Monday, August 15, 2016

Ominous Winter by P.L. Andre

“Excellent read, great use of words and imagery.”
New! Teen/Young Adult Fantasy
Available in eBook here!

The peaceful life of Mallorie Jordan becomes interrupted when ominous signs and frightening encounters make her believe that something bad is about to happen in her village. Between the rumors she has heard, the help of a powerful retired lady, and her perseverance to find the truth, Mallorie will pave her way to understand the evil past of her town.

About the Author
I wrote my first story at 13-years-old. My characters wherever in the world they live, always look for the truth. They embark on new adventures to push their boundaries even if pain and insecurities follow. 

Reading has been an important part of my life from an early age. I hope my books will have the same impact on you. 

When I don't write you can catch me running in the Golden Gate Park rain or shine. 

You can follow me on twitter @PLouisAndre, and get excerpts from my last book.

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