Monday, August 15, 2016

Love Me Right or Not At All by Joseph D. Snider

“Excellent read...”
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“This book seeks to assist everyone who reads it to
love with balance and give love to the right people.”

A Quick Guide to Loving Yourself + Others the Healthy Way

Have you ever wonder why you are having trouble with having success in friendships or relationships? Have you ever wanted to find the keys to making your relationships last? Did you ever think that maybe the issue doesn't stem from others, but the issues may be within you? If you have asked these questions, this is the book for you. Dive in, select a starting point, and begin the race to discovering how to love yourself right and love others the right way as well. Prepare to dig deep and implement the steps that will help you love yourself first!

About the Author
Joseph Snider is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the Washington, DC area, who has extensive knowledge and experience providing direct services to vulnerable, at-risk, and often overlooked populations in the fields of Mental Health, Co-occurring Disorders, and Gerontology.

Joseph is striving to become an expert in the practice of relationship empowerment. He strives to build healthy, powerful, and well-balanced relationships in the lives of everyone who seeks after the knowledge, values, and skills Joseph has honed over the last ten years. Joseph is a Christian, a husband, a father, he is fun-loving, funny, friendly, and he loves to both read and write. Joseph hopes to write both fiction and non-fiction works that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come.

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