Monday, April 11, 2016

How to Obtain Funding for Your Start-Up and Loans for Your Business by L.C. Green, Jr.

by LC Green Jr 

“Show me the money,” has always been the number one problem for start-ups and small business owners. As a result, too many small businesses fail within the first 18 months due to cash flow problems. LC Green’s book, How to Obtain Funding for your Start-up and Loans for Your Small Business addresses these critical issues and offers solutions to these problems. You will learn how to get loans from the bank —You will learn how to raise funding for your business. —You will learn alternate, little known methods of raising money such as Small Business Administration grants. —You will learn how to use social media to get business loans. This is a short, concise book chock-full of information.

About the Author

Founder of LC Green & Associates, Inc., a financial management firm, LC Green, Jr. has been in the accounting and financial management fields for more than thirty years.

As an instructor at three Los Angeles County colleges for over eight years, Mr. Green has taught accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and related financial management subjects.

Delivering more than one hundred fifty speeches to diverse audiences throughout the West Coast, with emphasis on business and personal financial management, Mr. Green is a Provider State of California's Tax Preparer's Program. He has authored many articles and books, such as: A Blueprint to Success, Bookkeeping-EBS' Easy Method of Learning, and Starting and Operating Your Accounting/Bookkeeping Business.

LC Green & Associates
“Business of the Year,” Constant Contact 2013
LC Green, Jr. is a Best-selling Author and 

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