Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lin by Mitch Howell

New Sci-Fi Epic Fantasy!
Available in eBook
Welcome to Enon, a once beautiful world which is now a wasteland. Join Lin and his unlikely friends as they attempt to defeat the evil Dagus, destroyer of everything that is good. 

Journey with Lin on his epic quest to save Enon from evil. Friendship, identity, and possibly true love await in Enon, Lins' first fantasy adventure. 

Take the epic journey... eBook 
Mitch HowellFrom the Mississippi Delta, Howell brings epic fantasy adventure to life.I have wanted to be a writer since I was a small child. There is something amazing about creating my own worlds. I have lived in a small town in Mississippi my whole life. I love to read sci-fi and fantasy books because they take me away from reality for a while. That is what I hope others get from my books.”
New Sci-Fi Epic Fantasy!
Available in eBook

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Anonymous said...

A fast paced book that is perfect for young adult readers.

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