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One More Last Chance: Hartstone Series: Book One by T.J. Robinson

by T.J. Robinson  

Everyone needs a hero.
Everyone except Samantha Covington. She just needs a vacation. Two weeks at Hartstone, a dude ranch in idyllic Colorado, is just the thing she needs. At least, it is according to her lawyer and best friend. Raised in New York City, Sam's not thrilled about the dirt, animals, and rustic living, but her bulldog attorney isn't giving her the option to say no.

With a billion-dollar deal on the line, and danger lurking in the shadows, the twenty-eight-year-old CEO needs some time off before things get really heated. She's definitely not looking for a fling with a handsome cowboy, no matter how sexy he is.

Stone Montgomery isn't looking for a second chance at love, but he's happy to help Samantha find her way around his ranch and relieve some stress. When his feelings for her take a turn to the serious side, he's more than happy to follow them, but there's one small problem - Stone Montgomery is hiding one very big secret.

Stone knows Samantha is the woman he wants, but can he convince her to let down her guard long enough to explore what they could have together?

Sam doesn't do relationships. They don't fit into her life, but she never expected what she found at Hartstone. Will Stone's secret ruin their chance for love, or will Samantha take one last chance and let her heart decide?

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"A great love story that keeps you guessing. This book is a great mix of friendship, romance, suspense, and the ability to overcome difficult situations. I can't wait to read book 2!" - Amazon Customer, mjsmom

"This story has it all! Mystery, Adventure, Juicy Romance, Suspense, evoke a gamut of emotions for the reader. A true journey through the human spirit. Take a Chance, you won't want to put it down. I look forward to the next adventure." - Amazon Customer, Karuna

From the Author
One More Last Chance was such a roller-coaster experience for me. Sam's story had been running around in my head for a while and I'd thought about writing it, but when my husband said one day, "write your story! just do it for you, because you want to, don't worry about anything else." I said with a whole lot of trepidation, "okay! I'm going to do it."

Thus began the journey that brought Sam and Stone's story to life (well, on paper anyway). It was a journey of learning about myself, my process, what a writer goes through to get something published, etc. It was an eye-opening experience that I hope to continue refining.

I have so much respect for authors, editors, cover artists, designers, formatting experts - the list goes on! Whew, a lot of work goes into bringing a story to life and I respect and applaud everyone who follows that dream.

From the Inside Flap
Hello Dear Reader,
Yes, I'm talking to you, the person who allowed their curiosity to bring them this far. We've never met, may never meet (there's always social media!), but I want to say thank you.
Thank you for taking a chance. Thank you for believing that this could be an entertaining read.

Without you, my work is dead - because my words may be the ones that fill these pages, but it is your imagination that brings the story to life as you read.

So I thank you, and I hope to do your imagination justice.

About the Author
T.J. Robinson never met a romance hero she didn't like. Her love for romance novels began when she snuck Danielle Steel's Perfect from her grandma's library. She's been an addict ever since, loving the work of Susan Mallory, Robyn Carr, Rosalind James, Irish Winters, and many others.

T.J. is a country girl by heart, but a Southern California girl by location. You can often spot her inside a local coffee shop, out running the local trails, working out with her husband, or laying out a bazillion index cards on the living room floor for her next project.

T.J. Believes each day is a gift, a blessing to be cherished, and she's grateful for every moment she's given.

That's what it says in my books, and it's absolutely true, but here's a little more...

I love to write. I also love to make things, ride horses, run, lift weights, drive fast cars, learn new stuff, hang out with my amazing husband, cook, etc. etc. All that is pretty cool, right?
Maybe so, but I am far from perfect. I don't like to do dishes, clean, or do laundry - enter amazing husband who does these things because I hate them. He's the best a girl could ever ask for, and I love him to pieces.

In college, I got my degree in Sports Medicine - another thing I love - bodies. Humans are super-incredible, and I'm constantly in awe of those doing unbelievable things around me. I have a very scientific, intellectual side that gobbles up engineering, science, math - all the things people think are boring, but I think are way cool. Then, I have a very creative side that loves romance and poetry and deep thoughts, puppies and kittens and drawing and dancing and crying.

So that's me - complex, but not hard to figure out. My life hasn't been perfect, there have been some pretty rough patches, but I love the life I live, and I love what I'm doing. I especially love my family, and I'm so grateful that they love and accept all of me.

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