Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The "Perfect" World by Monique Star

Science Fiction Epic Fantasy
Available in paperback and Kindle here!

by Monique Star 

The world is a colorful, diverse place, but there is always someone who wants to suck the color away for their own comfort and personal benefits. Sorcerer Victor Bartholomew placed a spell on the world for everyone to act the same and there is no color in the world. Well, except for the four Princes of Onasola (Frederick, Dexter, Chris, and Jonathan) that went into hiding and an immune and determined anarchist named Melody who mainly focuses on the darkness the world has to offer. Join the five as they prove their strengths against their external and internal battles to venture through Antarctica and Onasola to restore the world to its development of diversity.

This is a story that shows the importance of being true to who you are no matter who judges and how separate the actions of the mind and the heart truly are. It is one of the many ways to show that anybody, no matter the background or interests or anything, can be able to reach their own happy endings.

About the Author
Monique Star (birth name Monique Blackwell) is someone who enjoys creativity (music, literature, YouTube videos, etc.) and is a huge supporter of diversity in race, beliefs, mental conditions, etc. She, herself, is an autism advocate and does her best to spread awareness and acceptance (such actions included a Girl Scout Gold Award she has done since high school).

To continue her passion in diversity and to show pride in bits of her marks, she has included references to some of her different cultures and songs she enjoyed during her life by far (some lyrics might be recognizable and some might not). She included bits of herself and references to her experiences with her Asperger's Syndrome in this story that would take some people a while to think about. Monique considers herself a resident of two worlds: the real world and her own mind and does her best to bring the two together without making others upset or herself feel ashamed.

Science Fiction Epic Fantasy
Available in paperback and Kindle here!

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