Wednesday, June 24, 2020

RELEASE: YOU by Jasmine Farrell

Release: YOU

by Jasmine Farrell

YOU is the art of letting go in poetry book form. Full of powerful affirmations for the present moment, poet Jasmine Farrell teaches us that the only way we can actualize our dreams is to release what no longer serves us: those self-limiting beliefs, naysayers, and haters. In turn, that gives us the space we need to blossom into our best possible versions. By the last page, the reader will embrace their authenticity unapologetically and ultimately heal. 

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About the Author

Jasmine Farrell is an author and freelance writer from Brooklyn, NY.
She has published six poetry collections and is currently working on her first novel.  Her first three published poetry collections demonstrate how her life experiences have shaped her. My Quintessence, includes poems from my teenage years and past life as a Christian. Her second poetry collection, Phoenixes Groomed a Genesis Doves, was released a year after she de-converted from Christianity in 2015. She believes her poetry can create a positive mental space where readers can feel self-assured enough to move forward without fear of what others think. Her realization is reflected in her third release, Long Live Phoenixes Her most recent poetry series: Release is now available for purchase. She wants people to reclaim who they are, so they can live life authentically and with purpose.

Social Media

Instagram: @Justbreathejasmine

Twitter: @Justbreathejas

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