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PEACEMAKER: Pope Francis on His Mission to Thailand, Japan, Bari by Anja Goder


Peacemaker: Pope Francis on His Mission to Thailand, Japan, Bari by Anja Goder

Peacemaker Vol.1 focuses on Pope Francis's mission to make the world a better place, through the eyes of author and photographer Anja Goder. It features 100 pages of exclusive photos taken during three trips in Thailand, Japan and Bari, accompanied by a detailed commentary on the global impact of these trips and their relevance towards world peace.

Available in eBook and Hardcover. The trim size is 10.6 x10.6 inches, it has 104 pages, a soft-touch dust jacket and is has a luxury finish.  Available from:

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About the Author

Anja Goder (, is a photographer based in Malta and recently published her first book "Peacemaker Vol. 1 - Pope Francis on his Mission to Thailand/Japan/Bari". At its first 8 pages, the book features the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, signed by Pope Francis together with the Grand-Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb on the 4th of February in Abu Dhabi.

Facebook: @ anjagoderofficial

Instagram: @ anjagoder

LinkedIn: @ anja-goder-515a0a181/

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150 Mandalas for Stress Relief and Relaxation: Coloring Book for Adults by Freya Bree


150 Mandalas For Stress Relief and Relaxation

by Freya Bree


This coloring book comes with 150 uniquely designed mandalas to help one relax and it can be used as a way to meditate as well. Mandalas are sacred circles that have long been used as a healing tool for meditation and art therapy. The simple act of coloring geometric circles can be quite beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety.

Connect with the world around you as you relax, find inner peace, and let your stress melt away with these beautiful Mandalas.

It’s time for you to focus on you. Relax, take your mind off the day, week, month, or even all of 2020 and 2021 while grounding yourself in the moment. Coloring has been proven to help calm and de-stress us while allowing you to rediscover your inner artist and nurture creativity.

Life can be stressful—combat the day-to-day strain with this adult Mandala coloring book with 150 unique designs!

Relax, unwind from your day, and enjoy these unique Mandalas—the perfect adult coloring book for de-stressing.

With these 150 Mandalas, you can lose yourself in restorative meditation while taking a break from your busy daily routine. Express yourself, promote self-care, and do something kind for your mind—you’ll thank yourself later!

Product Details:

  • Each mandala is uniquely designed by the artist.
  • Premium glossy cover finish that keeps stains away and always maintains the clean fresh looks.
  • Perfect for all coloring mediums.
  • High quality 60 pound paper stock.
  • Large format 8.5" wide x 11.0" tall pages.

Looking for the perfect gift for that tightly-wound family member or friend? Look no further! Life is tough, but we can get through it together. So grab a copy for yourself and someone else and discover a sense of peace and the boost from helping out someone you love. Scroll up and one-click buy now!

Available in Paperback HERE!

About the Artist

Memories of childhood have been coming back often lately in Freya’s mind. Gone are the days running barefoot in the Tibetan mountains and learning mediation for the first time in an old mountaintop temple far away from all the noises of life. Those days, Freya regularly found herself daydreaming in the world of never-ending flows of colors and patterns in her own mind and in the flows of energy only a child can see and feel.

Many years later, entwined deeply in the financial world of one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S., the memories of the innocent days come back more and more often. Freya knew she needed to do something to calm her inner child. She allows herself to see colors and patterns and to feel the movement of energy again. This time, the overflowing colors and patterns appear in various mandala forms – the oldest Buddhist practice to experience transcendence of Self and the universe as well as the impermanence of life.

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Milliron Monday: Snowflake


Abbott "Pete" Smith D.V.M.
June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010
Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Pete Smith, D.V.M., and  Milliron: Abbott “Pete” Smith, D.V.M. The Biography (Monday Creek Publishing 2017), including his wife Jody (1938-2021). 

"Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; 
so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand."

Jody admired snowflakes. She liked the distinctive designs of lace and ice. She marveled at the "miniature ice masterpieces" and their timeless beauty. 

The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty by Kenneth Libbrecht was a favorite in the Milliron library. The hardcover (photo above) is faded and worn, a gift to Jody. It's a "field guide to falling snow" that describes how a snowflake is made and why no two are alike. 
Jody's tireless love and consistent devotion to nature is captured in hundreds of faded photos of Milliron Farm and snow. Here is a photo of Jody riding her New Forest Pony, Junco, on Milliron Farm.

Have a great week ahead.

Through captivating, powerful, and emotional anecdotes, we celebrate the life of Dr. Abbott P. Smith. His biography takes the reader from smiles to laughter to empathy and tears. Dr. Smith gave us compelling lessons learned from animals; the role animals play in the human condition, the joy of loving an animal, and the awe of their spirituality. A tender and profound look into the life of a skilled veterinarian.



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An Interview with Author Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.

An Interview with Author Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.
Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D. is the Dean of Liberal Arts at Montgomery County Community College (Pennsylvania USA) where he oversees 15 departments that span the arts & humanities and social sciences. Dr. Brown is a rhetorical scholar whose research, teaching and consulting focus on the intersection of culture, communication, and identity. Prior to his current position, he served three years as the Dean of the James L. Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte. Previous to Queens University of Charlotte, he was a faculty member at West Chester University of Pennsylvania where he chaired the Department of Communication Studies for ten years. On the national level, Dr. Brown has been a motivational speaker and workshop presenter on leadership skills for the Federal Government’s Leadership Assessment Program. Among his many honors includes being named a Distinguished Teaching Fellow and a Distinguished Research Fellow by the Eastern Communication Association.  He received his B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Ohio University. 
Welcome, Tim!
GM: What is the premise of your new book No One Cheers for Goliath: My Leadership Journey?
TB: Regardless of your circumstances, you can become an effective leader if given the opportunity and support. This premise is supported by the following three themes: 
·  Effective leaders build authentic relationships that unlock the potential in others. 
·  The challenges in your life are preparing you for greater successes.
·  The African American struggle to overcome institutional racism is real. 
GM: You have traveled far to where you are today. What has been the motivation for your success?
TB: Internally, I’m a very competitive and driven person. I have high expectations for myself, and I want to be the best in whatever I do. Growing up, I was often overlooked in most areas such as in school and in sports. Being overlooked drove me to excel in whatever task that I undertook. Where I lacked knowledge or skills, I worked to acquire them and to get better. In the process, I noticed that most people were not willing to make the necessary sacrifices to be successful or were not committed to consistently producing at a high level. Regardless of the task, I learned to give my best effort and to take pride in my work even when it was not noticed by others. I learned this work ethic from my parents and from playing sports. I embraced these lessons and applied them to my career in academia. 
My work ethic echoes a quote from Bo Schembechler the late legendary football coach at the University of Michigan. My college roommate had the Schembechler quote hanging from his desk, and it stated, “Every day you either get better or you get worse.” That quote summed up my work ethic, and it became my motivating philosophy.  It has helped me to reach a level of success. It has reminded me to not become complacent. As I reached an accomplishment, I was motivated to start working on the next one.       
GM: What advice do you have for students who find it difficult to persevere?
TB: Find your purpose and embrace it. Surround yourself with people who are motivated and who encourage you in your endeavors.  Support others as you would like to be supported. Set your own goals and set them high.  Find mentors who can encourage you when times get tough. Be humble and continue to work hard; network and be ready for your next opportunity. I tell students that often we don’t pick our opportunity; our opportunity picks us. Don’t be afraid to pursue an opportunity. You’ll never reach your potential or grow as a person, if you don’t take some risks and, if you don’t take the opportunities that come to you. 
GM: As a writer, how do you maintain thoughts and ideas? 
TB: My key has been finding time to reflect upon ideas as they come to me, write them down, then develop a plan for turning the ideas into a finished product whether a conference paper, journal article, or book. Depending on the type of writing, I might organize my ideas in an outline then develop them or I might write free style, then work on organization and grammar later. 
For my book, the title and the chapters came to me in a dream. It was so vivid; I was able to remember everything and write it down on paper. I later typed them up as a document. After a few months, I made time to develop each chapter writing freestyle. As the chapters took shape, I went back and worked on organization, the development of ideas, and grammar. A great deal of time was spent perfecting the “voice” of the book and editing the grammar.  I totally enjoyed the process. 
GM: Who is your favorite author?
TB: Frederick Douglass. I’m constantly amazed by his personal story—how he escaped slavery and taught himself to read and write. His quest to educate himself propelled him to become one of the most powerful advocates for freedom and liberty of the 19th Century. Douglass would become not only one of the most compelling voices of the abolitionist movement but one of the most notable champions of freedom, equity, and inclusion of all time. He was an abolitionist, journalist, newspaper editor, political figure, recruiter for the union army, and informal advisor to President Lincoln. He was the nation’s conscience. It is astounding that during his lifetime, he rose out of slavery and poverty, oppressed at every turn by the U.S. government to later represent the U.S. government as its Ambassador to Haiti. 
His ability to use his personal story, via three autobiographies, to eloquently argue against slavery and all forms of discrimination is incredible. Given our troubling times, his writings and speeches addressing voting rights, discrimination, inhumanity, and hypocrisy are just as relevant today as they were a century ago. 
GM: What are you currently reading? 
TB:  I’ve starting reading Barack Obama’s A Promised Land. As I mention in my book, I admire him as a black man in leadership who held the highest position in the nation—I could identify on a smaller scale the issues a black leader has to confront. Obama always handled himself with class and grace regardless of how others treated him. I’m looking forward to reading more about his experiences and how he handled various situations yet maintained his character and dignity.   
GM: Describe a day in your life...
TB: Being in an academic leadership position no day is the same which keeps my work interesting. In general, I start with my 5am morning exercise which prepares me for my workday. My workday will include a series of meetings where we engage in discussion of policies, curriculum, etc. Each day I engage in short-term and long-term planning. 
In addition, no day is complete without one or two issues arising that need to be addressed and resolved. After my workday is completed, I typically like to unwind in the evening watching the news and my favorite show Pardon the Interruption with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. 
GM: Besides writing and collecting memories, what do you like to do for fun?
TB: I enjoy playing sports and coaching sports. I like spending time with my family and binge watching shows such as Mandalorian and Squid Games. In addition, I like exploring our local parks and walking trails. As I mentioned previously, I’m a huge fan of the show PTI as I thoroughly enjoy their banter and perspective on sports. I would love to be a guest co-host.   
GM: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
TB: I would like to be a university president. I’m convinced that I could make a positive impact as a university president. Higher education needs someone like myself who understands the struggles of students and has ideas for transforming a campus into a place were students feel connected and supported. 
Connect with Dr. Brown
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Red Diamond Method: How Dreams Begin by Amanda Nebiolo

Red Diamond Method: How dream begins

by Amanda Nebiolo


It took me about twenty years to refine a method that would lead me to infallibly achieve all my goals, and so I chose to call it the Red Diamond Method.


The red diamond is a very precious and non-reproducible gem, like the life of each of us.


Before writing this book, I read a lot on the subject of personal growth and studied the teachings of the best trainers in the



I have experienced firsthand the effectiveness of the content that I summarize and share here, so that it can be of real benefit to as many people as possible.


This book is the legacy I leave to the most important people in my life and, as such, it can only be sincere.


May you truly succeed in becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Available in Paperback & eBook



LITTLE MILLIE’S PINK SPARKLY SHOE BLUES: A Book About Responsibility, Patience, Learning and Giving by Kyra Spencer


LITTLE MILLIE’S PINK SPARKLY SHOE BLUES: A Book About Responsibility, Patience, Learning and Giving

by Kyra Spencer


Best-selling author Kyra Spencer takes a leap into a new genre for herself as she ventures over to writing a book for children. As someone who absolutely adores little ones, it was time to create a project that was created specifically for them. In this compelling book it will grab the attention of parents who would love to give their children the space or leniency to create their own lane and work hard themselves to get something that they really want, just offering a little help when needed.


"The road to getting what she wanted was not an easy one. She faced many obstacles along the way, but she had an excellent support system and a lot of encouragement. Little Millie clearly had strong values and she was kind and willing to compromise. I think this is a story that all children and parents could benefit from." -Bookstohook


Available in Paperback and eBook HERE!


About the Author

Best-selling author Kyra Spencer is the writer and creator of Little Millie’s Pink Sparkly Shoe Blues: A Book of Responsibility, Patience, Learning and Giving. The sole audience for this title is specifically for children but adults will enjoy the book as well. Kyra isn’t new to the writing world, in fact she is the writer of three books and is in the works of releasing two more titles later this year. Kyra has always loved to write and began constructing alternate worlds and characters while she was just in 6th grade. Publishing company “Bookstohook” wrote an awesome review upon beta reading “Little Millie’s Pink Sparkly Shoe Blue” before its release. Kyra hopes to leave the same lasting impression on children and adults after they read the book.

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Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse by Wilma MacLiver


Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse

By Wilma MacLiver




Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse ~ MDSA


The ultimate betrayal of a child's trust. The taboo subject led by society's denial that abuse of this nature even occurs.


Wilma survived 16 years of her mother Hellen's brutal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse-including acts of torture.


Manipulated, controlled, and violated from her earliest memories, Wilma despaired from the constant hunger, sexual abuse, violent beatings, and strip searches. She feared suicide was her only option.


The stigma and shame of the abuse silenced Wilma for years.


As Wilma found the courage to speak her unspeakable secret- she was relieved by the support she received, after years of being convinced no one would believe her.


MacLiver wrote her powerful, true story in this inspiring book from a daughter-survivor's point of view.


Life Behind the Masks is a must-read to witness her miracle healing from the worst kind of sexual abuse- an unforgettable memoir.

Available in Paperback & eBook

Barnes and

About the Author

Wilma MacLiver was born in Pennsylvania in 1964 and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She began writing at the age of 10 to relieve the pain of her mother’s unrelenting abuse. When she began to receive help for the abuse, she searched for a book on mother-daughter sexual abuse (MDSA), from a daughter’s perspective. There were none available. She decided then, that if she could ever find the courage, she would write her personal memoir, for other daughters searching.


She knew she wasn’t alone.


This is her true account of the unspeakable abuse she suffered. When she was 10, Wilma saw a diary with a lock and key. She had no money to purchase it, but she was intrigued by the idea that she could write, and no one be able to read her private thoughts. In her environment, she always had to find a way, and this was no exception; so, she began writing on notebook paper–Hellen would never know–and she flushed the papers down the toilet so Hellen wouldn’t find them. Her system worked and provided some relief. Through the years, she wrote and hid her journals.


Eventually, she was able to confide in her husband Greg, and finally her counselors. She kept journals throughout her counseling and healing process. Wilma continues to journal and to write nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and humor.


She is a public speaker and lives in Arizona with her husband Greg, of forty years. Wilma enjoys coffee, reading, long walks and spending time with her family and friends.

This is her first book.

Top reviews from the United States

Kathleen Malone

5.0 out of 5 stars Masks are not just for covid or halloween...

Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2021

Masks? They most often appear at Halloween, but these were not the kinds of masks Wilma MacLiver needed in order to endure the first 16 years of her life. The kinds of masks the title of this book relates to are the ones that covered tears unshed, wounds untreated, words unsaid, and pain suffered in silence. These invisible ones are the kinds of masks necessary when a mother abuses a daughter. That the author survived severe torment to receive healing is a testament to the healing all humanity needs right now. For her, the appropriate combination of modalities for her ongoing healing of physical and emotional abuse is pastoral counseling, the science of EMDR, and an ability to write the truth. She abandoned the masks and raised her voice through Life Behind the Masks. She deserves admiration, honor, and gratitude.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse (MDSA) Comes To Light In This Memoir

Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2021

Child abuse should never happen, but it does. When it happens between a mother and daughter, especially the way it is described in BEHIND THE MASKS, the crime is even more criminal. The value for readers in this book is the promise of healing. The author was able to overcome embedded trauma to raise two children and break the cycle of abuse. Remarkable. The value of compassionate counseling and EMDR therapy are matched by the deep love the author describes between her and her husband. May this book guide other victims of abuse along the paths of their own healings.

2 people found this helpful


Jennifer Jenkins

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwrenching, Powerful, and Full of Grace

Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2021

Wilma is a fantastic narrator with her choice of words and images. My heart literally broke reading all of the horrific acts she endured at the hands of her own mother, and I could play them out in my mind. Yet, the book serves as a powerful reminder to always be vigilant in protecting our children. The grace of God she experienced and was able to use to forgive her mother and close her book was in one word....amazing. I am highly humbled to have met the author, and she is a giant among women. I highly recommend this book to anyone that may be going thru their own struggles. Well done, Wilma!

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Ryan S

5.0 out of 5 stars The story we should all read

Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2021

What stories should we know, even if we wouldn't wish the knowledge on anyone? Wilma MacLiver's story is one of those. A wonderfully woven tale of heartache, pain, perseverance, healing, and survival, MacLiver's story brings us to tears and spotlights our collective passe toward violent sexual abuse that may occur right next door. We cannot not read. We cannot not act.

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Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars a very courageous writer and story

Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2021

Wilma MacLiver tells a very courageous story.

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An extraordinary memoir, Life Behind the Masks, shares the painfully trauma-ridden childhood of a truly exceptional woman. Wilma lets other survivors know they are not alone, they matter, and what happens to them matters. Through Wilma MacLiver's undaunted courage to break the cycle of childhood sexual abuse in her family, the reader aligns with her struggle to share her voice, a voice kept silent for too long. She reminds us that through acknowledgement, healing comes. We are lifted as Wilma becomes unmasked and reclaims her life!

~ Trisha Meili, New York Times bestselling author, I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility


Child sexual abuse often brings up many questions, with "Why didn't they tell?" being first on the list. It is difficult for people to comprehend the way abuse can impact a child's every thought, action, and reaction—much less understand the long-term havoc it creates in their life. Wilma's amazing courage to bare her soul and share her childhood with the reader strikes pay dirt: one cannot read her account without having an answer to this question, as well as a host of others. Wilma's genuineness and willingness to explore her own culpability is profound and calls attention to the mental anguish victims go through, as they own the shame and guilt dumped on them by their offender. It fosters an understanding that is clear: not lost in theory and speculation. Wilma's account of her life experiences is a gift to other victims, to those who advocate for them, and to humanity.

~ Dorthy Stucky Halley, LMSW, Victim Services Division Director Office of Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt


Stark and unfiltered. A survivor's account of her childhood marred by the trauma of maternal abuse. All the signs were there, but those who might have intervened either could not or would not see it. Frustratingly familiar. This book should be required reading for anyone who works with children or with survivors of abuse.

~ Susan Kostenko, M.D. (retired) Adult Psychiatry and Substance Abuse


I read the book and it was amazing! It is a very powerful and inspiring story. Thank you, I look forward to more from this author. ~ Amazon Reader


A riveting and extraordinary memoir about growing up with an abusive mother, Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse by Wilma MacLiver is a bold and startling revelation of the author’s traumatic ordeal with her mother. It takes a lot of courage to reveal one’s experience of child abuse for its disturbing and naked reality. But it must be told as part of the step to help other children realize that they are not alone and that there are people and support groups out there who are more than willing to help. The author’s account is her way of reaching out to others who have experienced similar trauma, and her story will trigger your blood to boil and even make you shed a tear for the thought that no human being deserves to be treated this way. I am glad to have the opportunity to read and review Life Behind the Masks. Wilma MacLiver writes with candor, and there is no masking of her feelings toward her mother. This is a real-life story that is not for the faint of heart, as it includes descriptions of physical and emotional violence that are not limited to sexual abuse but as well as bullying, harassment, and animal cruelty. Nonetheless, there is still a very good part to MacLiver’s story: She has written the tale of her pain so well that she has found closure from all the support and from her freedom to speak. This is an awe-inspiring, real-life story of survival and healing that deserves to be read. by Vincent Dublado


Many memoirs carry trigger warnings on their covers for victims of abuse. As one of those victims, I have rarely been triggered by most narrators’ painful true stories, but Life Behind the Masks by Wilma MacLiver both shocked and surprised me. The shock was due to the gender and horrific actions of Wilma’s abuser: her mother. The surprise rests in how many times I recognized the methods both our parent abusers used to brainwash, guilt-trip, and generate beliefs of stupidity and feelings of self-loathing within us. Yet, despite thoughts of suicide, we both survived, perhaps because of this quote by Theodore Roosevelt that Wilma supplied: “Courage is not having strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” That is what Wilma did, day after day, when her almost maniacal mother beat and starved her, sexually abused her at night, and berated her as stupid, and unpleasing to God. Then, without warning, Wilma’s mother physically removed herself from her daughter’s life when Wilma was 16, but Wilma’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical scars took years of therapy to heal. That said, it will come as no surprise to any abuse victim that regardless of therapy, one never truly forgets. One of the best quotes that summarize why and how Wilma’s mother so effectively kept Wilma prisoner of her own depraved needs comes from Proverbs 18:21 (KJV): “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” This mother’s tongue was even more vicious than her physical abuse. Both will make readers cringe but even more repulsive is how this mother used the Bible to justify her actions and saw herself as a good woman worthy of God’s love. Interestingly enough, it’s what we learn toward the end about the mother’s past that helps us understand, but not excuse her horrible persecution of Wilma. Wilma MacLiver’s approach to telling her story is through sharing her thoughts about events she recorded in her journal, then expanded upon and clarified through those involved in her therapy. This gives readers an in-depth and less one-sided view of both her mother’s and Wilma’s behavior. It’s a balanced approach to memoir writing. Life Behind the Masks is the kind of memoir that any group, whether they be abuse victims, students or counselors will want to discuss. If you belong to any one of these groups, this memoir is a worthwhile addition to your library. by Viga Boland


Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse by Wilma MacLiver is a harrowing and revealing book about what she endured as a child and later as a teenager. The chaotic environment of manipulation, starvation, and countless other abuses that she survived. Her life today is a testament to what one can endure and overcome. On pages 362-363 is one of the quotes that stayed with me: “They say the truth hurts, but here’s how it worked in my life: I hurt more people, including myself, ‘trying to protect the secret’…” These words are an epiphany that anyone can understand; the damage that comes from keeping a secret. Wilma MacLiver’s, Life Behind the Masks is a godsend for someone wanting to reach out to someone else, or to bond with someone that has survived the same trauma. by Erin Nicole Cochran


Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse by Wilma MacLiver is an absorbing, unforgettable story of resilience and overcoming. It involves the unmasking of mother-daughter sexual abuse, but it takes you back to explain how it all happened. This powerful story could be triggering for some victims, so readers should be forewarned. But there are other readers who need to hear this story, as it can help them face or overcome their own abusive childhoods. This is a secret that many hide but this book pulls back the curtain in an informative, helpful way. Wilma's mother neglected and abused her for years, basically dominating and controlling her like a slave. She endured in silence and even thought of suicide, but finally discovered the strength to speak the forbidden truth. Met with surprising support, she found people that believed her and decided to write her story. As a former social worker, I can say that this memoir was most likely a cathartic experience for the author, but it can also be a point of light and impetus for other victims to speak out. In a way, Wilma is blazing a trail for others. So many people don't catch the signs, don't believe them, or ignore/minimize them. Even though parts of the book are dark and painful, it is balanced with hope and positivity. The writing style is raw and powerful. An example would be the line where she says: "As a result, abuse and incest continued to be my reality. In essence, my kindergarten." I recommend Wilma's story to help professionals everywhere, including teachers, clergy, and support groups. If you or someone you know has been living behind a mask, Life Behind the Masks by Wilma MacLiver could be the beginning of healing in your life. by Tammy Ruggles


Life Behind the Masks is a gripping memoir recounting the horrors endured by Wilma MacLiver during the first sixteen years of her life at the hands of her own mother, Hellen, who abused her both physically and sexually. Through years of therapy, Wilma was able to garner the courage, come forward, and speak up about the horrors she encountered. Life Behind the Masks: Surviving and Healing from Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse is both a horrifying and inspiring read. To think that anyone would have to and could endure such horrors truly causes a chill to run up your spine, but in the same breath, my admiration for Wilma and her courage is endless. This book truly had me going through an emotional roller coaster and caused me to take a good long look at my life. The chapters start out quite short; however, this is to be expected as they contain memories from many years past. The later chapters are what truly shake you up and cause tears to form. Overall, this memoir is beautifully written and speaks out on a topic that not many are willing to speak about. It is real and raw and shows the ins and outs of life as a survivor of abuse. by Miche Arendse

 From the Author

Abused children live in environments that are beyond their comprehension. What actually happens to children in those circumstances is shocking and deplorable to read about.

The subject of child abuse is difficult, emotional, and disturbing, but it is real. I never imagined I would write about the nightmare of living in my mother’s house, but as I sorted through the memories, I searched for a memoir similar to my own. I found books written by victims of abuse, but none that addressed Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse (MDSA). My searches left me feeling isolated and different. I decided then, that if I ever had the courage, I would write my memoir for other daughters who were searching.

This is the true account of my childhood- one that was terrorized by my mother, Hellen.

During my early years, Hellen betrayed and abandoned her role as mother and became a predator from which I could not escape. The mother I depended on and trusted to love and protect me, instead exploited and destroyed my innocence.

PEACEMAKER: Pope Francis on His Mission to Thailand, Japan, Bari by Anja Goder

  Peacemaker: Pope Francis on His Mission to Thailand, Japan, Bari by Anja Goder Peacemaker Vol.1 focuses on Pope Francis's mission to...