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Stephen Hawking on Trial: Confronting the Big Bang by Pierre St. Clair

"Amazing Book"

by Pierre St. Clair

The wee Doctor behind the electronic voice on trial?
Stephen Hawking's influence was significant.
Nonetheless, noted physicists have detected flaws in his Grand Design theory of the universe.
Stephen Hawking on Trial documents serious errors in the final theory of an elder physicist.
In-depth analyses by renowned cosmologists reveal inconsistencies in Hawking’s thesis:
• Hypotheses vital to his theory lacked supportive data
• Three major questions he glossed over deserved real answers
• What we factually know, but more importantly, what Hawking's theory failed to explain

Critical roadblocks in today's cosmology
1. "Theoretical physics is at a crossroads right now…In a sense we’ve entered a very deep crisis.”
Neil Turok PhD – Director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

2. Cosmology doesn’t thrive on uncertainty.
Hawking's Grand Design thesis increased the uncertainty factor.
That's why independent investigators legitimately asked: “Can we have a look at your data?”

Verifying theories is the basis of the scientific method.
Evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt: the rationale jurors, scientists, and logical people use to settle an issue.
No human is perfect.
That's why all theories and research must face exacting scrutiny.

3. Gravitation: the Most Common Force in Nature
Stephen Hawking on Trial analyzes how Dr. Hawking misapplied gravity, and utilized unproven hypotheses, to support his Grand Design theory.
It was unjustifiable because hypotheses are simply ideas, hopes, and aspirations.

4. Dark matter and dark energy are unknown factors that comprise 96% of the universe.
That's why practically every physicist concedes that science only understands 4% of the cosmos.
Most physicists agree that our knowledge of the laws of physics are far from settled.
That's a legitimate case for Hawking's Grand Design theory to stand trial.

Despite the evidence, Professor Hawking declared on a national TV broadcast:
“The scientific account is complete."
Can our 4% understanding really represent a complete account of the universe?

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned."
Richard Feynman PhD – eminent physicist acclaimed for his work in quantum electrodynamics and particle physics

5. Although Prof. Hawking portrayed his Grand Design theory as scientific (i.e. supported by data) most of his "evidence" turned out to be clouds of caveats and probabilities.
Very few of his ideas were supported by genuine data.

“As a scientist and as an educator, I like the idea that we believe things because there’s evidence.”
Richard Dawkins PhD – Oxford University Professor & Bestselling Author

There are abundant reasons for Hawking's Grand Design theory to stand trial.

"Stephen Hawking on Trial is compelling reading for anyone with an interest in physics and cosmology. It may challenge your beliefs, or maybe not, but it's a fascinating read in either case."
J. Chambers – Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

Unfortunately, some Hawking followers are rudely attacking the author of this book.

Of course, ad hominem slander only reveals an inability to address logical arguments.

Negative attacks with no supporting data is the method of neophytes, not scientists.

Clearly, such people haven't read this book and remain ignorant of the thoroughly examined points other renowned physicists have revealed.

Judge the controversy yourself, free from ad hominem defamation.

Click the Look Inside feature to read the first 10% of the book for Free.

When you're satisfied click the Buy Now button, download your copy, and enjoy the comprehensive scientific discussions.

BONUS: Videos that clarify quantum principles of particle entanglement and the double slit experiment are included in the book.

Available in Paperback and eBook HERE!

About the Author
Bestselling author Pierre St. Clair has 3 books with #1 best-seller status, has traveled to 76 countries, and has extensive public speaking experience on Radio/TV.

He won the 2017 Sir J. C. Bose Award for Investigative Journalism in Science and Technology for his book Cosmology on Trial.

Although born in London, his family emigrated to Canada when he was 5 years old. His mother was a cultured lady who sent him for violin and music theory lessons when he was only six.
As a teenager his interest in rock and blues was kindled. He bought a guitar, taught himself how to play, formed a band, and began performing locally. Within a few years he was touring throughout Canada and the US.

His journalism career began when a college girlfriend's mother predicted his success as an author. The daughter of a missionary in Shanghai, she studied the occult sciences, including palmistry, in China.

One afternoon she asked to study his hand and predicted, "One day you'll become an accomplished writer."

Author Quote:
"I love digging behind the scenes to find out what’s really happening beneath the headlines. That's why I became an investigative journalist."

Cosmology on Trial: an all-inclusive overview introducing readers to unexplained/unsolved mysteries of the universe rarely discussed in Academia.

"This book makes the strong point that our cosmology of yesteryear wasn’t based on solid evidence, and our cosmology of today isn't either." V. DiCara

Stephen Hawking on Trial: explains why the most common force in nature, Gravity, is not included in the Standard Model of Physics.
General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory have not proven whether Gravity is a wave, a graviton particle, or a fabric of spacetime.

"Scientific progress and complacency go ill together. St Clair has done a superb job advancing the cause of real science." M. Lyons

Vaccines on Trial: reveals why vaccine charts and graphs rank the US 34th for infant mortality among first world nations.
Scientific studies comparing vaccinated & unvaccinated children in the US, Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand show unvaccinated kids healthier than their vaccinated peers. Moreover, vaccinated kids have more health problems later in life.

"This book has everything you need to know the facts." R. Marinell.

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