Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Tricked Life by Mark DaSilva

by Mark DaSilva

When 15-year-old Ana Martins signed up to be a model, she never expected to end up performing as a sex slave. Months earlier, the pretty but awkward American girl living in Brazil had entered a contest that was sponsored by a famous modeling agency searching for their next big star. Ana won, surprisingly, along with a few others, and they were all promised an all-expense paid trip to Miami to begin their new careers.
They stop halfway in the Dominican Republic for some photoshoots. While there, Ana meets Deke, a handsome and daring tourist from Canada and their relationship blossoms when they sneak off together. However, when the agency chaperone is caught in a lie, Ana senses something is wrong.
Ana learns the contest was a scam to lure poor, vulnerable girls to be trafficked into the life of prostitution with no way out. Ana and the girls will be expected to have sex with wealthy men at lavish parties or face the wrath of a deranged rapist who supervises them.
Meanwhile, a tough Dominican cop whose daughter was a sex trafficking victim herself, learns of the sex ring and closes in on the sickening organization – but he may be too late.
With her back against the wall, a desperate Ana will have to survive and escape using her wits, instinct, mixed-martial arts training and love from Deke who is also hell-bent on rescuing her too.

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About the Author
Having written over 16 screenplays in his career, the author has now transitioned to writing novels. He is a Canadian transplant having lived in Orange County, California, for many years and once owned a wine business.

His first book, The Doomsday Drifter, can be found on amazon through his publisher, First Design Edition. It is a dark thriller and the first of a trilogy.

His second book, The Lost Safari, is a book for the young adult genre and is available on kindle unlimited. It is the first of a series on humanity's crimes that the author hopes resonates with younger readers. There are discussion questions at the end.

He is a college graduate in accounting (blech), married to a Valley Girl, father to two teenage boys, owner of the world's most likable dog, and forever uncorking red wine. Cheers!

Feel free to check out his site for other books, updates, and free script reads:

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