Monday, August 1, 2016

"Buffalo Dancer" by Tamara Rymer, Fine Artist

“Buffalo Dancer”
By Fine Artist Tamara Rymer

Fine Artist Tamara Rymer recently posted a drawing on Instagram for one of her amazing prints. I was the lucky winner! The large print of “Buffalo Dancer” is stunning to see and is currently at the frame shop for framing. Thank you, Tamara!

2013 Riding & Writing interview with Tamara here!

From Tamara…
The print is of a watercolor painting I did called "Buffalo Dancer". I did a series of paintings of Native dancers (different tribes), as I was and am mesmerized by their story telling through dance form. This dance was a blessing. They'll do blessings for crops, family, weather, etc.  It is quite an honor to be a dancer for a tribe, and in some tribes, the dancer has to be in good standing in the tribal community to be able to go out with the group exhibiting the dances. 

I attended church service at a Catholic Church on the plaza in Santa Fe one Sunday. The service included a blessing for the Indian Market which takes place here once a year. It's a monster tourism draw with booths exhibiting wares and crafts from Native tribes all over the US. To sit in that historical cathedral and hear the pounding of Native drums and a group of Buffalo dancers dance their way down the aisles toward the front, their leg bells ringing - I'll never forget that!

At the frame shop selecting mats and frame!

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