Thursday, November 12, 2015

Coloring Book of Horses by Lesley Lodge

Available in Paperback here

by Lesley Lodge  (Author)
Antonio Reche-Martinez (Illustrator) 
Tom Campey (Illustrator)

Reduce your anxiety and stress levels coloring-in-with horses. This book offers two sorts of coloring-in: Coloring-in with patterns and Coloring-in with the 50 plus actual horse color combinations.

Available in Paperback here
By M. newbold 
I work as a writer, and had been asked recently to write a couple of articles about this new craze for adult colouring books. The idea did make my eyebrows raise in wonder at why an adult would want to sit and colour in pictures! Wasn't that something that only kids do? However, I discovered that adults can use colouring in as a sort of stress-relief after busy day at work, or when they need to clear their head to concentrate on something important. So I tried it too!

When you spend your day reading and writing words, it is really nice to switch off and do something completely different. Normally I would take my dog for a walk, or go out into the garden, but that's not an option when it's throwing it down with rain. This book is proving to be the perfect solution for me to clear my head, and I find myself becoming really absorbed in the action of colouring in the pictures in this book.

I like horses, and this book would be great for a horse lover. Lesley has very cleverly incorporated quotes on the facing pages, some of which are very inspiring or educational. Don't worry - there is not too much reading to do, and it's not compulsory at all!

The drawings in the book vary widely in style, and they are not all formatted to look the same, as in some of my old childhood colouring books. From pretty to abstract, there will be something in here to appeal to your taste, and there is even a seahorse - that made me smile!
Available in Paperback here

Lesley Lodge now lives on a smallholding bafflingly close to Luton, England, but grew up in the New Forest. Her student holiday jobs included working for a racing stable, a palomino stud farm and a horse trainer. Her long-time ride is Freddie, a hairy bay cob mare with a long moustache.

Lesley has had several short stories published. Blues to Orange, a story about a farmer ruined by the foot and mouth outbreak, was a Luton Literary Prize Winner and published in Junction 10, a collection of short stories. Because it is Written is a short story about a farrier, a missing horse and witch-finding, set in 17th century England. She is also the author of Horse and Pony Colours: Which one would you choose?

Lesley has twice been a runner-up prize winner in the annual British National Short Screenplay Competition and was the Time Out and Jim Beam Bourbon Cult Film Buff of the Year some time ago. Lesley is always looking for new stories or snippets about horses in film or on TV – you can contact her through her website or email

Available in Paperback here

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