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Vaccines on Trial: Truths and Consequences of Mandatory Shots by Pierre St. Clair

Mandated Vaccines or Voluntary Choice?


"Permanent disorder" is a listed side-effect - an admitted reaction.
Who can trust shots that list seizure and permanent disorder as side-effects?

If you quote the vaccine insert you're labelled a conspiracy theorist.
Whatever side of the vaccine debate you're on, be open to read the science studies in this book.

1. The US vaccine court has awarded more than $4 billion for vaccine-injured children.

"The federal government has compensated hundreds of cases of vaccine induced brain injury associated with autism. What they have acknowledged is that vaccines cause brain damage, and brain damage manifests as autism." – Mary Holland PhD

2. “The CDC admits that the reported number of adverse effects of vaccines is probably only 10% of actual adverse effects.”

– AAPS on Mandatory Vaccinations, April 9/2009
US and Human Services recent study: "only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported."

3. Vaccines contain aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde.
Vaccine injuries, mercury toxicity, and autism increase parental concerns.

4. MMR vaccine is formulated with cells from chicken and cow embryos, plus aborted human fetal cells (WI-38 & MRC-5).

Yes, they inject our kids with DNA from abortion tissue.

5. Infants get 24 shots before age 2.

Blue Cross Blue Shield gives a $400/child bonus to doctors who inject all 24 shots.

Beware of doctors who pressure you to fully-inject your kids.
Jennifer Margulis PhD, interviewed many pediatricians and found most doctors don't vaccinate their own kids, only your kids.

6. US Supreme Court ruling:
“Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and there shall be no more lawsuits against any vaccine company." (Bruesewitz v Wyeth 2011)

7. Federal Law protects drug companies/doctors/nurses from liability when children are injured.

"We need much more investment in safety science."
– Heidi Larsen PhD, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project

8. Get vaccine guidance from the medical, ethical, scientific, legal, historical & business perspectives.

End mandatory vaccines because you can't un-vaccinate a child.

* Smallpox was eradicated by improved sanitation, hygiene, & quarantine like we're doing with today's pandemic

* US, German, Swedish, and New Zealand studies show un-vaccinated kids healthier than their vaccinated peers

* Vaccine Charts rank the US 34th in the world

Save years of heartbreak and $$ with this comprehensive guide.

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About the Author
Bestselling author Pierre St. Clair has 3 books with #1 best-seller status, has traveled to 76 countries, and has extensive public speaking experience on Radio/TV.

He won the 2017 Sir J. C. Bose Award for Investigative Journalism in Science and Technology for his book Cosmology on Trial.

Although born in London, his family emigrated to Canada when he was 5 years old.

His mother was a cultured lady who sent him for violin and music theory lessons when he was only six.

As a teenager his interest in rock and blues was kindled. He bought a guitar, taught himself how to play, formed a band, and began performing locally. Within a few years he was touring throughout Canada and the US.

His journalism career began when a college girlfriend's mother predicted his success as an author. The daughter of a missionary in Shanghai, she studied the occult sciences, including palmistry, in China.

One afternoon she asked to study his hand and predicted, "One day you'll become an accomplished writer."

Author Quote:
"I love digging behind the scenes to find out what’s really happening beneath the headlines. That's why I became an investigative journalist."

Cosmology on Trial: an all-inclusive overview introducing readers to unexplained/unsolved mysteries of the universe rarely discussed in Academia.

"This book makes the strong point that our cosmology of yesteryear wasn’t based on solid evidence, and our cosmology of today isn't either." V. DiCara

Stephen Hawking on Trial: explains why the most common force in nature, Gravity, is not included in the Standard Model of Physics.

General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory have not proven whether Gravity is a wave, a graviton particle, or a fabric of spacetime.

"Scientific progress and complacency go ill together. St Clair has done a superb job advancing the cause of real science." M. Lyons

Vaccines on Trial: reveals why vaccine charts and graphs rank the US 34th for infant mortality among first world nations.
Scientific studies comparing vaccinated & unvaccinated children in the US, Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand show unvaccinated kids healthier than their vaccinated peers. Moreover, vaccinated kids have more health problems later in life.

"This book has everything you need to know the facts." R. Marinelli

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