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Prelude to World War III by James Rosone and Miranda Watson

“Smart and Entertaining!”

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by James Rosone  (Author), Miranda Watson  (Author/Editor)

By the 2020s, America was no longer a world Superpower. The military had been cut to a barebones level, and while the U.S. was focused internally, the door opened for new powers to emerge on the world stage. In the wake of this power vacuum, China and Russia began to flex their military muscles and expand their dominance in the world.

The border of India and Pakistan had long been one of the most precarious ticking time bombs waiting to explode, and when a scheme to agitate the tensions in that region is successful, it opened the door for powerful men to begin consolidating authority and start building an Islamic Caliphate. With Europe also weakened by economic decline, the United States was in serious danger from this new threat.

In these hazardous times, America was in need of a hero. Henry Stein, a new kind of leader, built a new political party that is neither Republican nor Democrat to lead the charge to bring the country back from the brink. His unconventional style was just what the U.S. needed in order to deal with the changing world balance of power and a worldwide Great Depression. As conflicts near and far began to plague the planet, would President Stein be able to prevent a third world war? 

From the Author
America is in trouble. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, there is no denying the fact that our country is in decline. At the time of this blog, our national debt is in excess of $18 Trillion while the middle class of our country continues to disappear. Our manufacturing and other important jobs are off-shored faster than they can be created, and our military has been in near constant combat since the fall of 2001. We as a country are criticized when we intervene in a situation or if we decline to act, and we are expected to be the world's global police force while continually being taken advantage of. This book addresses these issues in great detail, and provides the reader with an escape, an alternate American future.

I wrote this book series to explore what I see as a potential collision course the world may be headed towards. I personally enjoy reading books of this nature, and one of my greatest complaints is that books like this seldom explain how the plot moved from point A to point B. They gloss over some of the most fascinating details and go from one action scene to another with little explanation in between. This book is different; I explore those specifics and I walk the reader through the plot as it develops, incorporating existing and new technologies. For years, I attended and participated in weekly senior executive level intelligence briefings, conversing about some of the topics discussed in this book. As far-fetched or fantastic as some of the plot may seem, it is all plausible and could exist in reality. More importantly, the details in the book are accurate and true to both their functions and capabilities. I truly hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I have been thrilled with writing it. If you do like this first book, never fear, there is more to come.

About the Author
James Rosone started a military career in the Army National Guard as a communications specialist and forward observer for a self-propelled artillery unit. He later joined the U.S. Air Force, becoming an interrogator during 2007 Iraq War troop surge. After 10 years of service in the armed forces, James spent several additional years in Iraq as a contractor for the Department of Defense and the Department of State. During all of this time in the sandbox, books and writing became an escape.
Later, James worked as a military adviser in the area of identity intelligence for U.S. Central Command during General David Petraeus' leadership and U.S. European Command under Admiral James Stavridis and General Philip Breedlove. This experience led him to travel and work in countries all across the globe, giving him a unique global perspective. During this time, he also completed a Master of Science degree at the University of Oxford.

“Smart and Entertaining!”

Now Available here in eBook!

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