Saturday, October 31, 2015

Horse Lifestyle Global Launch

Horse Lifestyle Gives Away Free Memberships

First 10.000 Horse Enthusiasts to Register for HorseLifestyle.TV get One-Month Free Trial

HorseLifestyle.TV, an online streaming service for horse enthusiasts, will go live worldwide this November. Members will be able to watch a broad selection of films, series, books and, magazines, centered around the horse. To celebrate the global launch, Horse Lifestyle® gives away the first 10.000 memberships. 

Enjoy Your Lifestyle, Anytime, Anywhere

HorseLifestyle.TV brings stories for people with a heart for horses to get inspired, and learn from in an entertaining way. People from all over the world, can watch and read horse related content, when and as much as they want. HorseLifestyle.TV will be available for $12.95 a month, on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones connected to the internet.

Join the Herd

People can sign up for a one-month free trial via HorseLifestyle.TV/free-trial as of this Saturday.  The free month will start when HorseLifestyle.TV goes live in November.

About Horse Lifestyle®

Horse Lifestyle® is a media company, focused on gathering and producing horse related content worldwide. The company developed HorseLifestyle.TV, a multimedia streaming service dedicated to the horse and the accompanying lifestyle. The online library offers films, series, books, and magazines for people to easily access anytime, anywhere. HorseLifestyle.TV is available on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones connected to the internet. For more information please visit HorseLifestyle.TV or like the Facebook page.

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