Thursday, April 7, 2016

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Michaels Legacy by Ryleigh Renee

Keep Your Enemies Closer
Michaels Legacy Book 2
“Engaging, suspenseful, and full of romance.”
Michaels Legacy Book 2

Todd Michaels is the billionaire playboy of the Michaels family of Austin, Texas. For almost two decades, he’s successfully run the Midwest branch of his family’s business when he unexpectedly encounters Samantha “Sam” Winslow, a relentless, surprisingly astute up and comer in Minnesota, who’s hell bent on one upping Todd.

Almost too coincidentally, a media storm begins accusing Todd of having an affair with his brother’s wife, and Todd assumes Sam is behind the attacks against him. What better way to get answers from his attractive adversary than to do what Todd Michaels does best? See if she’ll confess during a little pillow talk.

Jessie Moore is a new junior executive in her aunt’s company. After her mother passes away following a battle with cancer, she finds information leading her to believe the one person she has always idolized is not who she appears to be. Hurt and betrayed, she sets out on a mission to forget her pain, even if it's in the bed of her distant uncle Todd (Michaels). After all, Todd’s a no-commit kind of man. Just what she needs. A little fun with no strings. After Todd’s initial rejection of her idea, she takes it upon herself to show him they can both enjoy each other. However, one night in Todd’s bed isn’t enough. She finds herself falling for him. As the truth of who she is comes to light, she is shocked when it turns out she wasn’t climbing into Todd’s bed night after night after all.

Shane Sullivan is Todd Michaels’ young protégé. He’s been working with Todd for almost two years. However, whenever Jessie Moore makes a visit to her uncle’s office, his attraction to the young woman is usually doused quickly with her constant teasing and put downs. She makes sure Shane knows she’s out of his league. She was born to be in this business. Finding out he was the one she was spending glorious nights with puts Jessie over the edge, trusting no one. When the media storm hits her family, her first thoughts are Shane Sullivan is the anonymous source providing all the sordid details to the media … details only he could possibly know. She sets out to prove the truth and protect her family.

More and more secrets are revealed, and this family has to stand together to survive. The next chapter in the Michaels’ Legacy may prove their failure or survival, if they can come together as a family. 

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. The fantasy worlds authors created where love is found were worlds to get lost in. At twenty, I hand wrote the first draft of Land Lover. I wanted to write a love story with twists and turns and not be restricted to the few number of pages causing the lovers to fall in love instantaneously. Love grows. Attraction can be felt in an instant, but love flourishes with time. Philip Michaels and Randall Pierce are characters that became friends to me. However, after rejection letters from Harlequin and Silhouette, the hand-written novel was tucked away until almost 20 years later. Reading and editing the manuscript was like finding long-lost friends. Attempting to make the dream come true, I self-published a hard copy of Land Lover in 2008. Friends who bought and read this debut novel told me they enjoyed it and it’s a good read. Many requested I write a story for Philip’s brother, a secondary character in Land Lover (which seemed an impossibility at the time). A few more years passed, and the desire to write and share these stores is still strong. Now Land Lover is again self-published as an eBook with a new cover that truly fits the storyline. And more stories have been written for characters creating not a single novel, but creating the Michaels Legacy. It is my hope readers will not only enjoy Philip and Randi’s story, but those that will follow. I hope you enjoy my debut novel and will enjoy future books I am working on getting out there in eBook format.  

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