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Alexander Pig and the Dark Phantom by Eva B. Kids

Adventure Time

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Adventure Time
by Eva B. Kids

This exciting, page-turner is full of humor, mystery and adventure. Soon, an evil
Monster  will appear. Yes, the Dark Phantom  of the Forest is lurking nearby! We invite you to read on and meet him, if you dare . . .

Eva B. Kids’ delightful, characters are celebrating Halloween, the spookiest night of the year. Darkness has fallen and strange things are about to happen . . . Mycroft and his friends are going Trick-or-Treating when the scary Dark Phantom of the Forest suddenly appears! He will take Pim as a hostage unless they give him their sweets.

But who is the Dark Phantom?

Mycroft Zebra is determined to capture the Dark Phantom and find out, but the Phantom angrily fights back. Will the clever Mycroft save them?

This charming children’s storybook is the ideal gift for children aged from 4 to 94.

Available in eBook!
Order your copy for Halloween here!
By J. Tant on October 26, 2015
I confess...I'm an unabashed fan of the Alexander Pig series. I find it whimsical, charming, and approachable. Kids on the lower end of the age range will appreciate it, and older kids will I think appreciate reading it on their own.

I don't want to get into the plot in too much depth...the book is only 44ish pages, so any summary will probably be to give away the entire story. Suffice it to say Our Heroes go on a Halloween adventure and runs into The Phantom of the Forest...a rather scary fellow who steals their candy. Some hijinks ensue and the gang all ends up OK in the end. And at this point I really have to commend Kids on a somewhat interesting technique, and yes it involves the use of flatulence. The thing is, a portion of the story, particularly when effectively told, can have the potential to set some younger kids on the edges of their seats. As a tension breaker, Kids nicely slides in, yes, a running flatulence gag. Right after a particularly tense encounter, one of the characters, er, breaks wind as it were. And while I usually decry potty humor, in this case it works well, especially considering the target audience of this book.

The book itself is well written - it's clear that editing work has been done, which speaks to the care in which Kids has created this world. The story flows along nicely, it’s by no means a complicated story, but it is a fun tale and one that is approachable for younger children.

Illustrations are, in a word, stellar. I've said before that I have great appreciation for minimalist artwork in children's book, and this is just such an example. The pictures should supplement the story, not replace it...else why bother with the written word? This book, as do the previous two in the series, strikes just the right balance between illustration and prose.

To sum up, I find this series to be a hidden gem in the children's category, and this particular book is no exception. It's a fun Halloween tale that works as a bedtime story...or for that matter an anytime story. I enjoyed it.

By Chief, USN Ret...VT Town TOP 500 REVIEWER October 27, 2015
Oh my, Alexander Pig and his friends are on another romp just in time for Halloween. This is the third in this series and the stories just keep getting better. In this one, there is a little trickery which falls right into the Halloween mode. Leave it to Alex to be the perpetrator of this one.

Alexander Pig continues to sing his cute songs in a rhyming fashion. I always like to see that in a children's book as I think the little ones enjoy that aspect as well. Walter Wolf is still up to his old tricks of expelling gas and Sally Sheep is still vomiting. Some things never change! The other two main characters Pim Hedgehog and Mycroft Zebra are enchanting as well.

The illustrations are well done and truly beautiful. The author says she has written this book for 4-8 and K-1. For me, the story is just cute and the characters continue to grow in each succeeding story. I had to laugh out loud once again at the antics of Alex. This time it was when he fell into the apple bobbing container. Just imagine a pig bobbing along with the apples! LOL for sure!!
Most highly recommended for both the Halloween trickery and the beautiful illustrations. I also appreciate the fact that there are words that will need to be explained to the little ones in your life...'blustered, superstitions, and splendidly' are just a few.

Eva B. Kids resides in Bohemian Paradise with her wonderful husband, adventure loving son and an eccentric dog.

Don’t miss Alexander Pig’s big adventures!

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3
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Coming soon Book 4
Alexander Pig and the Fossil Hunt!

This is the fourth extraordinary adventure book about Alexander Pig from Eva B.Kids. It’s a story full of adventure, fun, discoveries and DINOSAURS!

Alexander, Pim and Mycroft could be happy just sitting under Alexander’s gazebo and looking out at the rain. Alexander thinks that catching raindrops in his mouth is fun but Mycroft prefers simply staring into the distance.

But it can get boring after a while. Luckily the rain stops and Mycroft has an idea: to go exploring for dinosaur bones and discover how the Little Green Forest looked in prehistoric times! But there are some things that even wise old Mycroft doesn’t know. He doesn’t know how Alexander secretly wants to be famous, or what a Baryonyx looks like.

This charming children’s storybook is the ideal gift for children aged from 4 to 94.

Coming for Christmas
Alexander Pig and Christmas!
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It all came about when Eva requested a review of her book.  An extremely warm and touching reply came from one foster family. The children had loved the first book, Alexander Pig Goes Camping, so much that the foster mummy had to read it to them twice. With her second book, Alexander Pig and the Terrifying Hedgehog-napper, the children were disappointed when the story ended. Eva was very touched by the review and decided she wanted to see more children getting excited about books and to feel the magic of storytelling. What started as a simple review about children loving the Alexander Pig stories, turned into a transformational experience for the author.

Foster parents and orphanages who sign-up by email (, will receive Eva’s eBooks for free. Eva describes the wonderful feeling she gets from knowing that she has done something good with her life, “Every excited child fills me with happiness!”

 (c) All Illustrations copyright to Sára Syslová.



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A beautiful children's series. Highly recommended. Thanks for connecting Eva and sharing! Looking forward to future volumes!

Eva B. Kids said...

Thank you Gina!