Friday, October 9, 2015

The Adventures of Robin From the Hood by Dapo Akers

PS Publishing Presents
 A Place to Play
Available in eBook and Paperback!

PS Publishing presents the 2015/16 Books for Kids Program including the first release in The Adventures of ROBIN from the HOOD book series.  

Meet Robin, a former "hood from the hood" turned "do-gooder." In A Place To Play, Robin and his gang of merry men go up against "Big Money," the biggest drug boss in the neighborhood.  Can they keep him from destroying the city youth as well as the community center?  Upper elementary students will find out in, A Place To Play.

PS Publishing Presents
 A Place to Play
Available in eBook and Paperback!  

Dapo Akers was born in Richmond, Virginia, USA, but spent his school years attending Prince Edward County Schools. He was voted most talkative of his senior class and most people who know him would say things haven't changed much.  Dapo took to storytelling at an early age and has only gotten better with time.

PS Publishing was delighted to add Dapo’s Adventures of Robin from the Hood series to our Books for Kids Lineup!

For the past 25 years Dapo has dedicated himself to studying history; not only African history, but all history. Dapo includes little known facts in all of his works and, of course, includes the character-building lesson required to be accepted into the Books for Kids Program!

PS Publishing Presents
 A Place to Play
Available in eBook and Paperback!

 "Building children's character through books"


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