Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Forget Me Knot by E.M. Frear

Historical Fiction
“…the far reaches of Australia would be his saving grace.”

In the tapestry of life the threads of fate twist and wind through the lives of those who wander the earth. Irony and humor, even sick humor, acts as mile markers to events and circumstance, that some feel, are hopeless or impossible. Making the impossible reality is how Helena Greenbelt chose to live and raise her children.

At the height of Richmond Virginia’s high society before war threatened the blossoming Wild West, the Greenbelt family enjoyed a degree of respect and stability. In a loveless marriage Lt. Colonel Horace Greenbelt was desperate to assert his hold on his family by ripping them from their roots, hauling them to Richmond California.

The wilds of the West were not sufficient to grant Horace what he wanted. Another move, he felt, would ensure his place as head of the house. Richmond in Van Diemen’s Land, later to become Tasmania, in the far reaches of Australia would be his saving grace.

Forget Me Knot” is the journey through the tapestry of life, tugging on threads with abandon along the way.

About the Author  
As a photographer for many years I discovered a nifty trick to getting children to ease into the idea of the frenzy of holiday photo shoots. They love stories! When there was a particularly restless or shy child I would ask about a favorite toy or character from a movie then craft a little {Very Little} story to fit. More often than not the child would relax enough to get some pretty nice pictures.

I later discovered with my own children that walking through an interactive scenario would make long road trips pass smoothly and much faster than we were ready to admit. When I began to apply the same principles to game forums to pass time or “occupy the populace” many of the grumpy people found they were wrapped in the plot.

I enjoy showing a picture with words hoping the audience can see the same picture I do. I remember days sitting on the sofa getting lost in distant lands and meeting new and exotic people. In my waking dreams at night I would replay scenes in stories I had read making the book come alive in my imagination.

It is my desire and goal to take you on a fantastic voyage of mystery, intrigue, suspense and maybe a little humor. I would like to introduce you to some friends and warn you of some enemies. Mostly I would like to give you the gift of “Vacation” in a faraway land with exotic beauty and characters begging to know you.

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