Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Latesha Houston, Illustrator and Fine Artist

Enchanted Magpies (c)  Latesha Houston
“Spread a little light to the world through the canvas.”

Introducing Illustrator and Fine Artist

Bright, dynamic nature artworks, and watercolor illustration prints and originals for sale.

Gorgeous nature filled ink illustrations with watercolor available as prints and originals. Bright, colorful rich and full of life nature themed canvas oil paintings available for sale.

Commissions are welcome, contact Latesha if you would like an exquisite piece of artwork designed for your home, office, or book project!

Sacred Strength (c) Latesha Houston

About the Artist
Latesha’s aim through her artwork is to uplift, bring joy and inspire you to open your imagination. Her work is sometimes whimsical, always bright and sometimes playful.

Latesha originally started painting and drawing when she was young and studied art in high school. She has always been a creative and fond of arts and crafts from a young age. With no art program in sight in her last year of high school she decided to take another route and delved into the corporate sphere of the world, but came back to her creative roots where she belongs!

Latesha's creativity has since taken over and she has immersed herself in the world of creativity... through murals, live art, drawing, sketching and illustrating up a storm! Latesha is inspired by artists such as Henri Matisse, Paul Gaugin and many others, and she is largely self-taught with some instruction from various art-inspiring mentors along the way.

Her inspiration and specialty is drawn from the natural landscape surrounding her and her travels across the country, both imaginary and real, combining snapshots of nature, wildlife and people. Often she connects all of these elements together or sometimes separately. Her work is dynamic, vibrant and colorful, delighting the senses.

Latesha’s mediums are oil on canvas due to her love of bright vibrant rich colors, illuminating the canvas with splashes of color. Other mediums explored include ink pen illustration on paper with watercolor in which the finite detail of subjects can be captured.  Her work allows her dream like imagination and creative spirit to take hold and bring it to life on paper or canvas.

Her motto being to ‘spread a little light to the world through the canvas’.

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