Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Significant Anthology

It is a great honor to be a contributing writer to this wonderful new collection from writers all around the world! Read my poem "Today" on page 152!

The Significant Anthology is significant because profit will fund work for autism to be done by Autism for Help Village Project Trust in Bangalore, India.

The Significant Anthology contains…
  • Oh, Hark! by Dr Santosh Bakaya which is the poem that won the Reuel Prize for Writing and Literature, 2015
  • Reena Prasad - Best poet 2014 at Destiny Poets Website UK
  • Michele Baron - Megastar at Urgent Evoke 2011, World Bank
  • Pramila Khadun - Winner of Reuel Prize 2015
  • Sunil Sharma - Best poet 2013 at Destiny Poets Website UK
  • Kaperdeli Eftichia - Grecian poet who has won innumerable poetry awards
  • Anca Mihaela Bruma - award winner
  • Koshy AV – Megastar, Urgent Evoke 2011, World Bank & Pushcart Nominee
  • Joyce Yarrow - Pushcart Nominee, author and many, many other great writers of today who have won awards.

The Significant Anthology contains experimental writing by Volodymyr Bilyk (Ukraine) and Srishti Dutta Chowdhary.  It contains new, young and exciting writers, some who are appearing for the first time in print; poetry, short story, prose, drama and long poem.

  • 178 writers including the foreword
  • writers from five continents
  • writers of all ages from seventeen to ....
  • all jobs and full time writers
  • and translations

Published by Morph Books, Bangalore, India, The Significant Anthology was two weeks on the bestseller list in the categories of anthologies, poetry and short stories alternately from August 20- September 4.

One copy each has been sent by post or was given to each contributor as royalty.  The writers are from 30 countries not at peace with each other and from a mix of different non-religious/religious persuasions, and political beliefs, but they all stand for peace in this anthology. It contains some of the best writing seen in 2015 and is the most magnificent and significant landmark of literature in 2015 in the world of poetry, prose, short stories, anthologies and drama. Widely reviewed already in online magazines etc.; nine amazon ratings and reviews all five-stars so far!

Almost sold out, there are only 46 copies/books left out of the first print of 300. What are you waiting for? Get your copy!  

Prasad Reena (Editor), Dr. A V Koshy (Editor), Michele Baron (Editor)

Gina, Riding & Writing, Contributing Poet/Writer,

Available in paperback worldwide


Rajesh Joshi said...

The book is a step forward . All forms can be accommodated in a single book is in itself an unique concept .

Kalpana Shah said...

Can be said, Encyclopedia of poems.