Saturday, August 20, 2016

Players: A Game of Grit and Glory by E.H. Humphreys

Being a female polo player, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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by Elizabeth Humphreys (Author)

Dive into the world of polo, seen through the eyes of Victoria Blake a – professional polo player trying to prove she can compete with the best men in the sport. Players follows Victoria’s rag-tag team through triumph and heartbreak on the way to England’s prestigious Gold Cup. From the rolling green hills of England to the sun-kissed Pampas of Argentina to the glamorous fields of California, Players explores what it means to be a polo player – a local everywhere and a resident nowhere; always a traveler yet always at home.

The book follows Victoria’s team: Donald Davies, the young Englishman she meets in Argentina who becomes her closest ally; Charles McKinnon, the American billionaire who only breaks out of his corporate shell with his teammates; and Scott Taylor, the best player in America, who could never hold down a team due to his fiery temper. Meanwhile, Victoria’s best friend, Debbie Ravenscroft, is also trying to be at the top of her game as a lawyer and Olympic show jumper. All of the characters share a thirst for greatness, along with a great love for their horses.

My review
Author Elizabeth Humphreys knows horses. "Players" is full of horse adventure, mesmerizing characters, and exciting scenarios! Humphreys writes of "Victoria" who at "25 years old...was the best female polo player in the world."  Victoria is the main character and brings the world of polo into your hands. A thoughtful story, delving into the heart and soul of polo; all the glory, let-down, and drama. Recommended reading.

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