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John Jeffries, Author

John Jeffries is a former counter-intelligence officer, special agent and intelligence analyst with the U.S. Department of Defense. He was named by the commanding general, U.S. Army-Europe as an authority on international and transnational terrorism. On four continents John served in national security investigations and overt and covert special operations.

Having had continuing access to world-wide intelligence communications for thirteen years, after he left the "business" and buried devoured the Word he was amazed at the way in which world events dovetailed perfectly with prophecy. Now retired and studying with his wife toward degrees in theology, John has conducted extensive and intensive research into the correlation between current events and ancient prophecy.

John is a firm believer in signs, wonders, miracles and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Born with acute scoliosis, at nine months he stood unassisted and began walking. His mother died of cancer on the operating table, yet returned to life cancer-free for eight years. One son died twice of cardiac arrest at 27, yet returned to life and was released to go back to work at six months.

An amazing writer, John lives with his wife, Carol (an elementary school teacher he met on the internet in 2001) in the Branson, Missouri area. His book, The Disappearance: A Journalist Searches for Answers will leave you inspired to think about your future.  

In The Disappearance, author Jeffries reveals events and trends that have been thousands of years in the making. This heavily fact-based fiction (or 'faction') relies on sources that have proven completely accurate in every respect, to demonstrate a coming rapid slide of the United States through anarchy, to tyranny, and beyond. David Jamison, editor with the U.S. Weekly News magazine, is on a quest to discover the real reason for present and coming disasters. This novel follows Jamison and his wife Janet as they cope with a world gone mad. Jeffries takes the many potential explanations and disproves them to arrive at the truth.

Welcome John!

What is the premise for The Disappearance?
The Disappearance: A Journalist Searches for Answers found its genesis in the increasing questions I have received over the years concerning what is happening in America and around the world: what does it mean, where is it all headed, what can I do that really matters?

Since the age of five I have had a passion for the precise, effective use of the English (and later German) language in both spoken and written form. In my years working intelligence for the federal government I had written over 33 articles on issues of espionage, terrorism and security as well as a large volume of official reports. However, I was reluctant to take on as massive a project as a full-scale novel. Then I met my wife Carol, my greatest encourager in the flesh. Each time I would read a page aloud to her, the response was "Hurry up, Johnny, write another page!" The favorable comments from the then pastor of our church (who wrote the foreword) and others who have read the novel have been quite favorable.

The Disappearance is what I refer to as a "faction," a heavily researched, fact-based fiction. A goodly number of novels have been written on apocalyptic and eschatological matters, some of them quite good. What I noticed overall, however, was a tendency to take liberties with accuracy for the sake of entertainment. My passion was to produce a work that is entirely accurate according to Old and New Testament prophecies that have never failed to come true to the finest point while helping the reader visualize himself in the setting and action. This will be my intended approach to each succeeding novel (there are six in various stages of research and preparation, with the second today approximately 93% complete). As side projects, I am (1) translating The Disappearance into German, and (2) translating Keith Moore, my pastor's first book God's Will to Heal into German. It is good linguistic practice.

During the 13 years I was "active" I performed national security investigations and intelligence special operations on four continents in the disciplines of espionage, sabotage, terrorism, VIP security and positive intelligence collection. The hats I wore were those of counter-intelligence officer, special agent, intelligence analyst and linguist. As such I had continuing access to all classified information short of Eyes Only The President. It was not until I went on inactive status that I realized how perfectly all I had taken in dovetailed with Biblical prophecy.

In your research, what was the most dynamic piece of information you uncovered?
The most dynamic piece of information I received in my research is that everything God has done, is doing and will do is an offshoot of His intense love for me -- even those things that might seem unpleasant or even painful at the time. As with everyone, He is passionate in His devotion to me and desire for good outcomes for me. Wow!

Can you explain your book cover and the red balloon?
The cover for The Disappearance is designed to illustrate the level of destruction that can be expected in the not so distant future, while the balloon offers genuine hope in the face of it all.

Please share an excerpt...
"... A deafening clap of thunder that seemed to be everywhere at once, and an earthquake struck with unbelievable violence that lasted but a moment. All around [David] saw streaks of light ascending to the clouds."

          "... The driver of the blue BMW checked his watch. Then he smiled, raised his hands to the roof and screamed, 'Allahu akhbar!' An instant later the equivalent of one thousand tons of TNT detonated with a deafening roar."

 "Across the street from David the green line bus had run out of control, slamming into the pumps at the Kum-n-Go. The bus burst into flames that quickly engulfed the other vehicles at the pumps, then the pumps themselves. Those who had the time and presence of mind ran screaming from the carnage. Nearby a growing number looked on the scene.
          Collisions were becoming the norm, with one SUV ramping over a sports car and flipping into the river. There were multi-vehicle pileups, some caused by the rubbernecking curious.
          Overhead he heard the scheduled Airbus on final approach, a temporary appearance of normalcy. Out of habit David thought: "Right on sched... Wait, it's coming in too low, too fast!" David watched in horror as the Airbus lost altitude and slammed headlong into a nearby skyscraper in a huge fireball. In his mind and heart David re-lived the horror of the tragedy that was 9/1/1.
          Flames, crumpled metal, broken glass, injured and dead whole and in pieces were scattered everywhere he could look. The sound of multiple sirens was growing. He was sure that every available unit was being pressed into service.
          His instinct was to fall to his knees and weep uncontrollably, but the trained professional inside would not allow that. Later maybe, but not now. There were people in need of help, and, yes, information to gather for the magazine."

What are you currently writing?
Elliott: A Man Who Did Not Die (tentative title) will take the entire story of the prophet Elijah and transplant it into 21st Century America.

Do you have advice for novice writers?
For the novice reader: writing can be either a way of life or a hobby. If from the moment you wake up until you go to bed your desire is to eat, drink and sleep writing, do not be concerned over deficiency in technical skills. Those you can develop. What is in your heart is what matters most. Do not be overly concerned with those who would discourage you, rather follow your passion and gifting.

Writing the manuscript is only part of the job. Take the time to obtain whatever help you need with proofreading, editing, publishing and promoting your work. Impartial third parties can give you a solid assessment of the work done on your manuscript. Research the entire process from first word typed to final sale, for what you do not know can affect your success significantly. Make use of all the reputable help available.

What is your charity and where do you volunteer?
I enjoy helping others. Every good that I can say or do is a seed planted. And as any gardener or farmer knows, seeds properly planted and tended will reproduce in kind in multiples often in the hundreds. Being relatively new in the Branson, Missouri area, thus far my activities focused on doing things for my church and for the senior citizens community where we live.

What does the future hold for the United States?
First, let me state that regardless of how it may appear the future for the nation remains largely in the hands of its citizens. I will elaborate on this later in this message.
  • My understanding of it all stems from several decades of
  • Intelligence/information analysis,
  • Trend analysis,
  • Studies of culture, government, human nature, international relations, business, religion, history...
  • Intense study of the Scriptures

Should the trend continue unabated, the future for this nation I love and have served faithfully is grim at best. Only the mercy of God has prevented utter disaster before now.

Financially the nation is being propped up artificially, and that cannot go on forever. The notion that we can borrow our way out of debt and continue printing money that is worth less by the minute is pure foolishness. Our economy and the stock/commodities/housing markets are hugely dependent upon good faith and the trust of those investing. That in turn is emotion-driven more than by logic. Hence it is little more than a wisp of smoke in the open air.

Since 1844 in particular the US Constitution has come under increasing attack through the legislatures, the courts and the executive. To cover for the attacks, history in schools has been re-written (make that falsified). In my collection is a brief work by David Barton, America's Godly Heritage. This should be a must-read. Attempting to separate the nation's government from its Judeo-Christian roots cuts the props out from under the government and society itself. A constitutional republic (not a democracy as it is so often mis-tagged) is designed for a moral and faith-full people. Indeed, it is suitable for no other. Teaching ethics and morality devoid of the Source of said ethics and morality leads to every person deciding for himself what is right and wrong, good and bad. This is a recipe for chaos and eventual despotism.

We've seen the results clearly. Our schools and workplaces have become battlegrounds. When I went to school the worst problems facing the administrations were more those of Leave it to Beaver. Chicago, boasting some of the toughest gun-control laws in the nation at times loosely resembles shoot-out at the OK Corral.

The majority of inventions devised for the good of mankind have rapidly been weaponized for use in warfare. Others were developed specifically for that purpose. We have come up with technology far faster than we can develop a system of ethics for its use. Often the first question should not be whether we can do a thing, rather whether we should do it in the first place. The most recent issue is the discussion in the UN regarding a code of ethics for robots and robot development. The discussion drags on. Yet already autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons are being developed -- some already deployed.

Among the situations I have been monitoring for some time:
  • Growing production and deployment of nuclear weaponry by Russia
  • Development by a few nations (not specified here) of weapons of mass destruction that could be intended for the US, including nuclear, biological, chemical and nuclear electro-magnetic pulse weapons
  • Growing moves by Russian and Chinese military to the very edge of American airspace and sea limits
  • Increasing incursions by Mexican military, armed and in uniform across our southern border
  • Increasing activity in terrorist training camps and indoctrination/radicalization facilities within the continental United States
  • Terrorist infiltration into the continental United States
  • Sleeper cells established within the continental United States
  • The rise in persecution of Christians and Jews around the world and within the United States
  • Et al

So as you can see, the world is a far more dangerous place than it was even thirty years ago. For a limited list of recipients I put out a weekly summary of information and analysis on these and related matters via email.

How can citizens of the United States Prepare? 
For those who are truly believers in and followers of Jesus, I recommend:
  • Praying more fervently
  • Studying the Word more intensely
  • Focusing on a close, daily relationship with Jesus. Religion will mess you up -- He never will let you down
  • Committing to living what you believe at all times, in all situations

For those who are not, it is time for some serious consideration as to whom you will serve. Will it be your appetite? Your addictions? Your lust for power, prestige, position, money, influence...? Or will it be the only One who can shield you from much of what is going on and what is coming, while providing your needs and ensuring you a life throughout eternity that is so awesome you cannot begin to imagine it? Everything and everyone else you may choose to trust at some point will fail, even those with best intentions. Flawed people will not and cannot ever produce a perfect world.

All religion in some manner is a matter of man reaching out to God, thinking erroneously that they can ever do enough good to earn a place in heaven. That will never happen given the imperfection of man and the perfection of God. Truly Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE, and no man can reach the Father other than through Him.

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