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Using Animal Communication for Horses by Jason

Using Animal Communication for Horses
by Jason, World Animal Communicator
Any rider or person who cares for horses will know horses can be deeply emotional creatures that express feelings quite openly to us humans, and to their equine friends. They seem to pick up on our own emotions too, which means they are well placed to work with animal communication practitioners and enjoy the benefits this can bring to their lives.
At this point you may be asking ‘what is animal communication’. It’s not a term that is widely known to most people but a few of you in the horse world may have come across it, particularly if you have had complementary therapies for your horses in the past such as reiki for horses and other energy healing. Animal communication is the ability to connect to the essence of a horse to help understand what it is going through, emotionally and physically. It’s a telepathic connection which allows a two-way transference of information in the form of emotion and energy. Animal communicators can receive information back as words, images, feelings and even video. This can then be translated into words we understand.
Now just before you roll your eyes in disbelief, have you ever tried it with your horse? There are many animal communicators out there that offer their services to horse owners and I’ll bet if you ask anyone who has had a reading done, they will say the communicator gave them accurate information that they just couldn’t possibly have known. In fact, you will find professional animal communicators are really grounded and honest people who only have the best interests for you and your horse. It is a deep love of animals that ensures animal communicators work with integrity and compassion at all times. The world is opening up to complementary therapies as more and more people experience them and find that there really is more out there than what can be visibly seen. Our consciousness is not limited to inside of our heads, but is connected in some way to a universal network that we can tap into.
Animal communication is not the same as horse whispering. Although horse whispering is a very good skill to have, it works on different principles to animal communication. Horse whisperers work with the horse’s body language to determine how best to work with the animal. It’s very clever and can be really helpful to your horse, but animal communication is about getting a direct connection with their mind. We’re not controlling them with our mind, it’s not like that at all. We simply find out what is bothering them in a totally natural and passive way. Building trust with an animal will get you much farther than by using force.
So how can animal communication for horses help?
The potential is incredible. From helping with emotional and anxiety issues, to learning what is physically wrong with the horse. We can then go further and find out what the horse likes and dislikes, enabling us to make the horse happier and, in turn, more inclined to do what we’re asking them to do. Whether you search for a horse psychic or an animal communicator online, you will find many that will travel to your stables or can work remotely.

Jason is an animal communicator based in the UK.
He also offers distant energy healing for horses that can be sent to any horse wherever they are.
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Unknown said...

I have been using animal communicators and distant healers for a very long time. Carlsten Hult from Sweden healed my previously unhealable dog with magnet therapy from across the world and my current dog literally 'found' and stopped at an animal communicators house whom I now use constantly with all my animals - horses included. If you are having doubts, find one and get a reading done, then make up your own mind. Thank you for writing this Gina! Much love xoxo Catherine

Jason said...

Fascinating Catherine! Sometimes animals know where to look for help, other times they can act as teachers for ourselves.

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