Monday, August 29, 2016

A Chill Wind: A Cowgirls in Time Romance by Erica Einhorn

“Five stars!”
Available in eBook and paperback here!

A Cowgirls in Time Romance Book 1
by Erica Einhorn  

When Jenna Leyton stumbled into the nineteenth century, she had no idea that she would find love there with the local sheriff. But when he rejects her after she confesses “when” she is from, Jenna decides that she wants to live in the old Red Bluff whether he likes it or not.

Sheriff Josiah Stone felt pleased with himself for running off all the outlaws in Red Bluff. But if he was so brave, why couldn’t he control his feelings for Jenna—the woman from the future whom he did not want to fall in love with?

A sweet romance.

Erica Einhorn loves romance, writing about romance, horses, and cowboys. She rides a paint horse and is still searching for her forever cowboy. If she could find the time portal cave that she describes in her Cowgirls in Time romance series, she would ride through it in an instant!

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