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Do You Own a Pet Business?
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About The Pet Scene
Finding Local Businesses is easy with The Pet Scene. Search our website to instantly connect with Local Pet Services and Businesses. For Local Businesses, our website works as a powerful tool for attracting more Pet owners.

Attention Horses Lovers!
Catering to horse lovers looking for horse services:
Horse boarding, corral cleanup, riding lessons, horse supplies, vets and more! View the equine supply marketplace, forums and more!

We are a Pet Friendly website
We don't allow the sales of live or dead animals or their parts ( taxidermy, furs, sharks jaws, etc ) with the exception of pet foods and leather goods. We don't allow the sale of items that harm or kill animals. We have a animal code of ethics. WE love and respect ALL animals.

We have 2 deeply loved missions. We strive to bring animal lovers together who want to build a unique business providing Pet Services and Products. We have a great opportunity for pet businesses to develop a thriving business for themselves while helping animals that are true to their heart.

We have 4 sections to the Pet Scene 

1.      The home page Pet Services & Pet Store Directory
2.    The Buy & Sell Marketplace where you can buy and sell new & used pet/animal products
3.    20+ category Pet Forums, where you can discuss the needs of your pets

Our Ultimate mission is to give back to the Pet Community. 30,000 dogs are put down every day in the US in county shelters alone. Animal lovers are some of the kindest, most generous people on this planet and the P.S. is honored to have them be part of this venue. Our goal is to be one of the biggest contributors to animal’s welfare charities in the U.S. Please consider rounding off your purchase for any of the pet charities lists at your checkout in the Marketplace and together we make a difference for all the wonderful animals on this planet.

This website is dedicated to all the feral and shelter animals across the U.S...may we help to find all the animals a safe and loving home.

Do You Own a Pet Business?
Connect With More Pet Owners

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