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Studio Kristo Photography, Santorini

The proprietor of Studio Kristo, meet Kristo, world renowned photographer located in beautiful Santorini. Clicking stunning photographs of all life events (weddings, honeymoons, family events, and more) Kristo captures the essence and drama of his subjects, including horses.

Kristo writes, “…horses are representative of the spirit, which is very similar to freedom. Horses serve men, but will never be fully tamed by them. This is just like art. The art serves as a vessel for storytelling, but it has no boundaries, it is open in any direction.”

Welcome Kristo!

Your photos are stunning. What is the secret to capturing the perfect photo?
Photography is not just click and shoot. I strongly believe that beauty is all around us. You just need some time to discover it. The lighting, the lenses, the camera, the landscape, each play an important role. But I think that you need to connect with your subjects, live their moments, understand their way of thinking. Even harsh sun can be easily turned into something beautiful and dramatic. It’s the heart of the photographer that speaks, not the pictures. 

Living in Santorini, you reside in a captivating and intriguing community. What landmark is the most photographed in your area?
Santorini is a breathtaking island. There are endless photographic opportunities. Two of the most popular attractions are the world famous sunset and the blue domed churches. The sunset of Santorini is said to be the most photographed in the world, while the locals say that “Santorini’s sunset enters your soul and lives there forever.”  Tip: I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes earlier to grab the best location to admire the sunset.

Another interesting thing is that most of the travelers think that there is only one church with a blue dome in Santorini. That is actually not true. At present, there are over 365 churches and chapels in the island, more than the days of the year! So, for such a small island, it’s not that difficult to find and photograph a blue domed church.

How do you use light and environment to enhance a photo?
Santorini is a very bright place, and the sun is harsh. In addition to that, houses are painted white to reflect the sun making the light worse. All that could cause harsh shadows on faces when shooting outdoors.  Professionals suggest that the best way to avoid distracting facial shadows from midday lighting is to bring your subjects into a shaded area. But in Santorini there are no large trees, nor any buildings that could cast a big enough shadow to fit the subject. After all, most of my pictures are taken at the edge of the cliff, at the top roofs of the white painted hotels or at the beach. So, I usually position my subjects with their backs to the sun. And of course, I always shoot in manual since the harsh light can easily confuse the camera’s sensors, no matter of how professional the camera is.

Do you have a favorite photo for your own creation?
It’s difficult to pick out a photo. Each photo session is different for me and each picture has something unique to say.  My clients and friends call me storyteller. So, it would be easier for me to choose a story instead of a specific picture. Here is a short interesting story I think that stands out of the others…

Besides weddings, events and portraits, what else do you like to photograph?
I love shooting animals and specially horses. First of all, horses are representative of the spirit, which is very similar to freedom. Horses serve men, but will never be fully tamed by them. This is just like art. The art serves as a vessel for storytelling, but it has no boundaries, it is open in any direction. Also, a horse has so much love to give and as a wedding photographer myself I always try to capture the love of people relationships. One of my latest photo sessions was done for a local horse riding company in Santorini. Horse riding is an activity that is getting more and more popular. The shoot of these 3 beautiful horses running free took place at the black sand volcanic beach. What a better place to capture the spirit of the freedom?  

Where is your favorite place to photograph?
It depends on my clients’ needs. I started my career by shooting indoors. Now, I prefer to shoot mainly outdoors. It’s more creative and interesting to me. Santorini’s rich diversity of landscapes provides endless choices. The blue domed churches in Oia village are a must visit. This is where we always catch the sunset away from tourist crowds. Also, paths along the edge of Caldera offer unbeatable views, while the unique red and black volcanic beaches are nice add-ons to the whole session.

What should I wear for the perfect photograph?
The blue and white colors are the trademark of Santorini. But, my advice is to wear what you feel best in. The confidence you have in the right outfit will shine through.

When I visit Greece, what is the best way to schedule a photo session with you?
Even though I’m based in Santorini, Greece, I’m also available for domestic and international travel.

Before scheduling the photo session, I suggest to prepare the photo session by visiting my gallery page first for some ideas. Then you can get in touch with me
Via Facebook:
Via my website:
Via phone:  (+30) 6986984670

Please note that I book up fast, especially during the busy summer season, although there are some pockets here and there that I can fill. So, to ensure availability, get in touch with me as soon as you confirm your photography date.

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