Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Illustrators Monica Rondino and Andrea Pucci

The Illustrators of Toofs by J.R. (Jennifer) Poulter

BEWARE! Biting Baby! Just how do you cope?

Here is a story to give you some home.

A humorous tale with rhyming element, including tried and true strategies, from professional childcare practice, for dealing with biting behavior in babies and small children.

A bit about Toof’s idea…
The first time we read Jennifer’s poem story, we thought it was full of life and had a joyous sense of fun. The more we read it and the more we sketched little things and animals with teeth, the more this little creature came to life.

It became obvious our family was going to be a family with famously big teeth – a wolf family!

This was perfect, according to Jennifer, because the story dealt with the problem of biting babies.

Jennifer’s daughter, Estelle, is a professional with 10 years experience in kindergarten and child care and she co-wrote the story, weaving into it the tried and tested professional strategies for dealing with biting in little ones.

We have also developed with Jennifer, a companion book of  teacher notes, activity sheets and coloring-in pages.

“A gorgeous tale full of the trials and tribulations of one of baby's first milestones. This book is just as enjoyable for parents who can reminisce about this memorable time."
Adrienne T. O'Connell, teacher, B.A., Grad. Dip. Ed., taught children from outback indigenous classrooms to multicultural big city classrooms.

An illustration from Toofs
About the Illustrators...
Andrea Pucci is the other half of Monica Rondino. Pucci graduated in graphic design, as well as studying animation in Italy. Andrea Pucci engages in illustrations for graphic novels and comics.

Monica Rondino is the other half of Andrea Pucci. Monica graduated in languages, while studying comics, illustration and animation.

Together, Andrea and Monica work in 2D animation and Flash animation for feature films, tv series and commercials. They also illustrate covers, book interiors, magazines and comics.

Andrea and Monica’s most recent works entails the book cover “NIGHT OF THE CRABS” by UK author Guy N. Smith, and the children’s book “TOOFS” by Australian authors Jennifer and Estelle Poulter.

Andrea and Monica work with both traditional and digital mediums.

Connect with Andrea and Monica…

Illustrator Andrea Pucci 
Illustrator Monica Rondino


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