Monday, August 22, 2016

GOING TO THE LAST: Stories of Horses and Racing by K.D. Knight

“Twenty-three original and engaging short stories 
about horses and racing.”

Recommended reading!
Available in Kindle here!

by  K.D. Knight

My review…
Recently, I received a message from across the pond from K.D. Knight. A prolific writer, Knight presents “Going To The Last” a stunning collection of short stories about horses.

Knight takes you on a journey behind the scenes, into the worlds of jockeys, horse owners, those who place bets, horse-magic, horse racing, and much more! Every story has a slight twist, always with a horse at the focal point.

Characters are engaging and endearing; gamblers spout “sometimes we get the luck we deserve”; horse owners set out to make “every post a winning post”; horsemen repeat “it’s easier to stop a horse than to get it go faster”; while the man in the stands knows that “front runners fade”.  With a myriad of characters, each one promotes their own form of horse-drama.

I truly enjoyed reading Knight’s collection of horse stories and will keep as a favorite. Recommended reading for horse-lovers and those looking for a great read.

 Available in Kindle here!

Available in Kindle here!

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