Saturday, August 13, 2016

NADIA by Samantha Kennedy

A beloved horse tale for children of all ages.
 “Big emotion from such a tiny tale.”
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by Samantha Kennedy 

A children's book for all ages about friendship, the meaning of success, and understanding your worth.

As she watches her master train each day with his new colt, retired show horse Nadia longs for the days when she was young. It used to be her prowess at shows that made her master beam with pride; she was his hero and most prized horse of all. Now, those days only exist in her memory.

One day, a young boy visits Nadia at her gate, and she finds herself with a second chance to be special again, in a way she never expected.

About the Author
Samantha grew up riding and showing horses, and began her own therapeutic riding program as a teenager, which later inspired the story of Nadia. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado, USA, and continues to inspire others to love who they are and understand their worth through her startup, The Fabulous Babe

Nadia was the beloved horse of Samantha's sister, Mandy.

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Big emotion from such a tiny tale.”
 New! Available in eBook here!

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