a sad, scruffy pony waiting his turn at the auctions, she knows that, for her, no other pony will do.

But what is No Name's true identity?  There are sinister secrets in his past that could cost him his life - unless Leo can save him.

And she will; whatever it takes!’

About the Author
Eve Paege totally understands the frustration of being pony-crazy but pony-less.  As a child, her weekends and school holidays were spent helping out at the local riding stables in exchange for an occasional lesson.  After school, having dashed off her homework, summer evenings were spent schooling her Space Hopper over show jumps made from bamboo canes and flower pots in her parents’ back garden!

Eve finally bought her own horse after she left college and started her first job.  Despite many setbacks and competitive calamities, she went on to become an accomplished event rider and show jumper before finally gravitating to dressage as her specialism.  She spent many happy years on the national dressage circuit riding competitively and officiating as a knowledgeable and highly respected dressage judge. 

Her love of horses, animals and the countryside shines through in her writing, as does her wealth of experience and wonderfully warm sense of humour.

Eve lives in the wilds of Cheshire with her dog and cat; surrounded of course by horses!

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